Return of a Regressor

The Green God Pt.1

vorable expression about you. He is outgoing and friendly. He has a complex about his hairline.]

That skill!

[Forever Frozen Arena: Ability to turn your surrounding into an ice field that will constantly hit the enemy with the ice.]

This is what I need…

”So… ”

”Hmm? ”

”… Would you like to have to spare once we land? ”

”! ”

”Oppa?! ”

”Hey! Who do you think you are?! ”

”Are you trying to start a fight!? ”

The Players of Blizzard yelled at Angel for his sudden instigating words and some even stood up from their seats… Until…

”Everyone be quiet! ”

[Ra Seo-Yun has activated Commanding Voice Lv.7]

Ra Seo-Yun came from the other room, witnessing the talk.

Everyone on the plane except for Angel, So-Yung, Kok Jung-Jin, and the assistant sat down immediately.

”L-leader..! This g-guy is trying to s-start a fight with Jung-Jin! ”

”I told you to be quiet. ”

”…But…! ”

Ra Seo-Yun said nothing to the Player but let her overflowing energy fill the plane. It was like gravity had increased and applied pressure on everyone.

Oh no. Is she mad at me? Will she kick us off?

”Player Angel, Player So-Yung, please follow me. ”

”Alright? ”

Both So-Yung and I follow Ra Seo-Yun to a different section of the plane…

”Hey… ”

Angel turned his head towards Kok-Jung-Jin.

”… about that spare… Ill be more than happy to do it. ”

Then turned back and headed into a different section.

Once Ra Seo-Yun closed the door from the section, she turned to us.

”I am very sorry for the way you were treated! ” As she bows at a perfect 90-degree.

The sudden apology startled So-Yung and even Angel.

So… is… she…

”No, I should also be apologizing, since I was the one that started it. ”

”Yeah, I was going to ask about that. Why do you want to spare with him? ”

”… Just for fun. I guess? ”

”What do you mean, just for fun? ”

”…Nevermind. Ill stop with the questions. ”

The next person to say something was So-Yung.

”So… I thought that this was a private jet just for the famous Ra Seo-Yun. ”

”Ugh! A-about that… I wasn able to get the second one on time… ” Ra Seo-Yun looked as if a giant needle just pierced her.

”Anyway. Ahem… From what you saw outside, I think you know how big this plane is. ”

”Uh-huh. ”

”I just wanted to go over all the compartments… ”

”…So, the room you were just in was the basic first-class seats. This room is the place where people can come in and out to get a drink… ”

Ra Seo-Yun points at a pretty sizable bar with stacks of wine on the shelves. Before going on about the other places in the jet.


”…and those three rooms in the back are the bedrooms. I decided you guys can use one of them for this ride since the other two are used by me and my assistant. ”

How long has this been going on….? The plane is already in the air…

Angel looks around the room and finds a couch to sit on who was followed by So-Yung.

”Was my explanation that boring? ”

”No, but it took so much time. ”

”Huh? ” Ra Seo-Yun looks out into a window and shows eyes of surprise at not realizing that the plane had already set its course.


United States, California, San Francisco.

Liberation Wings Guild Headquarters.

”Is the S-Class Player Angel Nicolas going to take part in this raid? ” A man with blonde hair with a handsome face was sitting on a chair facing the window of a tall buildings top floor and was talking to someone kneeling behind them.

”From what my resources tell me, yes. ”

”But those resources also said that he isn in a guild yet, right?

”Correct. ”

”Then how is he planning to enter this…? Players need to be in a guild in order to participle in this… ”

”Wait… What about the other one? ”

”Are you talking about the Korean S-Class Player So So-Yung? ”

”Thats right. ”

”Then yes. Along with Angel Nicolas. ”

”Hmm… ” The man had a troubled face as he thought about how he could get the two S-Class in his guild.

But since they rejected the offers from the best guilds in Korea that could even rival his own…

”Well wait. ”

”Huh? ”

”Well wait till they get here and then make our move there. You
e dismissed. ”

”Yes. ”

The person behind him suddenly disappeared like a shadow.

The blonde man stood up from his seat and got closer to the window and stared into the depth of the Tower visible from where he was.

Then he spoke to himself.

”… Angel Nicolas, I will have you…. ”


”So… Umm, Oppa, how do we do this? ”

Angel and So-Yung were in the room and in front of them was a giant bed that looked like it could be occupied by 5 adults.

”You can sleep in this. I will sleep on the couch. ”

~No! I can let Oppa spoil me all the time…! I need to do something for Oppa this time…

”Huh, no, no, I can do that… how about… huh? ”

Before So-Yung could say what she wanted to say, Angel had left the room right after he had said that So-Yung could have the bed.

We should be able to get to the location the moment I wake.

Angel lay down on the soft couch with a blanket on ready to go to sleep. As Angel turned off the lights, making the room dark, he turned into a sleeping position. But the sound of a door opening was heard from the three bedrooms direction.

Is it So-Yung? She probably just going to use the bathroom…

The next second, I could hear footsteps approaching me from behind.

The person got closer to Angel and, since it was dark, Angel couldn really tell who it was.

[Looking at the Stars Eye Lv.4 allows you to look into indispensable areas.]

Wait… isn that… Ra Seo-Yun!

Chapter 8: The Green God Pt.1-End

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