Return of a Regressor

Head Start Pt.3

The feeling of guilt and fear of killing another human being left my body long ago.

And now I am feeling the emotion of excitement and joy.

Hehe… wait no Im getting a little too happy. Well, I guess its okay since I got the thing I wanted the most.

[Sword Of Dark Dimensions Monarch-Rank

Ability: The user is granted a 5 times multiplier on every stat. The user is nullified under all abnormal conditions. Drop rates of rare monster material or rewards are increased by 95%. Unique Skills and Skills have a higher rate to level up. Stats have a higher upgrade. This sword has the ability to grow stronger the more that it is used in battle.

A special ability of this sword is that it is able to create a Unique ability related to a Unique or normal skill you already have, lastly, if the sword is used against another Player, the sword will allow the user to choose one of the Players skills

Obtainable Unique Skills: Dark Dimension Void Lv.1, Aura of Different Dimensions Lv.1, Otherworldly Swordsmanship Lv.1]

I look over at the people that were staring at me. Not only did I see them, but also the bodies of others who lost their lives because of the fighting over items.

”Hey, all of you. ” I changed my tone into an ominous voice and ring out to them.

”Drop all the things you got and leave… ”

I could see them get visibly scared.

”Now. ”

All of them drop the items they grabbed and ran away in fear.

”… Alright, now I can do what I need to do. ”


One week later.

{Multiple countries museums have been destroyed by people likely targeting the items stored in the museums.}

{115 deaths were discovered in these museums, but these numbers are still not comparable to the number of deaths that took place when the Skyscraper of Hell emerged…}

A man with a big physique looked at the TV screen displaying the news from many museums in the world that were destroyed.

The man spoke to someone else behind him.

”Have you figured out the identity of the man that was in the National Museum of Korea footage? ”

The other one answered.

”Not yet, sir. It is extremely difficult to find this man when we can even see his face. But if I may ask, why are trying to find just this one individual? ”

The man with the clearly bigger physique looked at the other one before turning his head to the TV showing the person they were talking about.

”Why you ask? Hmph, because my eyes never lie when they see something useful. ”



Is someone talking about me?

Angel was walking in the streets of South Korea Seoul as he approached the tall and omnius-looking tower.

Never thought I would see this again… the Skyscraper of Hell. A tower that even reaches the clouds and beyond.

Well, it seems like things are going faster than before.

In a span of a week, an organization for Players around the world was made. Guilds were already forming and people were already becoming famous.

One of those people is me, kinda. Ever since the footage of what happened in the Museums was released to the public, the internet already went on some crazy theories about who I could be since I was using my [Cloaking] Skill in the footage.

I waited a whole week before going in the tower because the damn thing wouldn let anyone in at the very start until the timer set on it was over.

I guess this was their way of showing pity on us by making sure we prepare before entering because the real timer didn start until a week.

Also during this one week, I bought myself some secret items that the shop wouldn normally sell.

[Currently equipping:

Sword of Dark Dimensions

Coat with a Heart

Twilight Pants

Advance Combat Boots.]

These cost about 50,000 coins altogether. The regular shop with this kind of high-caliber equipment wouldve gone for 200,000 coins.

Thanks to the equipment, my stats have risen from 100 to 315, but with the Sword ability it actually 1575.

It looks like everyone is here.

In front of me was an immense crowd of Players that were ready to head into the first floor of the Skyscraper of Hell all wearing their weapon and their casual… clothing…?

Wait, I forgot! At the beginning of the first floor, not a single person knew about the shop feature or could even buy anything from it since everyone was broke in the beginning.

”… ”

Well, lets just take off the coat so I don stand out too much.

Taking out his coat, Angel then threw it into a dark spiraling void.

[Dark Dimension Void Lv.1 has been activated.]

As Angels coat vanished, he heard towards the crowd, although he didn notice the group of people looking at him.

As I walk towards the crowd, I spot someone at a different height level than everyone else.

”If I may have everyones attention! ”

Ah, I remember him. Hes the guild leader of Red-Horn Son Dae-Jung. His guild made it into one of the top guilds in the world.

”Hey isn that Son Dae-Jung, the grandmaster of Red Horn? ”

”Yeah, I think it is! ”

”Some of you might know who I am, but I am not here to talk about myself or the guild. No, I am here to speak to the Players of South Korea! We have all been chosen as warriors to protect the world from the devastating towers, and as a warrior myself, I will give up my life for the sake of humanity and for the sake of all the Players in the world! Thank you for listening. ”


I heard cheers and many other signs of celebration after Son Dae-Jungs speech.

”Hes so lucky to be blessed with a Unique Skill. ”

”I wonder if I could also be granted a Unique Skill. ”

”… ”

A Unique Skill.

Being granted a Unique Skill can change the life of a Player. Since everyone who was granted a Unique Skill has the power to become an S-Class Player, although it is very rare to attain one.

And since the Player Organization moved fast, they already made a ranking list of a Players status.

E-Class, D-Class, C-Class, B-Class, A-Class, and S-Class.

Well, that doesn matter right now.

Its time.

Along with a rumbling, the gates to the tower first floor started to open. Not only is the tower in South Koreas opening, but every other tower in the world.

Alright, lets head in.

[Congratulations! You have entered the first floor of the Skyscraper of hell.]

[Welcome to Ancient Greenland Of Shiva.]

For some reason, the moment I entered the tower, a powerful feeling of nostalgia hit me.

The Players were surprised by the scenery they were looking at.

A great and beautiful green land filled the place, and the landscape looked endless. Filled with visible towns and villages. It looks just like a fantasy MMORPG game.

Then the first rush of the day started.

Many Players started running towards the towns and villages.

”Hey, lets hurry and get all the good stuff! ”

”We need to grab the most important quest first! ”

”We need to find a suitable spot for us to grind! ”

All of them wanted to get stronger faster than others by getting all the main quest rewards and equipment.

They can have all of those things. I need to go to the most important part of this floor that will benefit not only me, but the entire world.

Equipping my coat once more, I head in the opposite direction of the towns at full speed.


”Hey, should we really follow him? Did you see how fast he was just now? ”

”Of course. Didn you see what we saw outside? Don you see the equipment he has on? It must be top-tier and… That sword of his also looks powerful. ”

”Lets hurry and catch up to him. ”

Chapter 3: Head Start Pt.2-End

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