il to Zhang Kaiyi, but Zhang Kaiyi did not keep his promise to send her to the agreed location.
In fact, it could not be completely blamed on Zhang Kaiyi.
The Bund, that place, was originally the most prosperous place in Shanghai.
Now there were zombies everywhere.
Even an ability user like Zhang Kaiyi could not enter.


  But Shen Chi visited the place that the mother said.
He was not a Virgin Mary.
There was no danger to go to such a place with his ability.
Moreover, there were few humans in places with a high density of zombies.
So he would not fall into the eyes of some people with his skills.
It was just a hunt for Shen Chi to conveniently visit the place; she said.


  There was no one left in that building.
Don’t know if they moved away or turned into zombies.
In Shen Chi’s opinion, the latter was more likely.


  So, the little girl lived in Zhang Kaiyi’s territory.
He originally did not intend to take risk for her.
Such a child could not eat much.
He also just for the sake of oil and grain warehouse let her eat, so that she did not starve to death. 


  However, Shen Chi quietly told the little girl this news.
In the apocalypse, children could no longer be regarded as children.
If they didn’t grow up, they wouldn’t be able to live in the apocalypse.
It’s better to die early to be happy.


 ”Thank you, Uncle Shen.
Mom said that Uncle Zhang is not a good person.
Jia Jia only trusts Uncle Shen.”


  Shen Chi did not say anything else, but Shen Liu Mu glared at her, “Don’t tell anyone about this matter again!”


 ”I know.” She said solemnly.


  Shen Chi was indifferent.
Even if she said it out, no one would believe it.
They would just think that Shen Chi lied to her because even the most powerful at the present, Cheng Pei could not get in that place.

  From then on, the little girl Jia Jia would always follow Shen Chi or Shen Liu Mu like a shadow.
Of course, she would prefer to follow Shen Chi.
The child had a special intuition that on Shen Liu Mu’s body there was something that made her feel uncomfortable.
So, even while just following, she would follow from afar, and would not dare to approach.


  This day, Shen Chi was in a meeting, so she could only follow Shen Liu Mu.


  Because Zhang Kai “valued” Shen Chi, no one in this area would make things difficult for Shen Liu Mu.
Although he grew a little taller these days, he was still just a childish little boy shrunken in his big down jacket, so they had little defence against him.


  Jia Jia saw Shen Liu Mu turn around the corner.
She took out a small palm-sized puppet figure from her pocket and put it on the ground, whispering, “Go ba.”


  The little puppet man seemed to have a life suddenly.
He crooked his legs and feet, and sprinted in the direction of Shen Liu Mu quickly, extremely flexible.


  Shen Liu Mu put on his shoe covers.
The whip in his hand rolled over the wall, and his small body quietly turned into a villa.


  Here lived Zhang Kaiyi’s younger sister, Zhang Yunyi.
Unlike Zhang Kaiyi, who was at least passable, Zhang Yunyi was arrogant, willful, greedy and cruel.
Since Zhang Kaiyi took power, *this fox exploited the tiger’s might and completely removed the mask/disguise she wore in the peaceful world.
No one in this part of Minhang was unaware of Miss Zhang’s bad reputation.

(T/N: to use powerful connections to intimidate people)


  She was carefully brushing her mascara.
In fact, Zhang Yunyi did not look bad.
She was that excellent quality *white bone spirit.
Six points of appearance plus three points of makeup, she was a nine points beauty.

(T/N: reference to journey to the west)




  When the door made a sound, she spoke without looking back.


  A whip had rolled around her throat from behind!


Translator’s Corner:


Exotik: Shen Liu Mu…… YOU ARE STILL JUST A CHILD QAQ!!!!! Also, the puppeteer, huh…?


summer melodies: Second OP child?? 


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