Return of a Regressor

The Green God Pt.3

In the deep parts of the forest on the first floor, three Players two males and one female, could be seen fighting a monster.

”Hyung! Ill absorb the attack! ”

”Alright! ”

A tree-like monster with limbs thrust its wooden sword toward the Player with the heavy armor along with a giant silver shield. The Player was able to quickly push his shield in front of the attack, absorbing it. The attack felt as if a giant lump of metal had just fallen on him, making his arm holding the shield tremble.

”Hyung, Suzu! ”

”Lets go! ”

[Melting Blade Lv.2 has been activated.]

The Player behind him gripped his greatsword imbued with his skill, making the blade look as if it had been tempered. He then leaped into the air with his sword up, ready to cut the monster down the monster.

The monster had noticed the Player in the air in time and quickly slashed toward him.

”! ”

But the sword wasn able to get halfway to the Player…

[Elemental Arrow Lv.3 has been activated.]

…when arrows made of pure electricity suddenly hit the sides, impaling the sword, making the movement of the giant wooden sword stop for a moment as well as stunning the monster.

”Now! ” a pretty female on top of a tree said to the greatsword Player.

”Ahhh! ” The greatsword wielder took the chance to strike and swung his sword downward with all his force, smashing the head of the monster and bursting it into pieces.

[Your Party has killed the Lv.13 Conifer Knight.]

[Tower Coins Earned: 40]

”Yes! 40 coins! Did you guys get the same amount? ”

”Yeah! ”

”Me too. ”

”This area is perfect for grinding levels and coins. ”

”Huh? Hyung… isn that a domain over there? ” The younger Player points at a giant door engraved into a mountain covered in vines and leaves.

”No way! It really is…! ”

All three ran towards the domain doors and got really close to it.

The leader of the group touched the cold doors and got a message.

[You have discovered the Domain Amborwins Servant.]

”Soo… do you guys want to go in? ”

”Enter?! ” the female Player says with a face that looked like she was looking at a crazy person.

”We don even know what kind of boss might be in there! We should report back to the guild about this and come back with reinforcement! ”

”I know, but… what if theres something valuable that could help us grow stronger! And if we bring the guild with us here, the leader might take the item for himself. ”

”I agree with Hyung! ” the young Player says with a smile.

”…What!? ”

”I mean, think about it! If we can take down the boss in there, we could be rewarded with coins and maybe a special item! And if we
e really lucky, maybe even a Unique Skill! ”

”Hmmm… ” The female looked like she was about to be convinced by the Players words.

”Then you two can go in alone! Leave out of this! ”

”That works for me. Lets go! ”

”Right! ”

Both of the male Players opened the doors with their hands. The female had moved a few meters away from them but was still watching them. Once the doors were fully unveiled, both the Players took their steps inside and took out their weapons.

The domain was dark and quiet, only the heavy steps of the Players were heard. They couldn tell how big the domain was from the darkness, since not even the light from outside could piece it.

Then, all of a sudden, a light inside the room lit up, filling the entire domain.

The Players could now see the interior of the domain.

The domain was a massive and long royal-looking room with giant pillars on the sides. But at the end of the room were a few steps that led to a small library and a smaller pillar in the middle of the library.

… But the next thing really that shocked them was a humanoid figure that had the appearance of a dead man, with holes in its head and what looks like slashes all over its body with a missing arm and torso.

[Someone has defeated Amborwins Servant!]


”What the hell? ”

[Congratulations! You have defeated Amborwins Servant.]

Is this an error?

Angel could be seen grabbing his luggage from the pocket of the plane, ready to leave and enter San Francisco.

Amborwins Servant…

Angel thought about the name, trying to figure out if he had done something to trigger the message.


I see… That domain has been found…

”… ”

”Oppa? ”

Angel finally realized he was too deep in thought and came back to reality.

”Y-Yeah… ”

”Are you okay? ” So-Yung says with a worried expression on her face.

With no emotion, Angel responds, ”I am. ”

”Are you sure? You looked a bit sad for a moment. ”

”Did I? ”

Before the conversation could continue, they were interrupted by the assistant walking in.

”Player Angel, So-Yung, the plane has landed. ”

”Thank you. Well leave in a minute. ”

She bows and then leaves for the other room.

”Oh yeah, Oppa, I heard talking outside my room last night. Do you, by chance, see who they were? ”

Angel flinched a little after hearing So-Yungs question, which she was able to notice, and began to feel suspicious.

”No… I think I was fast asleep when that happen… ”

”Oh, really…? ” So-Yung approached Angel closer in a suspicious manner.

Damn it. She was able to hear that.

-Ra Seo-Yun?!


Last night, Angel was able to see the person who was walking up to him.

Is she sleepwalking?

Angel could see the standing Ra Seo-Yun with her eyes closed in pajamas.

Angel stood up and waved his hand in front of her face.

She really is just sleepwalking.

Angel let out a sigh and then picked up Seo-Yun in a princess carry and walked up to the assistants room, knocking on the door.

The door opened to the clearly tired woman, but then to a surprising emotion when she noticed the S-Class Player Ra Seo-Yun asleep in the arms of a man.

