Chapter 15:For Mother 2

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   April 15, 2022


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“What? Do you agree with your daughter?” Liu Hui frowned, obviously not satisfied with Sun Rongfang’s reaction.

Could it be that the parent was just as unreasonable and wont listen to her?

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“Only she can decide which school she wants to go to.” Sun Rongfang replied.

That sounded very reasonable, respecting the words of the daughter’s mother.
However, Liu Hui immediately became angry.

Liu Hui stood up.
“I know what you mean.
I am here to explain clearly to you as her parents.
If her score in the National College Entrance Examination is not up to the score of the Guoxie Medical University , and she does not fill in other colleges,which means that she has no other backup colleges.
This is not the responsibility of our teacher.
I keep telling you again and again that her grades don’t improve, she will definitely not be admitted to Guoxie Medical University.

“If she passes the test–” Sun Rongfang asked the teacher with trembling lips.#pleasereadthischapterat

“What! I said she couldn’t pass the exam.
Didn’t you hear me?”

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Sun Rongfang was stunned by her daughter’s angry homeroom teacher.
She hasn’t taken the National College Entrance Examination yet.
How can this teacher insist that her daughter can’t pass the National College Entrance Examination?

“In short, it is not the teacher’s fault that she failed to enter the Guoxie Medical University and eventually failed to enter any colleges.
It is not the responsibility of the teacher.
As a teacher, I have the experience of cultivating many students.
Let me be honest with you.
It is wishful thinking to train a doctor in this environment of your family.
If you are not a doctor yourself, you can’t help her.
Does she have contacts in the hospital to help her stay in the city’s hospitals in the future? ”

“My cousin works in the hospital–”

Do you think she can help your daughter? ”

Xie Wanying, who was listening inside, couldn’t help but smile, but the head teacher who also looked down on her saw through her aunt’s mind.

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Sun Rongfang was very sad.
Since returning from her cousin’s house last night, she felt that Zhou Ruomei didn’t even think about helping her daughter.

“Okay, that’s it.
I don’t know how much money you have at home, and don’t know what you can do.
It’s no wonder that your family is like this.” Liu Hui shook her head while carrying her briefcase and walked out of Xie’s house.

“Mom, drink a glass of water.” Xie Wanying poured a glass of boiled water and brought it to her mother to drink.

Receiving her daughter’s boiled water, Sun Rongfang was thinking about asking her if she really if she really filled in that great college

“Hey–” A sudden shout at the door interrupted the conversation between their mother and daughter.
The mother and daughter looked back and saw that Xie Changrong who had come back.

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Xie Changrong rushed into the house and scolded his wife first: “I heard that her homeroom teacher came to our home? How do you entertain people? I heard old Wu next door say that Ying Ying’s teacher was very angry.”#pleasereadthischapterat

In those days, offending a teacher was a very big deal, and everyone knows that this family’s child is finished.

“No, no.” Sun Rongfang explained to her husband, Yingying’s class teacher came here just to talk about her filling in the National College Entrance Examination vocation form.“

“I heard, said you completely do not listen to the teacher, nor to your grandfather, what medical school did you fill in, and what do you want to do if you don’t fill in the Teachers chool? “Xie Changrong turned her head and put her finger on her daughter’s face, his eyes as if he was about to eat someone.

It’s good for girls to go to teacher’s schools, with living allowances and free tuition.
Other majors don’t have this benefit.

“Go to Teachers school.” Xie Changrong said, “Do not add trouble to the family, the family does not have money for you to study!”

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