Return of a Regressor

The Green God Pt.2

-The first-Floor Raid will begin on August 15.-

-Required Rank to participate: S, A, High B.-

-Players must be infiltrated by a group.-

-Raid Gathering will take place in the United States, California Tower.-

-(We recommend every S-Class Player to join in the Raid.)-

-You will be rewarded.-

So its the same as the first time.

Angel was in his apartment cooking himself a breakfast meal while reading the official website for Player news on his phone.

California. Im going to have to travel again. Wait…

… that also means So-Yung is going to have to come with me. Does she have a passport? If she doesn , its going to take weeks in order to get one. And we need to get there at least by the 14th.

Angel let out a deep sigh as he thought about it more.

I guess I can ask her now.


-I have a passport. Why do you ask?

Thank goodness.

-So that we could travel to California for the First-Floor Raid.

-I see. By the way, will this boss be as strong as the one we fought before?

-No, this boss will only-

Wait no! This boss might be stronger now because we defeated something that was higher than it!

The system might adjust the level like last time.

On one of the floors between 10 and 20. I can really remember all that well.

But on one of those floors, a Player accidentally stumbled upon the Floor Boss but chose to run away out of fear.

The Player quickly reported it to the organization and even told them the level the Boss was.

The Player Organization thought of an idea. Which was to delay the Raid and make sure Players progress more before the raid so that the raid would go through easier.

The day of the raid was when that Player saw a mistake.

The level of the boss was much higher than it was before.

They thought he had lied but after trying the same method again they found that the more humanity gets stronger, so does the boss.

But we had to get stronger because each floor was originally harder than the one that came before it.

It is very possible that this could happen on this floor.

And if it does, that means only I can stand a chance against them…

-I don know. But its very possible that it will.

-I see. Well, at least we were able to defeat one, just the two of us. Maybe with the backup of all the other guilds, we might clear it with ease.

-I hope you
e right. Anyway, Ill see you tomorrow at the airport.

-Alright! See you!

Theres a lot to do.

Alright, after this meal Ill go to the domain and pick up some skills for this fight.


[System ■■ is looking over the information of Player 111.]

[System ■■ is unable to fully look over the information of Player 111.]

[Asking higher-ups to look into the problem.]

[Higher-ups have rejected the request.]

[System ■■ will continue to look into the anomaly alone.]

[System ■■ has adjusted the Skyscraper Of Hell First-Floor.]


The next day.

e finally here! ”

”Uh-huh. ”

”Cmon Oppa. We
e going to travel somewhere else. Oh, wait, now that I think about it… ”

”Oppa, what is your place of origin? ”

”That doesn matter right now. ”

”Hmmm… ”

”Also, the reason I am not excited isn that we
e going to America, but because today is packed with so many people. ”

”… Yeah, I guess thats kinda annoying. ”

With these many people, its going to take more than half of the day to get on a plane.

Maybe I shouldve just gotten a private jet for these kinds of situations…

”Umm, Oppa, someone is staring at us… ”

”Huh? ”

Wait, isn that…

… the assistant that was with Ra Seo-Yun during my talk with her.

”Pardon me for my sudden appearance, but Miss Seo-Yun would like to apologize for her words a few days ago. ”

”Apologize? ”

”Yes, she has a private jet right over in that direction, ready to take a flight to California, where the raid will begin. ”

”Are you saying you will give us a ride right now? ”

”Precisely. ”

”Oppa, will that woman also be there? ”

”Miss Seo-Yun will also be attending the same plane. ”

A faint ”Ugh ” came from So-Yung.

Does she not like Ra Seo-Yun?

~Why does that woman want to keep pestering Oppa? Hmm… whatever, Ill make sure nothing happens between them!

”Fine, Ill take the ride as an apology. ”

Anything to get us out of here faster.

”Then Ill lead the way. ”


Once we got into the private jet, we were greeted by Players belonging to the Blizzard guild.

I thought this was a private jet.

”Aren they that paired up S-Class? ”

”Why are they in the Blizzard jet?! ”

”Yeah! Hey you, why did you let these outsiders in?! ”

”Now, now, lets not get aggressive towards our sudden guests. Im sure our bosss assistant has an explanation, right? ”

Someone taller than Angel with slick back brown hair and a headband was the one to calm down the other Players.

”Of course. These two have been given permission by Miss Seo-Yun to attend his flight ”

”With the bosss permission? ”

”Yes. ”

”Well, if she accepted them, then I guess I too will. ”

”An S-Class to another… My name is Kok Jung-Jin. ” He says while extending his hand in a handshake manner.

Angel responded to the handshake and activated his skill.

[Looking at the Stars Eye Lv.4 has been activated.]

[Due to the Skill level, information on the target has increased.]

[Kok Jung-Jin Age: 21

STN: 1400 HP: 670 STM: 1630

MANA: 2400 AGI: 500

Unique Skill: Forever Frozen Arena Lv.3

Skill: Ice Breathing Lv.3, Inferno Swirl Lv.4, Intermediate Control Lv.4, Singing Staff Lv.5, Ice Storm Lv.4, Iceberg Clash Lv.3

Title: A Freezing Thwart, Ice Magic Soldier

Tower Coins: 15680

●This person has a slightly favorable expression about you. He is outgoing and friendly. He has a complex about his hairline.]

