Meet The Teacher (3)

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This is, in fact, the mindset of an excellent teacher.
Students would surely be grateful if Liu Hui or Teacher Wang were like this.
Now how can they admit fault and risk losing their reputation as teachers who think themselves to be so great in front of their students?

Zhao Wenzong walked over and said: ” Teacher Zhuang, I also want to come to visit you.”

Having learned early from his colleagues about the excellent results of the two students in front of her, Teacher Zhuang patted Zhao Wenzong on the shoulder and said: “Your parents should be very happy that their son is going to study at Guoxi Science and Engineering and will have bright future.”

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Zhao Wenzong’s eyes reddened.
After the National College Entrance Examination results were announced, Liu Hui never really congratulated him, but instead made several criticisms against him, because he listened to Xie Wanying’s suggestions and altered his college entrance examination plans in secret.

“Study hard, the provincial capital is a big city.
It is much bigger than Songyuan.” Teacher Zhuang, who had been to the provincial capital, gave a lecture to the students: “My son took me on a tour at Guoxi Science and Engineering and it was beautiful.
However, the big cities have a lot of fun things, the teacher hopes that you will continue to commit yourselves to learning.
Do not think that if you pass this exam, you are no longer need to study while studying in your particular university.

The teacher’s words were so serious that Zhao Wenzong and Xie Wanying nodded their heads straight.

Teacher Zhuang turned her head and pointed her finger playfully to Xie Wanying’s nose: “You, did you really have a quarrel with her?”

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In front of her favorite teacher, Xie Wanying doesn’t conceal her issues, she openly says that she had a disagreement with Liu Hui and almost got into a fight.

“She said that you are so presumptuous, just short of saying you are like a toad trying to swallow a swan.
CLet me look at your admission letter from the university for you and see if you really a toad has eaten swan meat.” Teacher Zhuang smiled and put on her reading glasses

Xie Wanying gave her university admission notice to Teacher Zhuang to share her good news.

Through the old-fashioned eye piece, Teacher Zhuang carefully read the words on Xie Wanying’s acceptance letter and was very delighted: “Amazing! The country’s first class in medicine and best in surgery.
My son told me straight out that if there were any female students, it had to be truly outstanding.
He lived in the capital for a long time and was very clear about the condition, how difficult this class is to test, and how hard it is to get into.
You are the first woman in history to get into this class.”

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She burst into laughter after saying this, smiling till she was in a fit of laughter because she was so happy that her student could study surgery with the highest rank in science.

This means that women  can take up the heavy responsibilities, and  and remain on an equal footing with mean.

As a woman, how could Teacher Zhuang not be happy and proud of this female student, so she hurried back from the capital to congratulate Xie Wanying.

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Xie Wanying was very excited, but kept her emotions calm, because she knew that it was not easy to study surgery.
She was only taking the first step and said: “Thank you, Teacher Zhuang.”

“You don’t have to thank me.
In the future, when you come to the capital to study, you can come to my house.
I am now living in my son’s house.
I’ll you my son’s house address in the capital and phone number.” As he said, Teacher Zhuang took out a side paper and pencil to write her son’s address for the

The other students around looked at Xie Wanying with only envy.
They wish to visit their Teacher Zhuang’s house as guests as well, but they lack the possibility because they do not attend college in the capital.
Similarly, Zhao Wenzong just looked at Xie Wanying.

In this National College Entrance Examination, Xie Wanying was the only student from Jinqiao High School who could be admitted to the Capital

“In what way do you plan to get there? By plane or train?” Teacher Zhuang asked her when she gave her son’s address.

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