7: What To Do If There Is No Specialist

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“Doctor Cao, you are  good.
Not many people can diagnose  such a rare disease immediately! ”

The interns and nurses were chattering around, as Cao Yong looked at the conclusion on the ct report form, a little stunned.
At the end  it wasn’t him who first came out with the diagnosis, it was the high school girl-

Who was she really?

Turning around, Cao Yong pushed aside the people around him and walked quickly to the door of the emergency room.

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No one was standing in the small courtyard where the hospital ambulances were parked.

Could he be dreaming about that girl? Maybe he dreamed of a little fairy coming down to earth to tell him what was going on with the patient.

“Doctor Cao, are you looking for someone?” Asked the nurse who was following him.

“Did anyone see a girl standing in the yard, wearing a high school uniform? “Cao Yong asked the others, pointing to where Xie Wanying had been standing.

“No, I guess.” The nurse and intern doctors all shook their heads.

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Cao, I called the general surgery department.
But our hospital does not have a specialist in cardiothoracic surgery.
They said they couldn’t do this operation.
” The intern who was ordered to call the department came running back, sweating with anxiety as he reported.

Cao Yong’s face suddenly changed: Damned! He forgot, this is not the hospital where he used to be.

Ding Yuhai was surprised when he received a call from his colleague: ” Aortic aneurysm is a relatively rare case, the fact that someone so young managed to figure it out correctly is an incredible achievement.”

“It wasn’t someone from our hospital.
That young man was lent by an old classmate of the dean from the hospital in the capital city, who had come to our hospital for exchange guidance in the newly neurosurgery department.

According to his records he was already a school tyrant when he was in medical school, the returnees came for a week, and his surname was Cao.
It seems like he had replaced someone as the inpatient general manager of our hospital tonight, so he encountered a rare case.

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“The high-achieving students from the capital are amazing.
The question is what can be done if that is the diagnosis? I’m afraid it will be too late to transfer to the provincial hospital.
There is no one in our city who can do this kind of surgery.
Although our dean looked forward to it and wanted to surpass the city to build the most advanced surgery in the city and introduced cardiopulmonary bypass, so far we have not been able to bring in a cardiothoracic surgeon  to our hospital.
“When Ding Yuhai said this, he couldn’t help but feel proud.

TLN: cardiopulmonary bypass -Is a technique in which a machine temporarily takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery, maintaining the circulation of blood and the oxygen content of the patient’s body.
The CPB pump itself is often referred to as a heart–lung machine or “the pump”.

Being a doctor is the same as cooking, one cannot cook without the proper equipment.
Without equipment there will be no progress..
Doctors from the capital are subject to the same environmental constraints when they arrive.

Cao Yong had to admit it tonight.

In the hospital, Cao Yong walked all the way to the operating room and took off his white lab coat outside, revealing the green surgical gown he was wearing underneath.
Holding a Motorola cell phone in his hand, he called Zhu Huicang, an old classmate of his in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of his hospital, on the phone: “You tell me how to do it, I will do it.
No one in the hospital can do it.”#pleasereadthischapterat chichipeph.com

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“Are you crazy? That hospital is not like ours!”

“Then what should I do? Watch him die? He has a wife and child.”

The area where the patient’s family was waiting was already full of sounds of sobs and cries .

“Hey.” Zhu Huicang sighed.
Speaking of how difficult it is to train a cardiothoracic surgeon, an ordinary person won’t understand.
Therefore, family members blamed the hospital when there were no cardiothoracic surgeons in the hospital.
There were very few hospitals in the country that had  a real cardiothoracic surgery department.
Even many prefecture-level cities had no such surgeon among their staff in their hospitals.

Looking back, Zhu Huicang and his old classmates said: “I can tell you how to do it, but you have to be cautious, because a cardiothoracic surgeon  is trained in a specialist department for two years after becoming a general surgeon.#pleasereadthischapterat chichipeph.com

“Okay, I get it, neurosurgery is not the same.
I have some memories of the cardiothoracic surgery internship, give me a few minutes and let me get my notes, I’ll guide you through it.”

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