Respiratory Disease (3)

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“Why are you looking for her ?”

“Isn’t she a student at the capital’s medical school? I heard she was assisting an old professor with prescribing.
I’m going to find her to see if she can help me.
My throat hurts.
” Aunt Fang said.

“It’s the same for me; you get some medicine for me as well.”

Uncle Fang confessed to his wife that he seemed to be in the same state as she was and rubbed his tired brows with his hand.

‘It looks like I won’t be able to eat breakfast today.’

Aunt Fang hurried to the sleeper compartment to find Dr.

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On the other hand,

Because Sun Rongfang had a thoughtful daughter who offered her a shirt sweater, she slept at just the right temperature for one night, not too cold and not too hot.

She stretched out pleasantly after waking up, though her neck was a little painful when she tilted her head.

After being sober, she noticed that Uncle Fang on the other side appeared to be having some problems.
Sun Rongfang studied Uncle Fang’s face and asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

“You are not suffering from a cold?” Uncle Fang asked her in return.

“Of course not.” Sun Rongfang said, “My daughter prepared me a sweater so I wouldn’t get cold.”

“Not hot either?” Uncle Fang recalled that last night’s thick cotton padded clothes had left him half-dead from the heat.
This mother and daughter, to his astonishment, put on a sweater and didn’t get cold.

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“It’s not hot.” Sun Rongfang said.

However she was taken aback when she saw the couple’s cotton padded clothes lying on the seat.

“Oh my God, it’s not winter, why do you wear such thick clothes?”

Hearing it, Uncle Fang became annoyed, saying as if they were idiots.

“What’s wrong? After all, it was a cold.
Sweaters aren’t as warm as thick cotton padded clothes.
You’re stupid.”

Xie Wanying, who woke up earlier at this time, went to the train breakfast station and bought steamed buns.

When she heard someone scolding her mother, she walked up to Uncle Fang without demur, and said, “If you wear such thick clothing, you are likely to catch a cold when putting them on and taking them off.
I guess you have a cold too.
For respiratory diseases such as colds, autumn is the most prone to sudden high incidence in the north.

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He and his wife seemed to be really suffering from the cold, which this person noticed unexpectedly.

Thus, Uncle Fang was unable to hold his face any longer and furiously asserted, “You are not a physician, but you intend to study at a medical school.
Are you able to comprehend this nonsense? I’ll see what else you can say when the real doctor arrives.”

Just in time, Aunt Fang found someone and came back, only to see two women trailing behind her.

One had her hair in a bun and a round face.
She was about 40 years old.
One had a ponytail, glasses, and a soft skirt.
She looked young and was figured to be in her early twenties.
These two individuals were most likely the mother and daughter referred to by Aunt Fang in her conversation with a medical

Lin and her mother are here.” Aunt Fang said to her husband, “Dr.
Lin is very kind.
She came to see us as soon as she heard that we have a cold.”

“Just in time.
I tell you Dr.
Lin, this person, I don’t know where she came from.
She said that wearing cotton clothes is more likely to catch a cold, and that I will be more likely to catch a cold if I put them on and take them off.
You’re a doctor, so what she’s saying can’t be true, right?” Uncle Fang turned around and begged to ask Dr.

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Based on her appearance, Xie Wanying estimated that the so-called Dr.
Lin, Lin Liqiong, was a third or fourth-year medical student with no clinical experience.

Of course, if she was a medical genius, she would know that her judgement was correct.

Uncle Fang and Aunt Fang watched, Lin Liqiong gently adjusted her glasses and said, “What she said is not correct.”


Uncle Fang seemed to take a deep breath and yelled excitedly

Sun Rongfang froze.

‘What does it mean that my daughter, who wants to be a doctor, was mistaken about it all?’

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