flooded and the sea level rose.
I heard from Yuan Xinning there that if someone is bitten by an unknown fish in the sea, he will die the next day.
Undoubtedly, some of us humans have begun to evolve, and so are some creatures in the sea.
I’m afraid that the sea will become more and more dangerous in the future, and we will have to go inland one day.”


  Shen Chi had to say that he was foresighted.
Because it was indeed true that as humans began to evolve, so did some animals.
Don’t know if it was because of the unique conditions of the sea that creatures in the ocean evolved much faster than those on land.
If it was not for the fact that most of them could not go ashore, I’m afraid it would be no less dangerous than that of the zombies.


  When Cheng Pei said this, Shen Chi’s heart was moved.
If he hunted some evolved creatures in the sea, wouldn’t the crystal nuclei he get to be better? After all, in this early apocalyptic era, it was not too easy to catch a mutated animal in a city like Shanghai.


 ”Jiang Bo from Songjiang and Gu Hao from Fengxian have bribed most of Zhang Kaiyi’s men.
After all, they have to borrow from Minhang every time they go ‘hunting’ in the city, which is not a very pleasant experience.
You know, Zhang Kaiyi is not a generous person.” Shen Chi said indifferently, “I’ve seen it.
Among Zhang Kaiyi’s people, there are only two people you can recruit.
One is Zhao Qing, nicknamed ‘Cook’.
Although he is not an ability user, but he has good courage, and his knife skills are very accurate.
Most importantly, his cooking is delicious.”



  Cheng Pei laughed, “What else?”




  ”There’s also a woman, Zhou Weiling.
Originally just a working girl, but better in strength, willing to work hard, has few ideas, is obedient, and most importantly, she is about to awaken her ability.”

” ”


  Only then did Cheng Pei become interested.
His seated body could not help but lean forward.
“How did you see that?”




  How did you see that?


  Shen Chi sighed inwardly, does feeling her *blood bar getting longer count? After having this in-game body, there was no game interface in front of his eyes, yet he still had an inexplicable feeling.
For example, with the thought of opening the map in his mind, the picture on the map can appear in his mind, and when he looks at a person, he can also roughly know the level of his blood and blue bars.
Although there is no specific value, there is a basic grasp.

(T/N: HP)


  For example, if his own life value/ health points were 80,000, then the Cheng Pei in front of him was only a little over 5,000, which was already considered good, knowing that most ordinary humans only had a few hundred.
That was the difference between an ability user and an ordinary human.
Most ordinary zombies have only a few hundred life value/health points, a little higher than that of human beings.
However, the evolved B-class zombies have nearly 10000 life value/health points.
Even Cheng Pei, the most powerful in Shanghai, cannot deal with a B-rank zombie alone at this point in time.
As for Zhang Kaiyi, being a strength type ability user, his life value/health points were not yet as high as Cheng Pei’s.
He had only just broken through about four thousand.


  The ability users can also gradually improve through the accumulation of time and combat experience.
It is much slower than absorbing the crystal nuclei, but it will undoubtedly gradually become stronger.
Shen Chi remembers that the last time he saw Cheng Pei, he still had less than five thousand health points.
Zhou Weiling was a working girl who originally worked in Minhang, similar to the waitresses they saw in the playground at that time.
She was a hard-working girl from the countryside, brave and not afraid of getting dirty.
Recently Shen Chi saw that her health points had jumped from 800 to nearly 2,000, so she was probably about to break through her ability.
He heard that during the last “hunt” in the city, half of her sisters had died, so maybe she was stimulated by this incident?


  ”I’m not really sure, I just have this hunch.” Shen Chi said lightly, “Of course, you can also choose not to believe me.”


  Cheng Pei laughed heartily, “how can I not believe Xiao Shen’s words! But I heard that Zhang Kaiyi is also good to you-“


  Shen Chi laughed mockingly.
“Come on, treating me well? The ones he really trusts are always his buddies.
Haven’t you heard, Brother Cheng, that he is trying to get me to marry his infamous sister?”



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