e the only one who gave birth to her and has no memory of her father!”

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“You oppose the university where Yingying is enrolled.
Why on earth would she purchase a train ticket for you?” Sun Rongfang was offended by her husband’s remark and looked at him fiercely.#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com

“Whether I like her university or not, she has to buy a train ticket for me.” Xie Changrong played the rudeness unique to the men of the old Xie family: “Because I am the head of this family, and I am her father.”

“You’re spending money indiscriminately.
If you want to go, you take out your money.
Besides, you are her father, and you should have been the one who paid for the tickets!” Sun Rongfang spit fire at her husband.

Xie Changrong was shocked for a while and then realized something.
Since his daughter was going to medical school, his wife had turned against him and resented him.

Then he remembered what Old Fang next door had said to him: “Old Xie, you have to change your attitude and please your wife, lest she forget you after she goes to the capital to be prosperous and rich.” ”

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Hearing these words, Xie Changrong was beating a drum in his heart and in the blink of an eye, he remembered what his father, Oldman Xie, said: “Son, it’s still pointless.
Despite the fact that Yingying will graduate from medical school, the hospital would not accept female surgeons after graduation.
If you don’t believe it, you can ask Yingying’s aunt who is a doctor.

“Right! Isn’t it right that your Big Cousin told you that the hospital does not hire female surgeons?” Xie Changrong came up with evidence for his wife and said.

Sun Rongfang was a little worried whenever she thought of her Big cousin’s words.
It’s true that Zhou Ruomei was working in the hospital and knows a lot about the medical field better than she does.
“Why don’t you encourage Yingying to go to study to become a teacher?”Xie Changrong seized the opportunity to ask.

“That’s what she said before that Yingying won’t be able to get into medical school.
But Yingying is now the science champion.
What else does she need to explain?”#pleasereadthischapteratfanstranslations.com

Sun Rongfang’s shrugged, feeling as if her cousin had some tricks up her sleeve.

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