Meet Him Again

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Suddenly hanging up the phone on the other side, Rongfang Sun was taken aback.

What happened to her cousin?

Unexpectedly, Xie Wanying went out for a run after finishing the exam.
After Zhou Ruomei hung up on her, she sat there  staring blankly for a while.

She was hoping to pour some more cold water on her cousin’s head but she didn’t manage it!

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“I’ll see how she becomes a doctor!” Zhou Ruomei gritted her teeth.

Impossible, absolutely impossible, a skinny girl, without any family connections, wants to be the first female cardiothoracic surgeon in the country?  She is dreaming!

After the exam, Xie Wanying was relaxed.
It just so happens that the wind was cooler and more comfortable at night in summer, so she started jogging along the side of the small river next to their house.

Canvas shoes were not suitable for running.
Xie Wanying was thinking about how to work as soon as possible to buy a pair of running shoes.
Running around, unknowingly along the way, she reached Zhou Ruomei’s hospital.

Thinking about it now, in fact, her aunt’s house was not very far from her house.
After all, it is a small city with a small urban area.
It was such a short distance away that she could reach there just by walking for an hour, but her family had no contact with Zhou Ruomei.
She should have guessed her cousin’s mind a long time ago.Xie Wanying felt the silliness of herself and her mother in her previous

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Today a small car was parked in front of the hospital.
Xie Wanying stood behind a lamp post and looked at it, and saw the handsome doctor she met in the emergency department last time.

The other party didn’t see her this time, and was talking to a bunch of people.

“Teacher Cao, when we go to the capital can we look for you?”

A group of young doctors whispered like little sparrows in front of Cao Yong.
There were interns and young residents here.
Each and everyone’s eyes are like fans chasing idols, crazy female fans, enthusiastic male fans little eyes looking at Cao Yong.

Xie Wanying was familiar with this scene, and she knew at first glance that this handsome doctor is  quite

The director of the  neurosurgery saw this group of young doctors and said, “Okay, what can you do to the capital?”

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“Director Yu, they can also play when they come to me.
They don’t need to see me as a doctor.
I will ask them for a Chinese donkey burger.” Cao Yong said with his handsome flying bangs on his forehead.

When it comes to food, who won’t be greedy, even the chief of neurosurgeon asked: “Isn’t the capital  famous for its Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce

? ”

My favorite thing to eat is that Chinese donkey burger  near our hospital.” Cao Yong replied.

Seeing that it was almost time, Director Yu told the interns to go back to the hospital first, and  put his arms on Cao Yong’s shoulders to send off Cao Yong into the car in person, saying, “Thank you very much for your uncle and you this time.”

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“Don’t be so polite, Director.”

“When you came to our hospital, you  brought very good technology and it has had a positive effect on our hospital.
It is very important to stimulate the young people here to study medical skills.
Our general speaking side said that we did not expect you to save the patient that day.

Neither did he.
Cao Yong said this to himself in his own heart.
If it hadn’t been for the little fairy to point it out, if he had been slower, the patient would have bled out and he would be helpless standing on the operating table.

Will I meet the little fairy again in the future? With this thought in mind, Cao Yong got in the car and went to the airport to take a flight to the capital.

Looking at the departing car from a distance, Xie Wanying was also thinking that he was not a doctor in her cousin’s hospital.

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