Return of a Regressor

Head Start Pt.3


I look up at the Orge status next.

[Ogre Of All Endings Lv. 100]

Level 100! The boss on the first floor was only at level 50!

Even with all my skills, this fight could get deadly for me.


As Angel thought to himself, the boss had thrown two deadly attacks at him and the women.

Without a second thought, Angel got up from his spot and quickly unsheathed his sword, and absorbed both of the attacks with a tense and serious face.

[Boulder Defense Lv.1 has been activated.]

[Body Enhancement Lv.1 has been activated.]

Even with [Boulder Defense] and [Body Enhancement] on this attack is still very heavy!

Although Angel struggled to absorb the attack, he was still able to defect it.

Damn it.

”Hey, So-Yung was it? I need you to use your Unique Skill. ”

”My Unique Skill? But I don know how to! ”

”Thats fine. Just think about using it. ”

”B-but…! ”

The boss was ready to unleash another attack.

”Hurry! If you don use it now, we
e all going to die! If you can imagine using a skill, then imagine helping someone! ”

Its about to unleash another attack! So-Yung!

~I don want to die… But I also don want the people helping me to die either.

Tears began flowing out of So-Yungs eyes.

~I want to be useful… So that nobody important to me will die!

[So So-Yung has activated the Unique Skill Blessing of the Angels Lv.1]

[So So-Yung has nullified the effects of Battle Cry Lv.5]

A golden light surrounded So-Yung and Angel.

[Player So So-Yung has granted you a blessing.]

[All stats have been increased!]

[All Skills have gone up one level higher!]

A surge of power filled Angels body.

So this is the blessing of an angel.

Thank you. Now we have a better chance of beating this thing.

The next second, another barrage of attacks with all the bosses weapons aimed at Angel.

With Angels new power, he headed to the boss at full speed. But this made the Boss change its weapons trajectory mid-air.

But it didn matter since Angel was able to dodge the flails and deflect the axes when it was close to hitting him. And with a giant leap, he got up to the Ogres faces.

[Elemental Aura Lv.4 has been activated-Type-Lighting.]

[Electrifying Blade Lv.5 has been activated.]

[Aura Of Different Dimensions Lv.1 has been activated.]

White electricity wrapped Angels sword, along with a distorted aura.

When Angel thought he could cut off the head of the Ogre, he was surprised by the sudden surprised attack the Ogre had stored up.

Flames hotter than lava were inside the Ogres mouths, and the next second it had been released. The flames were shot out like a flamethrower at Angel, burning the ceiling to char.

[Wind of Anemoi Lv.3 has been activated.]

Thankfully, Angel was able to dodge in time with the help of the wind.

I also got myself burn…!

The Ogre had noticed it had missed and pulled its weapons back at it at full strength to hit Angel from behind.

This Ogre is smart!

Again, with the help of the wind, Angel was able to dodge all the attacks but suffered a deep cut on his thigh, which healed up completely the next second.

What? Is this the work of [Regeneration]? No, it can be even that skill couldn heal that fast.

[So So-Yung has activated the Unique Skill Godly Heal Lv.2]

I see now.

Damn, Im back to long-range.

”So-Yung, how long can you use that skill? ”

”Not much longer… ”

”Alright, I need to end this now, and quick! ”

”Sir?! ”

A giant amount of mana shot out of Angels body.

[Elemental Aura Lv.4 has been activated-Type-Lighting-Water.]

[Electrifying Blade Lv.5 has been activated.]

[Aura Of Different Dimensions Lv.1 has been activated.]

[Wind of Anemoi Lv.3 has been activated.]

[Demonic Sword Flame Lv.1 has been activated.]

[Boulder Defense Lv.2 has been activated.]

[Body Enchantment Lv.2 has been activated.]

The stacking of many skills started to make Angels arms go numb.

[Angels Will Lv.1 has been activated.]

[Angels Will] helped relieve some of the numbness, but not too much.

I used my head quickly and concluded that I will only be able to have this amount of power for about 20 more seconds.

… It all depends on these 20 seconds.

Angel took a step forward, smashing the floor with a burst of unmatched speed. Even the Ogre had trouble seeing what had happened, but it still was able to see where he was and unleashed multiple attacks, throwing one of its axes and flail on the ceiling and floor to make it bounce off and hit Angel.

5 Seconds.

Angel could dodge better than before and made his way to the Ogres heads. Until another attack from the front from the other two ax and flail were heading towards Angel, but it didn stop at that. The Ogre had pulled back the weapons he had launched first back at Angel.

10 seconds.

”Lets get rid of these annoying bastards! ”

With a single swing of his sword, he manages to cut off the three of the weapons from the chains. Before being hit by the flail behind him.

13 seconds.

The Ogre looked victorious when it had to happen, pulling his last flail back.

… But something was wrong. Why did it still feel Angels enormous mana? And coming closer to him!

On the back of the flail that the Ogre was pulling back was a man holding onto the spikes.

The Ogre had realized he still hadn died. But Angel was in the position he hope for.

With a giant leap even faster than before, he met eye-to-eye with the Ogre. The Ogre had something in its mouth this time too.

But Angel was prepared for it this time.

”So-Yung! ”

”Right! ”

[So So-Yung has activated the Skill Tidal Wave Lv.2]

So-Yung had summoned a giant wave of water.

[Complete Magic Control Lv.2 has been activated]

[So So-Yung has activated the Skill Complete Magic Control Lv.2]

Controlling the body of water, Angel and So-Yung both made the water reach him at great speed.

The Ogre had fully charged the attack in a second and opened its mouth to the red flames again. Fortunately, the water had made it in time to get in front of Angel as he charged through the flames, using the water as a shield.

17 seconds.

All the water had turned into vapor and no longer protected Angel, but the flames of the Ogre were also about to finish.

So, without a second thought, Angel went through the remaining flames and popped out the other side to meet the confused and surprised Ogre, meeting it with burn marks on Angels face.

Lets end this already!

Using all the skills he had stacked up, both hands were on the handle of the sword, Angel swung his sword with all his strength. Then…

[The Skill Electrifying Blade Lv.3 will now go through an Evolution.]

19 seconds.

[The Skill Electrifying Blade has evolved to…]

It felt like everything was quiet in this one second. If I failed, humanity would never find this domain. Everything might start all over again. Everyone… Would…

… Die?

[Ultimate Last Flash Slash Lv.2 has been activated.]

Just like a flash of light, the Sword Of Dark Dimensions cut through the thick neck of the Ogre Of All Endings.

20 seconds.

The head of the Ogre had finally gone flying.

Chapter 4: Head Start Pt.3-End

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