First aid on the train 3


Aunt Fang was overjoyed and expressed her gratitude to Dr.
Lin, saying, “Thank you, Dr.
Lin, thank you so much.
You’re such a good doctor.
Husband, you must bear it no matter what.
Wait till we arrive in the capital and meet with an expert.
Lin said you’ll be alright.”

On the other hand, Sun Rongfang believed that Uncle Fang did not have a toothache.
She held her daughter’s hand anxiously and persuaded Aunt Fang, “I feel there is something wrong with your husband.
You pay attention to my daughter and immediately transport him to the hospital at the next train station.
I think he seems like he’s going to be in so much pain—”

“What are you saying!” Aunt Fang and Mama Lin turned around and yelled at Sun Rongfang simultaneously.

Not allowing her mother to be wronged, Xie Wanying stepped before her mother and confronted the two women.

“He is going to faint.
Let him lie down first and don’t move him easily.
You wait for the station ambulance to come.”

“It’s impossible for my husband to—”


A loud bang was heard as Aunt Fang uttered these words.

Then a woman’s scream was heard from inside the carriage.

When everyone looked, it was actually Lin Liqiong screaming.

She screamed until the tips of her hair rose.
Because Uncle Fang fell in front of her and spit out a mouthful of white foam on her white socks.

Aunt Fang fell to her knees beside her husband.
Her lips were trembling and she asked, “Husband, what’s the matter?”

“You say.”

But Uncle Fang was already unconscious.

“He’s dying!” Someone shouted.

Aunt Fang cried out, “Doctor Lin, save my husband!”

Lin Liqiong took several steps back, her toes shaking from soiled socks.

To avoid being seen, Mother Lin hid behind her daughter.

Everyone can now see that Uncle Fang wasn’t just having a toothache.

Aunt Fang turned to face the mother and daughter and asked.
“Why don’t you save my husband?”

Lin Liqiong and  Mother Lin continually retreated, displaying the same fearful

“What to do? What to do?” Aunt Fang cried loudly, “Who will save my husband?”

“Get out of the way!” Xie Wanying rolled up her sleeves and forcibly shoved the Lin mother and daughter pair aside.

Lin mother and daughter pair both stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

When the mother and daughter saw Xie Wanying approaching and squatting next to Uncle Fang, both began to yell out, “What will you do? You’re not a doctor!”

Regardless of what others said, Xie Wanying palpated Uncle Fang’s carotid artery with her finger.
Given that the carotid artery pulse was faster than normal, it was evidently a cardiovascular problem.

According to Uncle Fang’s symptoms of excessive sweating and yelling he was in pain suggesting that he was suffering from a myocardial infarction caused by severe arrhythmia.

When she looked at Uncle Fang’s chest again, a strangely distorted image of a heart beating swiftly flashed through her mind.

At this time, instead of doing cardiac compressions, it was better to do——

Everyone looked as the girl with two long braids squeezed her fists, as if her fists were a hammer she smashed down on the middle-aged man laying on the ground’s


Everyone was surprised and terrified by this hammer of hers.

Only one individual who rushed to the scene upon seeing this incident while wearing glasses lit up. That  strike at the middle of the chest was beautiful!

“What are you doing? You’re smashing him to death, you’re killing someone!” Mother Lin intended to push Xie Wanying’s shoulders away while saying to her own daughter, “Quickly, you save people.”

Lin Liqiong came back to her senses at this time and said,” Yes, the patient needs  cardiac compressions, all of you get out of my way!”

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