Return of a Regressor

The Green God Pt.1

{Yesterday, the top 5 guild masters in Korea gathered in front of the gates of the Skyscraper of Hell to recruit two S-Class Players that were recently announced… Hmm?}


{…I apologize for the sudden pause, but it seems a video from someone that claims to be the one that obtained the Last Trial quest has been sent to us. We will now play the video.}

{Hello, my name is Devil and I will accept the Last Trial quest…}

”Another fake. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”You don know? People around the world have claimed to be the guy that got the Last Trial. But all the others before this one only used a voice recording… ”

”… This guy must think hes smart by wearing a black mask, and I doubt that silver long hair is real. ”

{… and in case any of you don believe me then…}


”Hmm? ”

”Did you also get a system message? ”

”Yeah…? ”

As the two Players open the unexpected message and read over it.

[The Player who may decide whether to accept or deny the Last Trial has accepted the quest.]

[Humanitys timer has started 29.59.57]

The next second, the two Players along with many others near them, screamed the same word.

”What!! ”

”This guy is for real!!? ”

”Wait! Listen! ”

{Some of you might not agree with my decision…}

”Damn right we don agree with-!! ”

{… But I didn do this because I wanted humanity to cease existence. I fully believe that humanity will conquer this challenge and head to a new beginning for us all——}


Angel, on the edge of a buildings roof, looked down at the people causing a commotion about what happened about three hours ago.

Seems like the organization and guilds around the world are going to take action soon. I should also make sure that I and So-Yung are prepared for whats ahead…

…But before all that…

”I know you
e out there. Hurry and come out. ”

Behind Angel was a wavering shadow rising before forming a person with their body wrapped in a black cape, hood on, and a mask that looked to be made of bone with three horns.

Ah, I see. They are also going to take action.

”Excuse me for my sudden appearance. ”

Sounds like an older guy.

”I will introduce myself. I am Viex, the 8th commander of the Salvation Beings. ”

I knew it.

The Salvation Beings.

An organization trying to achieve the opposite goal of freeing humanity after conquering the Skyscraper of Hell.

But instead, Rule over humans for the rest of eternity.

Only the strong could live a prosperous life and the weak would just live life as a slave.

A horrible goal if it were achieved.

… but that didn happen, did it…?

”What is it you what from me? ”

”My Master would like you to have a talk with- ”

”Sorry, but I am going to have to pass. ”

Even with a mask on, I could tell that a bit of anger rose from my interrupting response.

”I have no interest in a weak group, ” I say while waving my hand, telling him to get out of my sight.

”Weak…!? ” Demonic mana then started leaking from his body.

”How dare a lower existence like yourself call my Masters organization weak! ”

The next moment, Viex revealed his body and pulled out a spear with a curved blade.

So thats how its going to be, huh?

[Looking at the Stars Eye Lv.2 has been activated.]

[Viex Irono Age: 26

STN: 600 HP: 240 STM: 400

MANA: 270 AGI: 1000

Unique Skill: Demon King Blessing Lv.4 (Borrowed), Crimson Eyes Lv.3

Skill: Lance Dance Lv.4, Weapon Augment Lv.3, Black Blade Lv.2, Commanding Hand Lv.4, Binding Shadow Lv.3

Title: Believer Of The ■■]

What the? Why is the title censored?

Other than that, his overall stats are lower than So-Yungs, with his agility being the only stat he surpasses her in.

But then again, it would be a close match between the two because of these skills.

[Viex Irono has activated the Unique Skill Crimson Eyes Lv.3]

The eyes of Viex turned a dazzling crimson color, making them ooze out a red aura.

Those eyes… why do they look so familiar to that guy?

[Crimson Eyes: Ability to predict attacks of all kinds.]

Oh… I think this might be worth having.

[Viex Irono has activated the Unique Skill Demon King Blessing Lv.4 (Borrowed)]

[The Skills and Stats of the Player Viex Irono have greatly increased!]

