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Two Little Perverts 

 Looking at her expectant eyes, Shen Chi walked over and took the key.
Ji Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up.
There were still some tears on her dirty little face that had not been wiped away, but at this moment, she looked very beautiful because of her bright smile.


  No wonder that bastard Zhang Kaiyi had his heart set on Ji Jia.
At first glance, she didn’t look much special, but she was actually a very pretty little girl with a very special weak temperament that he felt sorry for.


 ”I took your key and also gave you a promise.” Shen Chi’s voice was clear.
“I will only look after you until you can protect yourself.
After that, your life is your own.
Don’t always count on me.”


  Although he really didn’t have much desire for those grains and oils.



  ”Okay.” Ji Jia wiped her tears.
Her voice was hoarse.


  ”Dad!” Shen Liu Mu was dissatisfied.
He looked at Ji Jia with a sinister and fierce look.



  Shen Chi knocked him on the head, “Liu Mu!”


  Shen Liu Mu immediately covered his face and cried out, “Dad doesn’t love me anymore! Dad actually wants to take this crybaby! I hate her, hate her, hate her!”


  Shen Chi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Stop shedding crocodile tears! There is not even a drop of tears, don’t pretend!”



  Shen Liu Mu choked, no longer daring to howl.


  Ji Jia was afraid to stand too close to Shen Liu Mu, so she just stood far away.
“I, I will be good.
I will not snatch Uncle Shen from you ……”


  It has to be said, Ji Jia’s sixth sense was very strong.


  Only then did Shen Liu Mu stop being unreasonable.
“Remember your words! From now on you are just my little follower.
You are not allowed to pester my father!”


  Ji Jia was still very afraid of him, and could only say weakly, “I know.”



  Shen Chi sighed.
How come after being reborn, he inexplicably became a child collector?


  That night, after asking Cheng Pei to take care of Shen Liu Mu and Ji Jia, Shen Chi quietly sneaked into Jiang Bo’s territory.
Those youths were living in a villa.
Because of them, Zhang Kaiyi died with resentment.
Shen Chi looked at the successful man sitting on the sofa, but his expression was not very happy.
Even now he has a faint blue mark under his eyes.
His demeanour was dishevelled.


  Shen Chi hid in the dark corner and quietly lifted the Qian Ji Xia before him.



  Soul Snatcher/Snatching Arrow!


  As an ordinary person, it was impossible to resist a Soul Snatcher Arrow.
The one sitting on the sofa died quietly on the spot.


  The second one was smoking on the balcony upstairs.
Shen Chi lightly jumps up and turns it(QJX) into a blood dart.


  The third was in the room, leaning against the bedhead and lost in thoughts.
This Guo Peng’s body was the worst.
A dart was enough to kill him.



  The fourth was in the bathroom.


  When Shen Chi opened the door of the bathroom, he was sinking in the bathtub.
Hearing the sound of the door opening, he shook his head.” I said not to disturb- who are you!” He shouted sharply.


  However, no one came even after calling for a long time.
This was, of course, because the only one left alive in this villa was him.



  Now Jiang Bo and Gu Hao were celebrating.
Who cares about these few special “meritorious officials”?


 ”Shen Chi!” Although the light was dim, but Sun Zhiliang recognized him at second glance, and then shivered with fear, “You, what are you doing here? Zhang, Zhang Kaiyi is dead! You–“


  ”I’m not here to avenge him.” Shen Chi laughed lightly.


  Sun Zhiliang breathed a sigh of relief.
“Right, Zhang Kaiyi was not very good to you.
He originally wanted you to marry Zhang Yunyi, that beautiful snake.
Brother Shen, you are so powerful, why should you follow him! Zhang Kaiyi, this person ah, has no conscience ……”


 ”No matter if he has no conscience, at least he was still good to the few of you.” Shen Chi looked at him and said.



  Sun Zhiliang fell silent.


