Return of a Regressor

Prologue: Lone Regression

The year 2030, July 27th.

Mysterious and ominous towers emerge from the ground all over the world, causing destructive damage and deaths around the areas.

The next second.

A strange message popped up in front of every human.

[Humanity must clear the towers 150th floor within 1095 days


every living being on earth…

…will die.]

But there were others who received a second message.

[Congratulations! You have been permitted to fight for humanity as a Player.]


People selected by the tower to fight for humanity. These Players gain superhuman abilities to clear the tower floors but also gain fame, money, and influence. Guilds were quickly made, and the first raid on the first-floor boss had begun.


The year 2034, July 27th.

A man on top of a snowy mountain staring at the clouded sky.

”… ”

I see. I…

… am the last person on earth.

What happened? How did the world become like this? We were so close to the end…


2032, March 10

The raid on the 145th-floor of the Skyscraper of Hell was a devastating and terrible raid.

Sure, we won in the end, but how many of us died from that one raid?

The 145th-floor boss killed over 90% of S-Class Players in the world, causing humanitys hope to crash down into nothingness.

[139 Days left until humanity perishes.]

[80 Days left.]

[20 Days left.]

[1 Day left.]

And so began the swarm of endless monsters from around the world to emerge and genocide the whole human race.


”…! ” They
e here. They
e faster at finding me now.

Countless monsters at the bottom of the mountain were heading toward the man.

[Angel Nicolas Age: 23

Unique Skill: Regression…]

It doesn matter how much I kill. Theyll just keep coming after me until I die.

But then again, I can die, because of this curse of a Skill that was placed on me!

Angel jumped off the mountain and pulled out his sword before going on a massacre with emotionless eyes.

How long will I have to do this before I can actually die? Or… can I even die in the first place?

Angel releases a giant AoE attack on the monsters that were surrounding him. Different types of blood and monster guts splattered around everywhere.

Ive fought some of these monsters before. But some of these, I haven seen in my entire time in the tower… They must be from the floors we didn complete.

Angel looked at the sky and spotted monsters flying in the sky.

At the sight, Angel simply let out a soft weak sigh.

I don want to keep fighting… Let me rest for a bit…

Before Angel could get away from his spot, he quickly noticed a shadow enveloping him and looked up and spotted something fast crashing down on him.

Angel was able to avoid being crushed by the enormous structure of something. Although he didn really care if he did or didn avoid it.

A new monster?

[Looking at the Stars Eye Lv.??? has been activated.]

A brilliant purple light glowed in

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