Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous In Major Surgical Fields – Chapter 37

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First aid on the train 1

Just looking at this senior in glasses with a little bit of coldness, Xie Wanying could sense a little gas.

‘It looks like Aunt Fang had already said something to this mother and daughter.’

“My daughter is going to the capital to study medicine.” Sun Rongfang explained

“We heard about it.
But the medical schools in the capital are the universities with the highest medical school admission scores in the country, so which level and class you say your daughter is in? My daughter studied in the Provincial capital Normal Highschool when she first took the entrance exam.
What middle school did your daughter study in?” Mother Lin retorted.

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It was obvious the other part was questioning her daughter’s grade.

“My daughter attended Jinqiao Senior High School.
She comes in first place in the exam and is the science champion.” Sun Rongfang said unhappily.

“Jinqiao High School, which city?”

“Songyuan City.”

“Can a middle school that isn’t in a major city have a science champion? First place in all schools?” Mother Lin asked fiercely.

Because the other party’s child did not take the National College Entrance Examination this year, they were oblivious of or uninterested about who the top student should be on the National College Entrance Examination this year.

Sun Rongfang became furious.

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“My daughter is the science champion! Why should I lie to you about this?”

Mother Lin said, “Even if she is the science champion,  your daughter is just a freshman in university.
My daughter is a medical student.
A fourth-year student, entering the clinical internship period.
If she were a freshman, she would not be as knowledgeable about medicine as my daughter.”

“My daughter always reads medical literature at home and is familiar with the subject.”

“Can she understand it by reading?”

Sun Rongfang was disdained by Mother Lin.

“In medical school, my daughter is your daughter’s senior sister, which is equivalent to your daughter’s teacher and senior.
Your daughter should respect my daughter,  do you know that?”

A little freshman, dare not call her senior?

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Sun Rongfang was surprised.

According to some people, medical students should be cultured and refined.
How did this woman suddenly begin speaking about seniority?

Her mother was naive of this industry condition, but Xie Wanying, who was reborn, was aware of it and advised her mother, “Mom, it’s okay.
In clinical practice, no one wants to call a senior sister if the senior brother and senior sister weren’t very competent.#[email protected]

Industry doctors is a place where technical strength is concerned, just like the masters in rivers and lakes.”

“What do you mean by that?” Mother Lin’s surprised eyes were about to pop out angrily.

‘This girl in front of her dared to secretly ridicule her daughter’s incompetence.’

Xie Wanying didn’t fully understand whether this senior sister had the skills, but her professional demeanor as a doctor alone was perhaps absurd.

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Being a doctor required the most professional integrity, so Xie Wanying said bluntly, “Uncle’s problem is not only a case of the common cold.
At his age, he is quite likely to have hypertension.
The temperature changes abruptly from cold to hot, which can easily result in blood pressure fluctuations that can lead to cardio cerebrovascular disease.”

“What did you say? My husband has high blood pressure? Impossible! My husband is in good health and is healthier than me.” Aunt Fang said anxiously.

Xie Wanying looked at Uncle Fang’s face.
Being reborn she gained technical ability and now it appeared in her mind.
She saw Uncle Fang’s blood pressure curve and heart rhythm and it was exactly as she had guessed, she said, “It’s preferable to get him off the train straight away and take him to the hospital to get his blood pressure checked.”

“You’re talking nonsense nonsense!

Where did my husband’s high blood pressure come from?

There’s no such thing.”

Aunt Fang said to Lin mother-daughter unhappily, “My husband is in normal health and has never needed to go to the hospital.”

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