yi’s heart shivered.
He quickly ran over and pushed open the door of Zhang Yunyi’s room.


  His only sister was lying in a pool of blood.
Lying straight, surrounded by a pool of blood, as if a dense net of bright red silk.
Zhang Yunyi’s beautiful long black hair was spread out, hands folded on her chest.
Her snow-white silk pyjamas were completely dyed red.
She was glued in the blood.
Her lips were pale, and a blood-stained handkerchief was covering her eyes.
Zhang Kaiyi walked over and slowly lifted the handkerchief with trembling hands.
Zhang Yunyi’s eyes were wide open and seemed to be filled with endless panic.


  Zhang Kaiyi’s pupils contracted.
Even if he had killed so many zombies, and even killed a lot of people, for a while this bloody scene made his heart jump. 


 ”Someone come here!” Zhang Kaiyi shouted and ran out, almost tripping over the mat at the door.
He didn’t know whether he was scared or angry, only that his chest was stuffy.


  Zhang Yunyi was not his only relative in the world, but his parents divorced a long time ago.
Zhang Kaiyi and his sister basically lived with their grandparents.
After the old couple passed away, their remarried parents did not care about them.
Therefore, the only person Zhang Kaiyi cares about in his heart was his little sister!

” ”


  Shen Chi came out holding that spoiled brat Shen Liu Mu.
Looking at Zhang Kaiyi’s frightened face, he could not help but be a little surprised.


 ”Damn it, whoever killed my sister, I will definitely not let him go!” Zhang Kaiyi said fiercely.


  Shen Chi smiled lightly, “When did it happen?”


 ”Look at the blood that hasn’t dried yet!”


  ”At that time, we were in a meeting.
We all had our own people to guard here.
Outsiders could not come in easily.” Shen Chi reminded him, “The two police dogs raised by old Wang didn’t bark, but our insiders didn’t attend the meeting, which you presumably know.”


  Zhang Kaiyi’s face suddenly became incomparably ugly.
This meeting was very important.
Most of the people in Minhang had just met with him in the same room.
Shen Chi’s words make sense, but how could it be them?


  How could they betray him!


  Shen Chi smiled faintly, suddenly patted Shen Liu Mu’s head, and turned to leave.


  Zhang Kaiyi was still too naïve.
In the apocalypse, betrayal has always existed.
From the moment he took that grain and oil warehouse for himself, without telling anyone and only treating it as his personal granary, this distrust was getting worse every day.
In the apocalypse, more and more people were getting less meat.
Everyone wanted to have a back road.
Zhang Kaiyi’s back road was too eye-catching, but he himself was not aware of it.


  It seems that he needs to talk to Cheng Pei again.


  Turning around, he restrained his smile, “Boy, the smell of blood on you hasn’t dissipated yet!”


  Shen Liu Mu’s body in his arms froze for a moment.


  Shen Chi’s eyes were penetrating, and he sighed helplessly, “I never thought it was really you who did it.”


  Shen Liu Mu looked at him and thought resentfully: Dad cheated again!


  ”In fact, you don’t need to get your hands dirty.
The Zhang family originally did not have a few good days of life.
Now the more complacent they are, the more tragic the end.” Shen Chi suddenly said quietly.


  He didn’t know why, but Shen Liu Mu felt that Shen Chi’s words contained something he didn’t understand, which inexplicably made his nose a little sore.
He hugged Shen Chi’s neck tightly—


 ”Dad, don’t be angry.
If you think it’s bad, I won’t do it.
I won’t do it again.” His eyes were red as he said, touching Shen Chi’s cheek.


  Shen Liu Mu has always known that he is a little monster.
Since childhood, no one taught him how to become “normal” in the orphanage.
No matter the stick or the purposeful warmth, he could not change the blood-thirst from the bottom of his heart.


  But if it’s for Dad, he can change it.
He can change everything!


The author has something to say:

Of course, Dad won’t let Liu Mu change →→ he just thinks that killing a woman like this dirties Xiao Liu Mu’s hand.


However, Liu Mu is originally a *BT, you know

PS, spoiler alert, Jia Jia is one of the main supporting characters, not the villain!

(T/N: internet slang means pervert)


Translator Corner:

summer  melodies: I’m so sorry I totally forgot to post Thursday’s chapter



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