That Unique Skill is similar to So-Yungs [Blessing of the Angels]…

Too bad its only a borrowed skill or else I wouldve been able to copy it.

”I will give you one more chance… Come with me willingly or be slaughtered right now… ”

After a couple of seconds, Angel formed a grin and pulled out his sword from his hip, and pointed it at Viex.

”As I said, I don waste my time on weaklings. ” This is the final push.

”So be it then… ”

Without wasting a single second, Viex thrust the spear at Angel, and even though there was a great distance between the two at a great speed, its blade managed to reach the dodging Angel.

[Viex Irono is currently using Weapon Augment Lv.8]

[Weapon Augment] is a Skill that is mostly used by spear users that makes the reach of their weapon greater.

Sharper and faster thrusts followed the one thrust, but in the end, Angel was able to easily evade them all.

Then… the thrusts turned into slashes, destroying parts of the rooftop.

Almost there…

With the sudden slashes, Angel used his sword to deflect and…

…Somehow barely keep up with him.

~This is the man that the Master wants? Hes barely able to keep up with me! How can this guy be better than me?!

~How can Master say he… has… more… Potential than me?!!!

”Ahhhh, Dieee!! ”

[Viex Irono has activated Black Blade Lv.7]

The curved blade of the lance turned pitch black, infused with the darkness element.

Viex used all his might to end the fight with a single attack directly on Angels heart.


But something Viex didn expect stopped that attack.

Angels hand.

I got it…

[You have fought the Player Viex Irono long enough to use the ability of the Sword Of Dark Dimensions.]

[You are now able to copy one of Viex Ironos Skills.]

Crimson Eyes.

[You have obtained the Unique Skill Crimson Eyes Lv.3]

[Crimson Eyes Lv.3 has been activated.]

The eyes of Angel were the same as Viexs.

”How can this be…?! Who are you?! ”

”Me…? ” With a slight movement of Angels hand, he snapped the lance into two pieces.

”….!! ”

”I am… ”

”Never mind, I don want to share my name with a weakling. ”

”You-!! ”

Viex couldn finish his phrase since his body was sliced into pieces the next second.

[You have eliminated the Player Viex Irono.]

After the kill, Angel looked at the sky and thought to himself.

I should get out of here fast…


”What…!! Viexs body was found dead! ”

”My Master, what should we do about this? ”

”… ”

”Mas- ”

”Hahahahahahaha!! ”

”…?! ”

”He is more interesting than I thought…! ”

The Master on a throne stood up and looked at their servants kneeling in front of them.

”Angel Nicolas!! ”


”Are the rumors true? ”

Ra Seo-Yun asked one of her assistants.

”Seems like it. ”

”Damn, for a Salvation Being to show up… ”

”Haah, was he dead when they found him? ”

”Yes, although he was in pieces when they did. ”

”Hmm… ”

”Do you have any idea who mightve done this, Miss Seo-Yun? ”

”I think I might have a suspect. But he might be hard to talk to. ”


Two days passed after my confrontation with Viex. So-Yung and I cleared the area with the Plant Devourer and this time So-Yung was able to finish the job barely breaking a sweat.

But also during the two days, the domain for the first-floor boss was found. Now different countries in the world are communicating with each other to plan a raid on the domain.

”Oppa, are we going to participate in the first-floor raid? ”

”Of course. I was the one who started that quest, after all. ”

As of right now, I and So-Yung are at the bank exclusive to Players only.

Angel and So-Yung go to the receptionist and Angel pulls monster material out of his skill.

Since we both are S-Class that can bring back high-quality monster materials that can help the world, we…

… get paid an incredible amount of money.

| 1 Billion ₩ has been transferred into your account.|

So-Yung mustve gotten the same amount as me, judging from her huge smile.

”Hey, those two are two S-Class. ”

”That girl looks pretty cute. ”

”Oh my, look at the guy next to her. He looks so cool in that outfit. ”

”Hmm. ”

I could hear So-Yung humming in a mad way for some reason at the other Players.

Then someone unexpectedly entered the building.