That skill!

[Forever Frozen Arena: Ability to turn your surrounding into an ice field that will constantly hit the enemy with the ice.]

This is what I need…

”So… ”

”Hmm? ”

”… Would you like to have to spare once we land? ”

”! ”

”Oppa?! ”

”Hey! Who do you think you are?! ”

”Are you trying to start a fight!? ”

The Players of Blizzard yelled at Angel for his sudden instigating words and some even stood up from their seats… Until…

”Everyone be quiet! ”

[Ra Seo-Yun has activated Commanding Voice Lv.7]

Ra Seo-Yun came from the other room, witnessing the talk.

Everyone on the plane except for Angel, So-Yung, Kok Jung-Jin, and the assistant sat down immediately.

”L-leader..! This g-guy is trying to s-start a fight with Jung-Jin! ”

”I told you to be quiet. ”

”…But…! ”

Ra Seo-Yun said nothing to the Player but let her overflowing energy fill the plane. It was like gravity had increased and applied pressure on everyone.

Oh no. Is she mad at me? Will she kick us off?

”Player Angel, Player So-Yung, please follow me. ”

”Alright? ”

Both So-Yung and I follow Ra Seo-Yun to a different section of the plane…

”Hey… ”

Angel turned his head towards Kok-Jung-Jin.

”… about that spare… Ill be more than happy to do it. ”

Then turned back and headed into a different section.

Once Ra Seo-Yun closed the door from the section, she turned to us.

”I am very sorry for the way you were treated! ” As she bows at a perfect 90-degree.

The sudden apology startled So-Yung and even Angel.

So… is… she…

”No, I should also be apologizing, since I was the one that started it. ”

”Yeah, I was going to ask about that. Why do you want to spare with him? ”

”… Just for fun. I guess? ”

”What do you mean, just for fun? ”

”…Nevermind. Ill stop with the questions. ”

The next person to say something was So-Yung.

”So… I thought that this was a private jet just for the famous Ra Seo-Yun. ”

”Ugh! A-about that… I wasn able to get the second one on time… ” Ra Seo-Yun looked as if a giant needle just pierced her.

”Anyway. Ahem… From what you saw outside, I think you know how big this plane is. ”

”Uh-huh. ”

”I just wanted to go over all the compartments… ”

”…So, the room you were just in was the basic first-class seats. This room is the place where people can come in and out to get a drink… ”

Ra Seo-Yun points at a pretty sizable bar with stacks of wine on the shelves. Before going on about the other places in the jet.


”…and those three rooms in the back are the bedrooms. I decided you guys can use one of them for this ride since the other two are used by me and my assistant. ”

How long has this been going on….? The plane is already in the air…

Angel looks around the room and finds a couch to sit on who was followed by So-Yung.

”Was my explanation that boring? ”

”No, but it took so much time. ”

”Huh? ” Ra Seo-Yun looks out into a window and shows eyes of surprise at not realizing that the plane had already set its course.


United States, California, San Francisco.

Liberation Wings Guild Headquarters.

”Is the S-Class Player Angel Nicolas going to take part in this raid? ” A man with blonde hair with a handsome face was sitting on a chair facing the window of a tall buildings top floor and was talking to someone kneeling behind them.

”From what my resources tell me, yes. ”

”But those resources also said that he isn in a guild yet, right?

”Correct. ”

”Then how is he planning to enter this…? Players need to be in a guild in order to participle in this… ”

”Wait… What about the other one? ”

”Are you talking about the Korean S-Class Player So So-Yung? ”

”Thats right. ”

”Then yes. Along with Angel Nicolas. ”

”Hmm… ” The man had a troubled face as he thought about how he could get the two S-Class in his guild.

But since they rejected the offers from the best guilds in Korea that could even rival his own…

”Well wait. ”

”Huh? ”

”Well wait till they get here and then make our move there. You
e dismissed. ”

”Yes. ”

The person behind him suddenly disappeared like a shadow.

The blonde man stood up from his seat and got closer to the window and stared into the depth of the Tower visible from where he was.

Then he spoke to himself.

”… Angel Nicolas, I will have you…. ”


”So… Umm, Oppa, how do we do this? ”

Angel and So-Yung were in the room and in front of them was a giant bed that looked like it could be occupied by 5 adults.

”You can sleep in this. I will sleep on the couch. ”

~No! I can let Oppa spoil me all the time…! I need to do something for Oppa this time…

”Huh, no, no, I can do that… how about… huh? ”

Before So-Yung could say what she wanted to say, Angel had left the room right after he had said that So-Yung could have the bed.

We should be able to get to the location the moment I wake.

Angel lay down on the soft couch with a blanket on ready to go to sleep. As Angel turned off the lights, making the room dark, he turned into a sleeping position. But the sound of a door opening was heard from the three bedrooms direction.

Is it So-Yung? She probably just going to use the bathroom…

The next second, I could hear footsteps approaching me from behind.

The person got closer to Angel and, since it was dark, Angel couldn really tell who it was.

[Looking at the Stars Eye Lv.4 allows you to look into indispensable areas.]

Wait… isn that… Ra Seo-Yun!

Chapter 8: The Green God Pt.1-End

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