8: I Know Her Name

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Remembering how talented Cao Yong was, Zhu Huicang felt relieved: “I have confidence in you, you can do it.”

As he sterilized his hands, the intern doctor helped  hold his phone.

Zhu Huicang on the other hand recalled the surgical procedure with him, and praised his old classmate as well “You ruled out myocardial infarction right away.
That alone is enough for you to get a chance at  our cardiothoracic surgery department, would you be interested?”

“Ah!” Cao Yong wanted to tell his  classmate the truth, “I will tell you what happened after the surgery.”

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The operating room was bright all night.

The next morning, the entire hospital was aware that a top student from the capital had solved a rare and critical case in the emergency department.

When Ding Yuhai returned to work in the surgery department with a briefcase, he was unhappy.
Cao Yong was only in his twenties, the future will certainly be more remarkable, because the golden stage of surgeons was in their thirties and forties.

Unlike her husband who was unhappy, Zhou Ruomei was in a great mood, after all she had an excuse to see the handsome Cao from the capital.

Having a good relationship with someone from the capital was good for his son, who will be a doctor in the future.
Besides, I heard that he is single, so maybe her daughter’s marriage could be arranged.

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Head Nurse Min” Zhou Ruomei pulled the head nurse of the emergency room close to her hand.

The head nurse saw Zhou Ruomei’s scheme at a glance, and secretly informed her: “He is a handsome guy.
If I have a daughter, I would definitely bring her here to meet with him.”

Zhou Ruomei curled her toes, she saw Cao Yong, who was walking towards her with a dazzling aura, and her eyes lit up: he was clearly more handsome than the head nurse described him as.

Cao, this is Dr.
Zhou in our obstetrics and gynecology department.
She has a daughter who is studying at Zhongshan Finance and Economics.
She is only a few years younger than you.” The head nurse gave Cao Yong a special introduction after receiving Zhou Ruomei’s signal.

Cao Yong yawned secretly as he had underwent an all-night surgery.
If it were not for the shift, he would have gone to bed early and would not be listening to the nonsense these people spouted.

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Seeing that Cao Yong didn’t answer and ignored them, Zhou Ruomei and the head nurse looked at each other: People from the capital are proud and confident.

“Doctor Zhou.” The security guard who was on duty at the door last night had come in and asked Zhou Ruomei, “Did some relatives come looking for you last night? They went the wrong way and came here to the emergency room .Did they find your house? ”

Hearing what the security guard said, Zhou Ruomei felt that her cousin Sun Rongfang had embarrassed herself, so she didn’t answer.

“No?” The dutiful security guard asked after her, “Her daughter said she was going to be a senior in high school, so her mother brought her to you.
Her mother called her Ying Ying and she was standing in the small courtyard in front of our emergency room last night.”#pleasereadthischapterat chichipeph.com

Was that the little fairy from last night?Cao Yong, who lowered his head to check his medical records, suddenly perked his ears.
He raised his head and pointed to the security guard with a pen in his hand and asked, “You said the female student was Yingying last night?”

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“Did you see her as well, Dr.
Cao?” The guard was surprised, finally someone gave him confirmation that he wasn’t lying and nodded fiercely to Cao Yong, “Yes, her mother called her Ying Ying, why don’t you ask Dr.

When Cao Yong’s gaze turned, Zhou Ruomei’s heart tightened and waved her hand: “I don’t have such a relative, don’t listen to his nonsense.”

Zhou Ruomei, who repeatedly denied it, thought to herself,handsome Cao is a nobleman from the capital who her daughter and son want to fawn on.

After talking, Zhou Ruomei turned and left, avoiding the sight of Cao Yong’s firm and resolute question.
 She had a feeling that she could not let Cao Yong contact her cousin.#pleasereadthischapterat chichipeph.com

Cao Yong had to lower his head, but the pen in his hand unknowingly wrote the little fairy’s name: Yingying.
After finishing writing, he himself was stunned.

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