Go To The Capital (2)

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“Alright, I approved Yingying to study.”

“Don’t blame me if your money ends up in the pit then!.”

Xie Changrong walked away, waving his hand at his wife and daughter.

Sun Rongfang didn’t bother to call her big cousin, Zhou Ruomei again because she would still not help them with anything.

At the same time, Zhou Ruomei had been waiting for Sun Rongfang to call her like a leech to ask her for advice like before.
But even after waiting for a long time, the phone didn’t ring at all.
It was more like she had become a leech herself.
In a rage, Zhou Ruomei beat the sofa at their house while exclaiming internally, ‘Great! Really! She really pisses me off!’#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com


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At the end of August, in late summer and early fall, the north started to feel a little colder.

Xie Wanying, who had never been to the capital to study and work in her previous life, obviously did not know this situation.

But she remembered hearing her Grandpa mention earlier that he had travelled to the north and understood that the fall in the north was different from the autumn and winter in the south, where summer trousers were immediately replaced by winter quilts was really just autumn.

For this reason, Xie Wanying brought a knitted sweater for her mother and one for herself, which were more suitable to wear and take off on the road.

Before Leaving, Sun Rongfang told her husband, “Watch your son do his summer homework.”

“Isn’t that your business?” Unhappy, Xie Changrong snapped back, upset that his daughter and wife wouldn’t let him accompany them.

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Sun Rongfang didn’t pay attention to him.
She took her daughter and her luggage on the bus with her.#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com

On the bus, Sun Rongfang said to her daughter, “Didn’t your dad want to go to your university, thinking I didn’t know? He wanted to go play.
In the future, if he finds excuses to find you, you ignore him.

Xie Wanying smiled and nodded to her mother.
Later she remembered that her mother was actually like the mother of Li Huanying in the movie Hi, Mom.

After a night full of bus rides, the mother and daughter duo ran to the train station again.

In the train station.

Mother and daughter didn’t dare to sleep at the train waiting area for fear of missing the train.
Furthermore, the train ticket was cost prohibitive, and they never intended to buy it once more.

The CT235 train entered the train station.

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The announcement blared in the waiting hall and lit it up.
Passengers waiting for the train awoke and dashed to the ticket gate to get in line.
The long queue had become incredibly packed, and the air had become murky, making people feel very uncomfortable.

Coughing sounded all around.

Xie Wanying frowned.

Whether it was because of her little experience of clinical medicine from her previous life or the stimulation of her seemingly medical skills after her rebirth, she seemed to feel something was wrong.

“Mom, you stand here.” Xie Wanying asked her mother to stand next to the line in a slightly better air and stood alone in the line.

Sun Rongfang picked up the newspapers she bought along the way and fanned herself around her neck.

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When they finally passed through the ticket barrier, a crowd of people ran to the platform and crowded through the doors and onto the train.
The air kept flowing poorly.

Xie Wanying let her mother sit on the window seat and put her suitcase on the shelf above her head.

Their luggage was of course heavier.
In general, women lacked the muscle to lift suitcases onto trains; therefore, males lugged suitcases onto trains everywhere.

Sun Rongfang, who saw it, was about to stand up to help her daughter.
Unexpectedly, her daughter put the heavy suitcase firmly on top of her without anyone’s help.

The person standing next to her happened to be a man.
Obviously, he was thinking about assisting Xie Wanying, but was instantly dumbstruck instead.

At this time, the man who came back from the train passage with a thermos cup to the dining car to fill up the hot water found this scene and couldn’t help but glance at Xie Wanying’s face again.
This little girl was obviously different.


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