Go To The Capital (3)

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Xie Wanying, who wore two long braids, was dressed in a clean white shirt and black pants.
She looked young and beautiful, indicating that she was merely a student going to university after graduating from high school, yet she had an aura of maturity around her with visible feminine features.

Because she was reborn, Xie Wanying’s mental age had already exceeded her current age.

Xie Wanying couldn’t help but look back when she noticed someone staring at her.
She initially noticed a middle-aged man’s hand clutching a blue thermos cup.

She immediately recognized it as the doctor’s hand;

Because it exuded a disinfectant smell  from constant hand washing, and the skin was whiter than the average person.

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When the other party saw her looking back, he adjusted his gold-wire glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked at her again before leaving.

Xie Wanying kept an eye on the direction the middle-aged man headed.
It was at the compartment in the train’s rear end, which contained hard and soft sleepers, which were incredibly expensive tickets that most of the people could not afford.#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com

In any era, doctors in large hospitals in large cities were wealthy and had great social status.

Not to mention surgeons were much more wealthy than physicians and auxiliary medical professionals.
And with cardiothoracic surgery, the profession was highly praised.

While all of this was happening, Sun Rongfang struck up a conversation with the passenger sitting across from her.

“My daughter is going to study at University Guoxie College of Medicine .” Sun Rongfang was beaming with pride as she talked about her daughter’s achievement.

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The passenger opposite her was a woman of forty or fifty years old, who claimed to be surnamed Fang.
After listening to Sun Rongfang’s words, she said, “Ahhh, like the girl from a while ago?”

“Which one?” Sun Rongfang was intrigued by what she said.

‘Could they possibly run into her daughter’s future classmate just on the way?’

With that, she could immediately help her daughter to build a good relationship with her classmates.

“She and her parents were in the hard sleeper’s train compartment.
The entrance to the dining car had been blocked for some time, so the mother and daughter had to sit in your seats and rest on the way.
My husband and I spoke with her mother and listened to her thoughts about her daughter going to medical school in the capital.”#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com

‘Hard sleeper compartment.’

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Sun Rongfang glanced at the location of the hard sleeper carriage and wondered if she should take her daughter there to establish a relationship with her classmate.

Looking at her mother’s expression, Xie Wanying knew that her mother’s old weakness had been committed again.
Wherein she spoke with everyone about everything, especially about social ties.

Interactions in society were particularly significant.

Sun Rongfang had always thought that wherever she went And she thought that other people should desire friendship as well.
As long as the person has a  positive attitude, she will not reject them.
Intellectuals, in particular, were known for their high levels of education and training, making it nearly difficult for them to be unfriendly.

Her mother went to elementary school and hadn’t been in a group of people who were very well-educated.
Thus, she had this kind of misperception about intellectual people’s thoughts.

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Xie Wanying thought about it too, and regretted that her mother had not had the opportunity to study before, so she had to study well to help her mother realize her dreams

Whether people were good or not had nothing to do with whether they were highly educated or not.
Like her cousin Zhou Ruomei and the head teacher Liu Huibu, they were all bad guys.

To end that, Xie Wanying tugged on her mother’s cuff and said, “No.”

Sun Rongfang looked back at her daughter with questioning eyes.

“Mom, I’m fine.
I don’t need you to help me get people to like me.
I can do this on my own.” Xie Wanying eased her mother’s concern.

Sun Rongfang looked shocked.

At this point, she realized that her daughter had matured.

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