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Two Little Perverts

 Shen Chi turned to look towards Ji Jia, and his eyes suddenly froze.


    “Xiao Jia, your hands!”


  Ji Jia panicked and hurriedly put her hand behind her back, but Shen Liu Mu took a step forward and grabbed her hand.
“Huh, blood? What’s in your hand – “?


  Shen Liu Mu’s strength was not small.
He twisted Ji Jia’s hands and two round things fell out of her hands.
Even Shen Liu Mu, who was bold to a certain extent, was startled!


  Those were two gouged out eyes!


” ”

  Shen Chi: “……”


  What the f**k is going on here, is this another little pervert?


  He knew that the Ji Jia in front of him should also be an ability user.
Her life value was a cut above the ordinary person.
This change began only after the death of her mother, but Shen Chi did not pay much attention to her.
An ability user is an ability user, but such a small ability user can actually survive is very rare.
Even if they are stronger than ordinary people, as a child, after all, their minds are much more naïve than adults.


  But Ji Jia burst into tears, out of breath, like a normal little girl.
Tears washed over her face, revealing a fair and delicate face.
“I hate him! I hate him for promising to my mother, but never thinking of helping me! I hate him – he, he is a bad guy.
He likes to take off my clothes every night.
I’m so scared.
He still looks at me with those eyes.
I, I hate his eyes… “


  Shen Chi: “……”


  Unexpectedly, Zhang Kaiyi is still such a paedophile bastard? Ji Jia is just seven years old!


 ”Mummy! Mummy, Jia Jia has become a bad child…’’ She cried, her voice breaking.
The two eyes fell quietly to the dust.


  Shen Liu Mu looked at her disdainfully.
“What’s the big deal, it’s just digging eyes.
What are you crying for!” He reached out and picked up the two eyeballs.
“You’re just too weak! My Dad killed him before you dared to gouge his eyes out and don’t you control that little puppet of some sort? If you hate him so much, you should have gouged his eyes out while he was still alive! What a loser!”


  Ji Jia stopped crying.
She stared at him.
“Is that so?”


  ”Here you go, crybaby!”


  Ji Jia looked at the eyeball in her hand.
“Uncle Shen, is it because Jia Jia is too weak that you don’t want to take Jia Jia with you?”


  Shen Chi was momentarily stunned by Shen Liu Mu’s words, and only now did he come back to his senses.
“Jia Jia, you can control puppets?”


  ”En.” Ji Jia said weakly, “My grandfather taught me to make puppets when I was little.
After my mom died, I only had the little puppet with me.
I don’t know why, but the other day when I asked it to move, it really moved……”


  It turned out that she was the puppeteer.


  Shen Chi could not help but sigh at the magic of fate.


  In his previous life, he didn’t know Ji Jia, but he knew Ji Jia’s story.
They all called her Master Puppeteer, so he didn’t know her name, only vaguely heard people mentioning that her surname was Ji.


  Ten years later, she was a famous ability user.
At that time, she was only seventeen.


  It seems that because of his own appearance, her fate has taken a turn.


  It should be said that when Shen Chi heard her story, he felt pity for her, but then, he himself was even more miserable than her, which was a little saddening.
The story of the puppeteer is also a story of betrayal.
Her powers were special.
Even in the post-apocalyptic world where there were many ability users, she was unique.
He heard her lover was an ordinary person, an ordinary person who had not awakened his powers, and she protected him, loved him and trusted him with all her heart.
As a result, that person betrayed her for another woman and framed this powerful ability user.
However, she was luckier than him.
At least she had someone she saved who was willing to avenge her.
But for him, in the end, there was only one Liu Mu who still remembered him.


  Shen Chi knew that it was not impossible for an ordinary person to kill an ability user, but someone like Ji Jia, it was too difficult for that person to kill her.
Unless she simply could not believe that he was going to kill her, or she was willing to be killed by him.


  For this reason, Shen Chi was a bit angry.
If he had the chance in his last life, he wouldn’t have given up just like that.
He would have dragged those betrayers to hell with him! Unfortunately, they and Dr.
Yu did not give him the slightest chance.


 ”Uncle Shen, Jia Jia won’t give you any trouble.” Ji Jia gathered her courage to speak.


  Shen Chi frowned and looked at her.
“Why do you have to follow me?”


  ”Mom said that Uncle Shen is a good person.”


  Shen Chi sneered.
Perhaps, in his last life, he was a good person.
As a result, good people don’t live long.
In this life, he didn’t want to be some damn good person again! “I just killed someone, and you’re calling me a good person?” He said indifferently.


  However, Ji Jia shook her head.
“Because he’s a bad guy.
How is Uncle Shen not a good guy for killing him?”


  Shen Chi paused, “Then I’ll kill a lot of people in the future!”



  ”Those killed by Uncle Shen must all be bad people! Just like that man!”


  Shen Chi looked into Ji Jia’s simple, determined eyes and was speechless for a moment.



  Shen Liu Mu glared at Ji Jia with an unkind look in his eyes, “Hey, crybaby, don’t blame me for being rude if you follow my Dad again.”


  Ji Jia was a little scared of Shen Liu Mu but still pursed her lips stubbornly.



  ”You!” Shen Liu Mu was about to die of anger.
If it wasn’t for the agreement with his Dad, he would have killed her! That irksome wretch! He didn’t need anyone between him and Dad!


  ”Uncle Shen, I know where my family’s grain and oil warehouse is!’’


  ”What?” Shen Chi was surprised.


  Ji Jia carefully took out a key from her arms.
“Actually, there are two keys in total, moreover, I know where that warehouse is.”



  Shen Chi looked at Ji Jia with some deep thoughts in his eyes.
“Is this what your mother taught you?”


  ”I was the one who wanted to tell Uncle Shen.” Ji Jia said softly, “Mom told me not to tell anyone.”



  Shen Chi sighed.
No wonder this little girl, ah! No matter if she turned perverted or not, she was as naïve as one could be!


Editor’s note:

Exotik: I’m not sure if I should be surprised that Ji Jia is also a pervert, cry or curse.
What I do know is none here are innocent and Zhang Kaiyi deserved a much worse death.
*sips jasmine tea calmly*



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