”Hey isn that…! ”

”Ra Seo-Yun! ”

”The ultimate beauty of Players showed up! ”

”Look at her water-like hair and eyes shining. ”

”Her figure and looks are all perfect. ”

Oh, no… Did she come here because of us?

Ra Seo-Yun, the guild master of Blizzard. She was known for the beauty of all Players and for also being a young and successful Magic Type Player.

And now shes in front of me, wearing formal clothing. Her assistant was also with her.

I think shes the same age as So-Yung.

”Excuse me, but may I borrow some of your time? ”

”I said it before. I don want to join- ”

”Oh, this isn about joining my guild. But about the incident that was found on a certain rooftop two days ago. ”

Does she…?

”Oppa, what are you two talking about? ”

”So-Yung wait here. I need to have a talk with her. ”

”Hmm…? ”

So-Yung looked at the woman in front of Angel that had incredible beauty.

”Hmph, fine. ”

What? Why did she get mad just now?

After a few minutes, Ra Seo-Yun and I found a place in the bank to have our discussion. The only other person in the room was her assistant.

”So, what is it you wanted to ask me about? ”

”Going straight to the point, aren we? Fine. ”

Ra Seo-Yun pulled out a few photographs and handed them to me.

The photos contained images of the aftermath of my fight with Viex.

Is she trying to insinuate that I did it? Well, I did but…

”As you can see, there was a pretty big accident that happen on top of one of my buildings. ”

Shit. Is that why it hasn been released to the public yet?

”Why are you showing me this? ”

”The reason… ”

”…I want your help in finding who the culprit is. ”

Eh? Thats what it was?

”You do know you
e asking someone who has no connection with any guild, right? ”

”Of course I do. But after seeing your ability to vanish into thin air, the first time I saw you, I thought maybe you were the perfect person for the job. ”

Right, my [Cloaking] skill.

”If you accept, I have a reward plan out for you. ”

”And that is? ”

A smirk formed on Ra Seo-Yuns face.

”…The reward is becoming my potential future husband. ”

”…?! ” The assistant with her, made a shocked and confused reaction to Ra Seo-Yuns response.

And Angel.

”… ”

Ehhhhhh? What kind of reward is that? Even if I accepted it, I could never complete it since I was the one that did it.

”Sorry, but am going to have to reject your proposal. ”

Then both of them simultaneously looked at me and…

”Eh. ”

”If thats all, then Ill be taking my leave. ”

”Wait! One more thing…! ”

”Hmm? ”

”Umm, are you and your partner going to part take in the raid? ”

”We are. ”

”Then I have an offer to make concerning my guild. ”

Recruitment? Again?

”Like I said I- ”

”Oh, this isn about recruiting you, but your partner. ”

”What? ”

”You see, when we S-Class came to see you two, only you were the one that decided to reject us all. But not the other one next to you. ”

What is she saying? Did she not hear So-Yung reject and insult Son Dae-Jung?

”I know the both of you are in his together, but are you really going to make a choice for her that could potentially make her happier? ”

Angel stared at the smiling Ra Seo-Yun with calm eyes before replying.

”Fine. Ask her yourself. ”


”I decline. ”

”What? ”

Ra Seo-Yun had surprised eyes as she heard the response of So-Yung after offering her a high position in her guild.

”Oppa lets go. ”

Taking my arm, So-Yung forcefully pulled me away from Ra Seo-Yun.

”Did she just reject Ra Seo-Yun? ”

”S-Class really are different. ”

”… ”

”Miss, was it really okay to let them go? ”

”Its fine. ”

”I could tell that both of them are strong. ”

”Does that mean you used your skill on them? ”

”I did… But I was only able to look at that girls status and just by that, she is easily one of the Top Players. ”

”You mean you weren able to look at that guy because of a countering skill? ”

”No… I wasn able to because… his overall status was beyond the limits of my skill. ”

”Are you saying that hes stronger than you?! ”

”Thats right. But not only me, but probably the strongest Player in Korea. ”

Chapter 7: New Challenge Pt.3-End

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