Science Champion (1)

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On the other hand, Xie Wanying was not suprised because she already expected what would her results be.

“The class leader failed.

“What do you mean?”

“Did the class leader say something to you over the phone when he informed you?”

Zhang Wei covered her mouth with her palm in disbelief and thought.

What would their teacher do if their class leader didn’t pass?

Class Leader Yu is Teacher’s Liu Hui’s favorite student.

Xie Wanying had no control over her other classmate’s behavior.
She stretched out her hand and said:“Teacher Liu, I’m here to get my examination results.”

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Liu Hui trembled violently as she raised her head and met Xie Wanying in the eyes.

Zhang Wei spoke up after noting that their Teacher had yet to answer her deskmate’s words.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Liu.
I know Yingying.”

“She is a strong woman and can handle whatever her results.”

Her deskmate’s eagerness to know her college admission examination results was evident.

She recalled this also happened in her past life.

“As Zhang Wei said, Teacher Liu, I can accept whatever is my grades,” Xie Wanying insisted without prejudice.

Zhang Wei glanced at her deskmate: Will you still be calm even if you fail?

Liu Hui had no choice but to take the squeezed report of Xie Wanying at the bottom of her drawer in front of everyone.
Her hands trembled a few times as she held out the report card.

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Everyone was confused about what had happened to Liu Hui.

Xie Wanying took her report from the class teacher right away.
She looked at the scores on it, kept it in her pocket, and turned to leave.

This was what she had expected.

The problem was that Zhang Wei, who had just stood next to her and looked at the scores of her report card, and several teachers, were all shocked.

How many points did they see just now?

“Teacher Liu, unexpectedly, your student scored 721 points!”

Several teachers rushed to Liu Hui’s side, almost grabbed her collar and howled: “Science champion scored 721 points, are you insane!?”

“Without explanations, just let her go out like this?”

According to accusations from her colleagues, Liu Hui concealed her pupils’ scores, deprived teachers like them of the opportunity to curry favor from the science champion.

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Xie Wanying had already walked out of the office and disappeared instantly, how could she chase her?

Besides, Liu Hui never thought about congratulating Xie Wanying, so how could she allow her colleagues to take advantage?

After Hu Hao managed to recover, he sought out their head teacher and asked, “Teacher Liu, how are Zhao Wenzong’s test scores?”

Liu Hui was annoyed by the question.
She slammed the table violently, and yelled angrily at Hu

“It’s none of your business how many points he scores in the exam! ”

“Teacher Liu, I care about my classmates——””

“You want to know how many points he scored in the exam, right? His test result is over 20 points higher than yours! ”

Afterward Liu Hui fell into a chair and sat still.

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Hu Hao felt the sky about to fall.

Consider how he used to mock Zhao Wenzong.

As for Zhang Wei, who was standing next to him, the sky had already collapsed.

Her deskmate, Xie Wanying, a truck driver’s daughter, was assured by her and her mother that she couldn’t pass the exam and that she would be going to marry someone.

At this point, she’s already a science champion, let alone who plans to pursue a medical degree.
With this score, Xie Wanying could attend any university she wants.

Zhang Wei’s legs trembled straight.

Xie Wanying, who walked out of school, took her report and rode home with her bicycle to tell the good news to her mother.

Sun Rongfang had been stressing all day at home.
All of their neighbors believed that the college admission examination results would be revealed today.
She thought of going to school to accompany her daughter and inquired about her reports, but she was afraid that her daughter flunk her test.
At home, she moved in circles, like ants in a hot pot.

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