4: The Threshold of Being a Doctor

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The door opened,  revealing a woman with short hair and appeared to be clean and neat, with a beauty mark on the left side of the chin.

Notes: Beauty mark -is a euphemism for a type of dark facial mark so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature.

E/D Note: This mark only looks good if you’re good looking by default, otherwise these get added to the list of insults you get when you’re not that attractive.
 Source: Guy with 7 beauty marks  all over his face.

” Greet your aunt.” Sun Rongfang looked at her daughter.

“Aunt.” Xie Wanying spoke in a low voice.

“Come in.” Zhou Ruomei invited the mother and daughter in and walked back to the living room first.

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Sun Rongfang took her daughter in and closed the door.

“Remember to change slippers.” Zhou Ruomei reminded them.

Changing into the indoor slippers at the door, Sun Rongfang smiled at her cousin, “Your house slippers are beautiful.”

Zhou Ruomei smiled when she heard her cousin’s compliment.
“They brought them back from abroad.”

“Slippers from abroad? Sun Rongfang took a hard look at the ones she was wearing on her feet.

“Mom, go in and sit down.” Xie Wanying told her mother.

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Sun Rongfang didn’t notice anything, but instead took the opportunity to educate her daughter: “Learn well from your aunt.
In the future, let people give you foreign things for free.”

Zhou Ruomei kept smiling, and when she asked them to sit down, she said to her cousin:”You choose tea under the coffee table.
Drink what you like.
I have all kinds of tea here, foreign black tea, local Tieguanyin, West Lake Dragon Well Tea.
You can make it if you want.”

Sun Rongfang was very happy when she heard what her cousin said.
She carried a kettle and hurriedly went over to the sink to fill it with water and bring it to boil, ready to make tea.

Xie Wanying sat on a small stool, her school bag on her knees.

Across the table Zhou Ruomei looked secretly at her facial features.

Sun Rongfang came back with a kettle that had been filled with water and asked her cousin, “Where is your husband?”

“He is reading in the room.” Zhou Ruomei said.

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Sun Rongfang uttered her request: “I would like to ask your husband for advice for Yingying.Yingying said she wants to take the surgeon exam.”

“Surgery?” Zhou Ruomei seemed surprised, “Does she want to study medicine?”

Didn’t I tell you on the phone? When Yingying graduates, I wanted to ask you if you could help her find a job in your hospital.”

“It’s hard for us to stay in the hospital now.
Now this year, the doctor’s degree is improving.
Now these years, the doctor’s academic qualifications are improving.
Like our hospital, in another two years, undergraduates won’t be accepted,  only postgraduates and above are accepted.
I am afraid she won’t be able to make it in time.

Sun Rongfang was anxious when she heard her cousin say this: “Can’t you introduce Yingying to your hospital?”

Unless you are a  relative of the dean.
However, the son of the dean of our hospital has already married his daughter-in-law and gave birth to a child, so there is no such opportunity.
“Zhou Ruomei happily replied.

Sun Rongfang was worried: ” Cousin, you really have no way?”

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“There is a way.
Unless Yingying herself takes the exam into our hospital.” Zhou Ruomei whispered.
“Let’s wait until Yingying passes the college entrance exam.
I don’t know how she will fare,”

“Her teacher did.
She got good grades.
She took three mock exams in the city, all of them landed her among the top 100 in the city.

“So what’s if she is  among the best?My son was admitted to Zhongshan Medical University  and was admitted to the clinical medicine class among the top 300 in the province.
If Yingying wants to take medicine, Zhongshan Medical University cant be taken lightly like a provincial exam .
Stop reading it.
It’s useless.
 I think you are not capable.
All the first-tier hospitals in the province are recruiting students who want to graduate from Zhongshan Medical University.”

“Do you want your daughter to be a hygienist in a health center in the county town? ”

After hearing these words, Sun Rongfang was dumbfounded: If so, then does she think her daughter should  not take the medical exam?

“The lowest admission score for the Department of Clinical Medicine of Zhongshan Medical University last year was among the top 2,000 students in the province.
Your daughter Yingying will definitely not be admitted.” Zhou Ruomei concluded.

“So, cousin, your daughter is –”

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