 ”I’m not here to avenge him, I just hate traitors.” Shen Chi’s words were soft.
A bright light flashed on the huge Qian Ji Xia, and bright red blood instantly dyed the water in the bathtub red.


  Tangmen’s darts were inexhaustible, but the style was not that unique.
Under the shocking feather trick, most were used with crossbow bolts.
They were sharp and well-made.
The arrowheads were engraved with Tangmen’s standard veined pattern.
Nothing can compare to killing with the shocking feather trick.
Unlike the Tian Luo Gui internal power mechanism, most of them will be destroyed after using them.
So the crossbow bolts were precious.


  Shen Chi was not afraid of telling others that he was the one who killed these betrayers.


  In this life, what he hated most were traitors.


  When Shen Chi came back in the morning and was lying beside Shen Liu Mu, the sleeping Shen Liu Mu unconsciously leaned close to him.
His hands were tightly closed around Shen Chi’s slightly cold neck, and he unconsciously murmured, “Dad…… Dad……”


  Shen Chi’s gaze was gentle as he wrapped Shen Liu Mu’s small body in his arms and closed his eyes.


  When he woke up, Ji Jia was already in the courtyard, rubbing her hands.
The weather was extremely cold, so cold that people seemed to be frozen.
Ji Jia was wearing the same small cotton-padded jacket from before.
If she hadn’t awakened her powers, based on this not so thick small cotton jacket, and her fragile physique of a child, she may have already frozen to death at night.


  Shen Chi threw a down jacket at Ji Jia, in exchange for an exceedingly unpleasant glare from Shen Liu Mu.
Looking at the size, it must have been prepared by his Dad for himself (LM).


  Ji Jia gratefully puts it on.
Perhaps because Zhang Kaiyi was dead, but her small face was washed clean.
Her fair and beautiful face was somewhat bashful, and she had a pair of clear and watery eyes.
But when Shen Chi saw the puppet she put aside, he suddenly felt a little strange.


  This puppet was not very special, and, at first glance, it was just an ordinary puppet doll, the kind that little girls love to play with.
However, looking carefully into the eyes of this doll, somehow there is a creepy feeling.


  Ji Jia noticed Shen Chi’s line of sight and picked up the doll.
“I didn’t sleep last night and made this doll.
Uncle Shen, please ask someone to give me some wood.
I originally only used small wooden sticks to make small puppet dolls, it is the first time that I made such a big one.” There was a blush on her face.
“Uncle Shen, did Jia Jia do well?”


  Shen Chi stared at the doll’s eyes, “Its eyes ……”



  ”En, it’s the bad guy’s eyes.”


  Shen Liu Mu looked at Ji Jia in surprise, “Huh, crybaby you used that guy’s eyes to make the puppet’s eyes?”


 ”I want to use this doll to remind myself,” Ji Jia’s voice was soft, but her tone was firm, “Jia Jia can never be this weak again.
Jia Jia has to become strong.
Seeing these eyes reminds me of my hatred for that bad guy, and that Jia Jia has courage!”


  Shen Liu Mu said disdainfully, “Oh, digging the eyes of the dead is bullshit courage! If you want to dig, dig the living people’s eyes …… then next time, what are you gonna do?”


  ”Gouge out his eyes!” Ji Jia smiled adorably, even showing a pointed tiny canine tooth, “And then make a doll with his eyes.”



  Shen Chi: “……”


  The hell with it.
He found himself reborn, so his three views were not that strong.
But these two children really deserve to survive the post-apocalyptic world! He has lived two lives, but he feels that his three views are broken!


  They’re all f**king little perverts!




The author has something to say.

Jia Jia’s favourite hobby: gouging out people’s eyes to make a doll.

What Liu Mu loves the most: killing, blood and admiring the corpses in the pool of blood.

In this way, the reborn Shen Chi is undoubtedly the most normal, really → →

This article really has no three views, high energy ahead, everyone pay attention


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