”You want to kill them all? Use this third magic spell, ” said a mysterious voice in Arryns ear.

Arryn learned of the third spell of his magic. He guessed the magic spell he just got was an attack-type of magic, just like the Parallel Circle.

”HAHA! How can you kill us if your hands and feet are shackled? ” asked the village chief, grinning as if he was underestimating Arryns abilities.

The corner of Arryns eyes turned to the bald-headed village chief. He immediately stretched his shackled hands toward the older man while casting his first magic spell.

[Summoning System: Parallel Circle]

Suddenly a white circle appeared under the village chiefs feet, causing him to fall screaming into the white portal. Everyone looked wide in shock except for Selena. They had no idea that Arryns strength was like that, different from most peoples.

”Where did you take him?! ” shouted one of the youths, the village chiefs son.

”Ive caught and locked him in a place. If you want him to return, let go of my shackles and my mother! ” Arryn replied.

He spoke in a high-pitched voice to everyone gathered in the center of the village; there wasn a single person who didn hear Arryns words.

The village chiefs son, two years older than Arryn, decides to let go of the shackles on Arryns hands and feet and orders the villagers to extinguish the fire that burned Selenas body.

One of the men walked up to Arryn and began to undo the shackles on Arryns hands and feet. Then, finally, Arryn was utterly free and saw the great fire burning his mother slowly start to extinguish.

Arryn immediately ran to his mother, who looked limp with burns on her lower body which were fatal.

”She can be saved anymore, Arryn, ” Ivy said softly in Arryns right ear.

”I know. I just want to stop her suffering, ” said Arryn, bursting into tears as he immediately hugged his mothers body.

Arryn removed his mothers mouthpiece and allowed her to speak during her dying condition. Arryn saw tears spilling down his mothers cheeks, who felt proud of Arryns abilities.

”Even though everyone hates you, I will always love you, ” Selena said, raising her hand and gently caressing Arryns cheek.

”Ill save you, Mom. Ill do something! ” said Arryn.

”You don have to do that. What Ivy said is right. I don have much time left, ” Selena whispered.

Arryns cries grew louder and louder. He didn want to leave his mother, who had cared for and looked after Arryn since he was little.

Arryn can bear to let his mother go. However, Selena understands the feelings of her son. Before he dies, Selena tells Arryn a secret shes been wanting to share for a long time but hasn had the courage to reveal yet.

”Your powers are truly special. Head to Ravengarden Town and meet Sage Quentin. Tell me that you
e my son, ” Selena said.

”Ravengarden? ”

”Youll find out when you meet Quentin. Leave my message to him, ” Selena whispered.

Selenas hand held by Arryn slowly began to cool, and her eyes also closed immediately, making Arryns cry even more peaked. In the end, Selena died in Arryns lap, her son.

”I-I… will do… what you say, Mother, ” Arryn said.

Arryn immediately wiped the tears with his sleeve. Then, he stood up and turned around to look at all the people gathered in the center of the village.

The village chiefs son walked over, asking about their agreement. He wants Arryn to return his father, who is trapped in the white portal.

With a sad feeling, Arryn agreed to what the village chiefs son wanted. He stretched his right hand to the sky while rotating clockwise to bring up a white portal with his magic spell.

[Summoning System: Parallel Circle]

The white portal reappeared but floated in the air, not very high. Then, surprisingly, the village chief emerged from Arryns white portal, completely frozen.

Arryn was surprised by the condition of the village chief because of the magic he used to cut the victim into pieces, just like Aimar, but why did the village chief have different conditions?

”What did you do to him?! ” shouted the village chiefs son, putting on a face full of anger as he looked at Arryn.

”Its revenge for killing my mother! ” Arryn said.

Suddenly, the village heads son was furious. He immediately stood up and approached Arryn with tightly clenched fists, about to give a punch to Arryns face.

Arryn immediately pressed his palms together tightly until there was a clap sound. He was about to use the third magic spell that was told to him, of course, to defeat them all.

[Summoning System: Heavens Judgment Light]

Hundreds of light portals appeared behind Arryns back, above his head, to be exact. Everyones eyes were on the portals. Then, suddenly a ball of light shot from each portal to each villager.

One portal can produce infinite light balls until Arryn closes all of them. Then, a light ball that hits a human body will explode and cause that part of the human body to disappear.

”Are you going to kill them all, Arryn? Thats cruel, you know, ” explained Ivy, disapproving of killing hundreds of people just for the death of one person.

”Im just teaching them a lesson that will be remembered forever. If they fail to heal themselves, their death is their own fault, ” Arryn explained.

Ivy began to reveal herself, hovering next to Arryn. Arryn immediately turned his head, staring intently at his pet bird.

”How did you feel when your family died before your eyes? ” Arryn asked.

”Don remind me about that, Arryn. ”

”Something you don want to be reminded of. Selenas death will be a dark sheet for me, just like the rest of them, ” Arryn replied.

”They will learn how to value a life, ” Arryn continued.

Ivy kept an eye on Arryns face. Even though he was grieving, the expression Arryn showed was completely different when he saw the villagers suffering. Big smile and loud laughter like a maniac killer.

”Don use that spell too often. I was worried about you, ” Ivy said, Arryn nodding slowly.

The ground and village roads suddenly turned red, with organs splattered everywhere. The number of injured people reached 156; about a hundred were men, and the rest were children and women.

The village atmosphere, initially full of laughter and happiness, has now turned gloomy, full of screams of pain and cries of loss. Arryn decided to end the show and prepared to leave.

When Arryn was about to walk away, he suddenly had a headache and felt sick. Then, he vomited, and Arryn saw that what came out was not food but a large amount of blood.

”Are you okay, Arryn?! ” Ivy asked, worried.

”I feel so weak. What happened to me? ” Arryn asked.

”Youd better open up your status information, ” Ivy replied.

[Summoning System: Information Status]

Suddenly a blue panel containing Arryns information status appeared in front of him. The numbers show the reason why Arryn vomited blood like that. Ivy came to a conclusion after seeing Arryns status information.

[Name: Arryn Vaughan]

[Level: 28]

[Title: Unknown]

[Job Class: Unknown]

[Age: 17]

[HP: 487/660]

[MP: 65/710]


[Mana Points are below safe average]

”Your Mana Points are under an average. So thats an early sign before you run out of mana, ” Ivy explained.

”Then, what should I do? ” Arryn asked.

”Wed better rest somewhere for a few days until your mana is above the safe average, ” Ivy said.

Arryn took Ivys advice. However, he was immediately forced to leave the place to go to a place, either a house or an empty uninhabited cave, to rest for a moment.

He didn have any money. Arryn was sure the villagers had taken all of his mothers cash before setting the fire.

Ravengarden City was near the largest port in the Athanor Empire. It was about five nights from Arryn village. But the advantage is that Arryn must pass through the forest, where there are many sources of food and shelter from the leaves.

”Seems like your original magic drained a lot of mana in your body, leaving you almost out of mana, ” explained Ivy.

”A mysterious power with an extraordinary impact. Its only natural for me that the magic spell consumes a large amount of my mana, ” replied Arryn.

”Of course, its unreasonable. You
e a human; each magic won cost you more than 200 mana. If you look at it, how much magic have you used recently? ” Ivy asked.

Arryn began to count how many magic spells he had used. However, his head was too sore to even think about. He decided he would find out for himself what kind of power he possessed and if there was a magic book detailing Arryns magic.

”I can think. My head hurts quite a bit, ” Arryn groaned.

”Looks like Sage Quentin will explain things to you. ”

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