Return of a Regressor

New Challenge Pt.3

se since his body was sliced into pieces the next second.

[You have eliminated the Player Viex Irono.]

After the kill, Angel looked at the sky and thought to himself.

I should get out of here fast…


”What…!! Viexs body was found dead! ”

”My Master, what should we do about this? ”

”… ”

”Mas- ”

”Hahahahahahaha!! ”

”…?! ”

”He is more interesting than I thought…! ”

The Master on a throne stood up and looked at their servants kneeling in front of them.

”Angel Nicolas!! ”


”Are the rumors true? ”

Ra Seo-Yun asked one of her assistants.

”Seems like it. ”

”Damn, for a Salvation Being to show up… ”

”Haah, was he dead when they found him? ”

”Yes, although he was in pieces when they did. ”

”Hmm… ”

”Do you have any idea who mightve done this, Miss Seo-Yun? ”

”I think I might have a suspect. But he might be hard to talk to. ”


Two days passed after my confrontation with Viex. So-Yung and I cleared the area with the Plant Devourer and this time So-Yung was able to finish the job barely breaking a sweat.

But also during the two days, the domain for the first-floor boss was found. Now different countries in the world are communicating with each other to plan a raid on the domain.

”Oppa, are we going to participate in the first-floor raid? ”

”Of course. I was the one who started that quest, after all. ”

As of right now, I and So-Yung are at the bank exclusive to Players only.

Angel and So-Yung go to the receptionist and Angel pulls monster material out of his skill.

Since we both are S-Class that can bring back high-quality monster materials that can help the world, we…

… get paid an incredible amount of money.

| 1 Billion ₩ has been transferred into your account.|

So-Yung mustve gotten the same amount as me, judging from her huge smile.

”Hey, those two are two S-Class. ”

”That girl looks pretty cute. ”

”Oh my, look at the guy next to her. He looks so cool in that outfit. ”

”Hmm. ”

I could hear So-Yung humming in a mad way for some reason at the other Players.

Then someone unexpectedly entered the building.

”Hey isn that…! ”

”Ra Seo-Yun! ”

”The ultimate beauty of Players showed up! ”

”Look at her water-like hair and eyes shining. ”

”Her figure and looks are all perfect. ”

Oh, no… Did she come here because of us?

Ra Seo-Yun, the guild master of Blizzard. She was known for the beauty of all Players and for also being a young and successful Magic Type Player.

And now shes in front of me, wearing formal clothing. Her assistant was also with her.

I think shes the same age as So-Yung.

”Excuse me, but may I borrow some of your time? ”

”I said it before. I don want to join- ”

”Oh, this isn about joining my guild. But about the incident that was found on a certain rooftop two days ago. ”

Does she…?

”Oppa, what are you two talking about? ”

”So-Yung wait here. I need to have a talk with her. ”

”Hmm…? ”

So-Yung looked at the woman in front of Angel that had incredible beauty.

”Hmph, fine. ”

What? Why did she get mad just now?

After a few minutes, Ra Seo-Yun and I found a place in the bank to have our discussion. The only other person in the room was her assistant.

”So, what is it you wanted to ask me about? ”

”Going straight to the point, aren we? Fine. ”

Ra Seo-Yun pulled out a few photographs and handed them to me.

The photos contained images of the aftermath of my fight with Viex.

Is she trying to insinuate that I did it? Well, I did but…

”As you can see, there was a pretty big accident that happen on top of one of my buildings. ”

Shit. Is that why it hasn been released to the public yet?

”Why are you showing me this? ”

”The reason… ”

”…I want your help in finding who the culprit is. ”

Eh? Thats what it was?

”You do know you
e asking someone who has no connection with any guild, right? ”

”Of course I do. But after seeing your ability to vanish into thin air, the first time I saw you, I thought maybe you were the perfect person for the job. ”

Right, my [Cloaking] skill.

”If you accept, I have a reward plan out for you. ”

”And that is? ”

A smirk formed on Ra Seo-Yuns face.

”…The reward is becoming my potential future husband. ”

”…?! ” The assistant with her, made a shocked and confused reaction to Ra Seo-Yuns response.

And Angel.

”… ”

Ehhhhhh? What kind of reward is that? Even if I accepted it, I could never complete it since I was the one that did it.

”Sorry, but am going to have to reject your proposal. ”

Then both of them simultaneously looked at me and…

”Eh. ”

”If thats all, then Ill be taking my leave. ”

”Wait! One more thing…! ”

”Hmm? ”

”Umm, are you and your partner going to part take in the raid? ”

”We are. ”

”Then I have an offer to make concerning my guild. ”

Recruitment? Again?

”Like I said I- ”

”Oh, this isn about recruiting you, but your partner. ”

”What? ”

”You see, when we S-Class came to see you two, only you were the one that decided to reject us all. But not the other one next to you. ”

What is she saying? Did she not hear So-Yung reject and insult Son Dae-Jung?

”I know the both of you are in his together, but are you really going to make a choice for her that could potentially make her happier? ”

Angel stared at the smiling Ra Seo-Yun with calm eyes before replying.

”Fine. Ask her yourself. ”


”I decline. ”

”What? ”

Ra Seo-Yun had surprised eyes as she heard the response of So-Yung after offering her a high position in her guild.

”Oppa lets go. ”

Taking my arm, So-Yung forcefully pulled me away from Ra Seo-Yun.

”Did she just reject Ra Seo-Yun? ”

”S-Class really are different. ”

”… ”

”Miss, was it really okay to let them go? ”

”Its fine. ”

”I could tell that both of them are strong. ”

”Does that mean you used your skill on them? ”

”I did… But I was only able to look at that girls status and just by that, she is easily one of the Top Players. ”

”You mean you weren able to look at that guy because of a countering skill? ”

”No… I wasn able to because… his overall status was beyond the limits of my skill. ”

”Are you saying that hes stronger than you?! ”

”Thats right. But not only me, but probably the strongest Player in Korea. ”

Chapter 7: New Challenge Pt.3-End

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