”Soo, can you deal with this? ”-

”I-I really don know. ” Angel leaned back a little when So-Yung got closer to his face.

”Hmm… Well, if you say so. ” Although So-Yung wasn going to let it go so easily.

”Its an S-Class Player! ”

All of a sudden, Angel and So-Yung could hear cheers from the outside.

”Two S-Class Players have just landed! ”

”Both of them are from South Korea! ”

”Its the Blizzard Guild! ”

As the reporters continue, Ra Seo-Yun and Kok Jung-Jin, followed by her assistant, simultaneously leave the plane, causing even more of an uproar.

”Miss Seo-Yun, aren you going to invite Angel Nicolas and So So-Yung to join our group for the raid? ”

”I am, but I think them just leaving our plane will make it so that those people think that the two S-Class that haven joined a guild yet had joined us for the raid, ” Ra Seo-Yun says confidently.

Behind them were the other members of Blizzard coming out of the plane. Ra Seo-Yun waited patiently for the revelation of Angel and So-Yung to shock the people.

But that never happened.

”Umm… Where are they? ” Ra Seo-Yun looked confused as to why they didn come out yet.

”….Ahem, Miss, I have a feeling Angel and So-Yung left unnoticed. ”

”Unnoticed? Did he do that same trick like last time? ” Ra Seo-Yun thought about the first time she saw Angel when he would disappear and lefted.

~Was it because of last night?

Seo-Yun blushed a little after thinking about it.

~I hope I ruined nothing…


”…Oppaaa… ”

”Yeah. ”

”Did we really have to leave in secret again? ”

”No, but I just don like crowds. ”

”Anyway, lets head to the exclusive hotel for Players. ”


”Has Angel Nicolas landed? ”

”Yes, sir… ”

A big man got up from his chair and put on a leather jacket.

”Hmph, then well go and greet him now. ”


”Angel Nicolas landed! ”

The guild leader of Liberation Wings looked at the person kneeling with a questioning face.

”Yes. ”

”Then I will go now and get him. ”


”Oh! ”

”Hmm? ”

In front of Angel and So-Yung was Kok Jung-Jin, who was surprised to be their neighbor in the hotel room.

”If it isn Angel! ” Kok Jung-Jin says with a smile.

”Right. Hello. ”

”Man, you really surprised me back at the airport. How did you get away from all those reporters? ”

”Wait! Before that, do you still wanna have that spare you mentioned? ”

”! ” Both Angel and So-Yung were surprised at the words of Kok Jung-Jin.

”Sure. ”

”Aright! Lets head over to the training room after you
e done. Oh, and one more thing… ”

”… the best players in the world are going to spectate us. So lets do our best. ”

”… ”

The best Players.

”Oppa are you really going to fight him? ”

”Yeah, why not. ”

”Hmm. Alright, just be safe, okay? ”

”I will. ”


”Hey, I heard two S-Class Players are going to spare in the training room. ”

”No way, really? ”

”Yeah! Between Kok Jung-Jin and Angel Nicolas. ”

”Lets go over there now! ”

Players inside the hotel ran into the training room to see the fight that others were saying was going to happen.

Even Players outside the hotel entered to watch, including the S-Class.

”Wow, there are so many people here. ”

So-Yung was in the massive section of the hotel, made for players to practice their skills.

But now the whole place was changed into some stadium with chairs and a wide arena made just for the spare.

”Hey isn that the S-Class So So-Yung? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Hey, So-Yung. ”

So-Yung turned to the voice, who happened to be Ra Seo-Yun. So-Yung was surprised but also a bit annoyed.

”Oh, hello. ”

”Why don you take a sit here? ”

Ra Seo-Yun patted the seat next to her.

So-Yung accepted and sat next to Seo-Yun.

”So… Why do you think Angel wanted to fight one of my members? ” Ra Seo-Yun asked So-Yung.

”Oh, that… Hmm. I don know. I was pretty surprised when he suddenly said that out of nowhere. ”

”Then I guess well have to see and find that reason. ”

”Right. ”

As the crowd got bigger, so did Angels worries.

With these many people here watching us, Im going to stand out even more.

Angel was in the large arena with Kok Jung-Jin on the other side, at a pretty far distance.

”Are you ready!? ”

Kok Jung-Jin could be seen wearing his battle garments. He had blue robes and a white wizard hat, along with a staff that looked like it was made of shiny wood.

Then there was Angel in his combat attire.

”Im ready. ”

Angel pulled out his sword and got into his stance.

”Thats a pretty cool sword there. Too bad Im going to have to break it. ”

”I might seem friendly, but when in combat, I don show any mercy to my opponent. ”

”I don care if you do. ”

”Haha. You
e the kind of guy I dig. ”

[Kok Jung-Jin has activated the Unique Skill Forever Frozen Arena Lv.3]

An ice-like aura came out of Kok Jung-Jin and started spreading into the whole arena. The power shocked Players on the sidelines.

”Its starting! ”

The entire area turned into a cold and blizzard-like scene. Although it was only affecting the arena and not the outside people.

[Elemental Aura Lv.7 has been activated.]

Your Skill will be mine.

Chapter 9: The Green God Pt.2-End

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