First aid on the train 4

As everyone listened to the mother and daughter’s words, perplexity arose.

Aunt Fang was completely shocked.

What happened?

She returned her gaze to her husband.

‘Huh? Her husband appears to have ceased foaming.’

“Wait, wait, my husband seems to be waking up.” Aunt Fang said.

The scene was chaotic at the time, and no one seemed to hear what Aunt Fang said.
Except for Xie Wanying, who kept her gaze fixed on the patient’s heart, constantly monitoring the patient’s

“Woke up? He needs cardiac compressions now.
Get out of the way and let my daughter, who is a doctor, save him.” Mother Lin was so anxious that she yelled at Aunt Fang .

Sun Rongfang couldn’t stand it anymore.
She persuaded the mother and daughter, “Will you stop making trouble?”

“What trouble? It is not your daughter who is a doctor, but my daughter!” Mother Lin turned and swung to Sun Rongfang with her hand.

‘This mother and daughter are unbelievable!’

Sun Rongfang rolled her eyes.

“All stop.” Amid the chaos, the train attendant raised his voice and shouted, “There’s a professional doctor here.”

A refined middle-aged uncle stood next to the attendant and introduced himself.

“I am the director of the Department of Urology at Xuanwu Hospital, and my surname is Wu.”

This Director Wu was from the big hospital! Mother Lin became thrilled and delighted, turning her head to her daughter.

“It’s the doctor from your internship hospital, isn’t it-”

Lin Liqiong, however, inexplicably shivered because the medical teacher was not looking at her the right way.

Director Wu stepped forward and knelt down to check Uncle Fang’s current condition, palpating his pulse and then placing his ear close to the patient’s heart to listen to the heartbeat as much as possible He nodded with satisfaction: it was evident that the patient’s heartbeat had returned to sinus rhythm, and the white foam clearly visible at the corners of the patient’s mouth indicated that the patient had just gone through a life-or-death crisis.

“How is he?” Mother Lin frantically asked Director Wu “Is he dead? It was her who struck the patient in the chest.” She then pointed her finger at Xie Wanying and harshly criticized

Aunt Fang looked nervous at Director Wu.

The surrounding crowd swallowed.
The scene in front of them was really chaotic enough, who was the real medical student and doctor, no one figured it out.

“No, she did a great job.”

Director Wu suddenly spoke in a loud clear voice, “The patient has been saved.
Wait for the emergency personnel at the station to call an ambulance.
Don’t move him now.”

“I know.
You said that my daughter saved him.” Mother Lin was complacent and pulled her daughter out first.

This doctor was from the hospital where her daughter studied, so he must be referring to her.

“No, what I’m saying is that she did a very good job.” Director Wu shook his head and refuted Mother Lin’s shameless attitude, then he stood and asked Xie Wanying, “Which hospital do you work as a new doctor?”

‘No way! Director Wu called her doctor?’

Mother Lin and her daughter Lin Liqiong were stunned and gasped sharply.

“You…you are mistaken.
She’s not a doctor.
She’s a first-year medical student.” Mother Lin grabbed Director Wu’s arm, “My daughter is the doctor, my daughter saved his life.”

“But what I saw when I came was that your daughter was standing beside the patient and didn’t do anything.” Director Wu said truthfully.
When he followed the train attendant from a distance, he saw Lin Liqiong screaming beside the patient that made him so angry, “Which hospital does your daughter work at?

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