Chapter 1: Back To 1990’s

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“How many surgeons are there in the country?”

“How many female surgeons are there?”

“Among cardiothoracic surgeons, how many female doctors are actually on the operating table? ”

One thousand? One hundred? Ten? One?!”

“No, what you answer is all wrong!” The voice of the people on the stage grew smaller and smaller, “The answer is zero–”

In 1996 at Third People’s Hospital Emergency Room of Songyuan City located in Minjiang District .

Under the dark night, a dilapidated emergency room building loomed.
In front of the building, the hanging light bulb swayed by the wind.
Everything was broken and disorderly, which contrasted sharply with the pretty neon lights on the road outside.

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The big red characters of an ambulance of the third hospital whistled into the big iron door of the hospital.
The car clanged as it hit the door.
The security guard in the security booth rushed out to check the situation at the entrance.

Because of the loud noise, Xie Wanying, who was standing in the hallway, stood up.
Her blurred vision became clear, and her focus fell on the door of the emergency room.

She saw nurses rushing out of the emergency room in a hurry, pushing an emergency stretcher trolley.
A male doctor, one step ahead of the nurses, quickly examined the eyes of the patient who was lying in the ambulance using his penlight.

“Blood pressure.”

“The systolic blood pressure is 70, the diastolic blood pressure is 40.”

“Low blood pressure.”

“What is the situation?”

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“What is the main complaint of the patient?”

“He says chest pain.”

“Heart disease? Myocardial infarction?”

The doctor’s stethoscope was listening to the patient’s chest.

The patient was sweating profusely, his complexion was already pale, like he was bloodless, like a dead man.

“ Hurry, get the patient inside, give him 10mg of  morphine to relieve the pain fi

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