no doubt.


 ”No! Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!” The middle-aged man shouted frantically, “I’m Mr.
Wang! I’m rich! I have three houses in Shanghai! And the deposit in the bank, all for you! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”


  Zhang Kai smiled disdainfully, “At a time like this, what’s the use of these things from you?”


  As soon as he said this, that “Mr.
Wang” was directly killed by several male youths.


 It’s been a week, a week since the end of the world, and they’ve seen too many humans turned into zombies by the infection.
They knew that at this point in time it was only best to take his life without mercy.


  ”Dad, there seem to be a lot of zombies inside the house in front……” Shen Liu Mu muttered leaning on Shen Chi’s shoulder.


 ”En.” Needless to say, Shen Chi also found out, but Shen Liu Mu was worthy of being a wood ability user.
His sensitivity to life was beyond normal.
In places where the zombies were particularly dense, he would feel it.


 Shen Chi stopped and glanced at Cao Ninghao, who was sobbing, “Everyone, be careful.
From here onward it is best not to make any sound.
Zombies are sensitive to sound and smell.
Across the house, they will probably take a while to smell us, but the sound will soon be heard, and to tell you the truth, there – all of them are zombies!” He said, pointing to a house not far away.


  At this time, a zombie staggered to his side and was cut by the cook.
He cut half of his head, and the zombie fell to the ground.


 ”So, for everyone’s safety, we have to walk through there quietly and peacefully.” Shen Chi said seriously, “We are still far from the gate of the playground.
I’m taking everyone through a small gate, the parking lot is just around the corner from here.
Zombies aren’t interested in cars, and I think most of you still have cars! Hope is just around the corner.
Whoever it is, don’t blame us for coming down hard once we’ve slowed everyone down.”


  As a result, the others all glared sternly at Cao Ninghao, who was still crying.
After all, that family of three also had a small child and even a little girl at that.
At this time she was obediently shrinking in the arms of her mother without making a sound.


  The group of people almost started walking on tiptoes.
A zombie came over.
Several people looked at it hesitantly.
They didn’t even dare to swing the stick.
After all, wouldn’t it make noise?


  At this time, Shen Chi raised his hand and a ray of white light struck the zombie, apparently between the eyebrows!


  The zombie fell down!


  On the surface Shen Chi was wearing leather clothes, pants, and gloves, in fact, this appearance was just a cover-up.
From inside, he was still wearing Tang man’s loose clothes.
The black Qian Ji Xia hanging on his back waist.
The colour was low-key and did not attract the slightest attention.
Under the secret alarming feather mind trick, the ordinary “astral wind dart method” was enough to kill these lowest class zombies.


  However, in a while, when the evolved B-class zombies appear, it will be impossible to kill a zombie with one dart.


  But at that moment, his ability to take a life with one dart made many people stare at him, including Zhang Kaiyi beside him.


” ”

  He originally thought that this Shen Chi was just a little bit capable, but now it seems that he is very powerful!


  At this thought, a certain idea turned in Zhang Kaiyi’s mind, but his face remained expressionless.


  The zombies along the way were all cleaned up by Shen Chi alone.
Others finally understood why he dared to walk outside and came to the restaurant where they were hiding.
It seemed that zombies were not that dangerous to him! They can be resolved easily.


  Outside the recreation hall, the zombies were denser than other places.


 ”Ah!” Suddenly, that young and beautiful mother let out a shriek.
She fell straight to the ground and almost sprained her ankle!


  Everyone’s face turned white in an instant!


  Almost soon they saw the zombies rushing outside–


 ”Mom!” Cao Ninghao cried out loudly.


 ”Damn it!” Zhang Kaiyi spat fiercely at the ground, “Everyone, don’t panic, take the stick and run!”


  Shen Chi, however, just raised an eyebrow and smiled mockingly.

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