Results Released (2)

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Although the reborn Xie Wanying was aware that the exam report had been released at this point, she showed no signs of being anxious.
She finished her work at the supermarket around the same time, and then rode her beaten-up old bike to school.

At 07:00, it was pitch black and only the office on the third floor of the entire school building was brightly lit.
At first glance, she could see what was going on.

Many students came one after another at the entrance of the school building.
They were all senior high school students who received a phone call from their teacher and dashed over to get the results of their National college entrance examination [1]and couldn’t wait until the next day.

While walking to the entrance of the school building with her school bag, Xie Wanying overheard several students walking in front of her say:

“Have you heard? ”

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, it’s said that there was a student who top the science ( 理科 – lǐkē) in the senior batch, fifth class.

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“Who is it? ”

“Some people say it’s Zhao Wenzong.

Did Zhao Wenzong’s score the top in science ?

While Xie Wanying thought that the result of her rebirth was different, she was still extremely happy for her classmates who were also born into impoverished families.

When she reached the third floor, she saw two familiar figures ahead, not Zhao Wenzong, but Zhang Wei and Hu Hao.
Xie Wanying slowed down.
She was not in a hurry at all, waiting for these two people to get their own report card first.

“Teacher Liu.

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The voices of Zhang Wei and Hu Hao at the door made Liu Hui raise her head.

Liu Hui had only just called the class leader Yu in her class, and didn’t know how to comfort the class leader in her class, so she made an excuse to hang up.

“Come in.
“Liu Hui beckoned to these two people.

Zhang Wei and Hu Hao walked into the teacher’s office.

Liu Hui had a big smile on her face and appeared to be very happy.
Because, at the very least, these two individuals clearly did well normally, moreover they also happened to be students she liked.

“Zhang Wei, as I mentioned to your mother, your score on the exam is significantly higher than your previous mock score.
It seems you will be able to be admitted to the provincial capital’s business

Hearing what the head teacher said, Zhang Wei almost jumped up with excitement.

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Hu Hao said next to him: “Congratulations, Zhang Wei! You can go abroad soon.

“How about you? “Zhang Wei asked him.

“Teacher Liu, how did I do in the exam? “Hu Hao asked the head teacher.

“Student Hu Hao, you have also done very well.
Congratulations! Your Yi Ben score should be able to enter the University of Zhongshan  School of Business.
“Liu Hui took Hu Hao’s report and handed it over, her face full of smiles.

Because Hu Hao’s scores were among the top dozen in school.

Hu Hao took his report and glanced at it, as if he was a little complacent.

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Zhang Wei frowned and became annoyed with the two people in front of her all of a sudden.

Thinking, the University of Zhongshan  School of Business is far more difficult to pass than the Provincial Capital Business School.
Just now, Hu Hao and her class teacher congratulated her on her achievement with her Er Ben score.
I didn’t know what it meant.
But her classmate got a good score with his Yi Ben.Is it possible that she was being mocked on purpose?

“Where’s the class leader? “Hu Hao looked left and right, looking for other classmates in the class.

Xie Wanying, who was standing in the hallway outside the teacher’s office, glanced into the window.
When she saw Hu Hao’s expression, she knew that this classmate was probably thinking about whether Zhao Wenzong and her , and other classmates, had the opportunity to come

“Your class leader will come to get his report tomorrow.I talked to him on the phone earlier.”Liu Hui had to tell Hu Hao, “How did you know to come to school to get your report card, and the monitor informed you?”

“No, I listened to the classmates in other classes and said that the grades came out, so I told Zhang Wei to come with me.
“Hu Hao has never forgotten his purpose.

Zhang Wei ignored him anyway, and she wouldn’t have a single thank you.
She asked Liu Hui,”Teacher Liu, how did my deskmate Xie Wanying do in the exam?”

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