Pantheon soldiers take the shackled Arryn to a place where criminals are being interrogated. Arryns eyes were covered with a thick black cloth, making it impossible for him to know where he had been taken.

”Tell me. Where are you going to take me? ” Arryn asked.

”Somewhere you will never know. So don talk too much, Demon! ” groaned the soldier who brought Arryn.

”How many times have I told you that Im not a demon? Im just like you, a human. ”

Pantheons soldiers no longer answered Arryns questions, although Arryn asked so many questions that it bore the soldiers. They walked for a long time until Arryn was seated in a wooden chair with his blindfold open.

Arryn slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was already in an empty room, nothing but the chair he was sitting on.

Arryn could see the soldiers carrying him. Two of them had black patterned white armor and hexagonal head helmets with holes visible, only showing their eyes.

”What is this place? ” Arryn asked.

”I said don talk too much! ” One of the Pantheon soldiers slapped Arryn hard on the cheek, causing him to widen in surprise with a red bruise slowly appearing.

”Would you like to feel the same way as Aimar?! ” Arryn threatened.

Arryns eyes began to sharpen, cornering them both with anger rising in his heart. However, just as Arryn was about to cast the magic spell, someone from the entrance gave him advice.

”Its futile to cast your magic spells in this place. The walls of this room are made of Mightstone, which can neutralize all kinds of magic, ” the man replied.

He arrived wearing a white t-shirt over his second outfit and a long-sleeved gray leather jacket that fitted the wrist. Long black pants to the ankles plus simple black shoes match the pants color.

”Who are you? ” Arryn asked.

”I am the one who will accompany you throughout the night in this room to tell stories. You can call me Luis, ” answered the man named Luis.

The two Pantheon soldiers had started to say goodbye; they bowed to Luis in a salute as if Luis had a higher position than them.

”The incident was very shocking. We must delay the fight until the field is completely clean of Aimars blood. Poor boy, ” said Luis.

Arry fell silent. Every time Luis chattered, Arryn kept quiet while watching the man in front of him. In this room, Luis is the one who tells more stories than Arryn. He tells many things, from his experience when taking the exam to Luis first fight against the demon.

”Then now its your turn to speak, ” Luis said.

”Me? ”

”Yeah. I think your story is short enough that it won take long to tell, ” Luis explained.

”What do I have to tell you? ” Arryn asked.

”Its up to you; how did you get into the human world? Or how do you blend in like a normal human being? ”

”You are as doubtful as they are. I told you Im human! ” Arryn snapped.

”Don shout in my face, ” Luis pleaded.

Luis words began to be low as his eyes closed. He raised his right hand to shoulder height, asking Arryn not to get emotional when he spoke.

”If you don want me to get mad, you better start to— ”


Luis kicked Arryns stomach hard as he stood up from his seat. Then, a powerful kick made Arryn fly, so his body hit the wall.

The chair Arryn was sitting on was crushed and now his position was sitting limply with his back against the room wall. Luis stepped closer as his right hand started to lift Arryns body.

”Lower your voice. I don like talking to hot-tempered people, ” Luis explained, sounding low, threatening.

Luis threw Arryns body the other way until he hit the door. Arryn kept wincing in pain all over his body because of Luis torture.

”Hes a good brother, obedient to me. I really don like his arrogant attitude toward the common people, but hes still my brother, ” Luis replied.

”Aimar is your younger brother? No wonder your kick is like theres no hesitation! ” despicable Arryn.

Luis suddenly laughed loudly at Arryns words. He didn tug on Arryns clothes or throw them anymore; Luis immediately crouched in front of Arryn, leaning against the door.

”Tell me. What power did you show earlier? ” he asked.

”I don know what power it is, ” Arryn replied.

”I could kick you all night if you still won tell me! ” Louis threatened.

Arryn shook his head; he had no answer other than the word I don know. However, Arryns words were not liked by Luis. He wanted a definitive answer about Arryns power.

Luis smiled faintly. He got back on his feet and surprisingly started to land a heavy kick in Arryns face. The kick knocked out Arryns teeth and seriously injured the corner of his right lip.

”Arry! Its me, Ivy. ” Ivys voice was heard in Arryns right ear. His pet bird arrived after knowing that Arryn had been captured by the Pantheon soldiers.

”The door is not locked. Ill open it for you, ” continued Ivy; Arryn nodded in agreement.

Ivy, who was in disappearing mode, flew over to the door and opened it for Arryn. The door opened outwards, causing Arryn to fall on his back, much to Luiss surprise to see him.

Arryn hastily stood up, avoiding Luis, who might have beaten him back.

”DONT RUN, YOU ASSHOLE! ” Luis shouted.

Arryn ran straight away, ignoring Luis screams. He and Ivy went to various corridors to get out of this place. Luis joins in chasing Arryn along with the Pantheon soldiers who were ordered by him.

”Where will we go? ” Ivy asked.

”I have no idea. ” Arryns breath hitched with the many passages he had passed. He felt like he was being twirled in a maze.

Arryn stopped at an intersection with three passageways opening in front of him. He certainly didn want to choose the wrong passage so he wouldn be caught by the Pantheon soldiers.

Ivy suddenly appeared beside Arryn. She flew forward to be seen by her master. Arryn focused his eyes. He tried his best to keep standing even though his body was full of bruises from the wounds Luis had given.

”Can you figure out a safe passage for us? ” Arryn asked.

”I can do that, ” Ivy said.

Arryn sighed as he scanned the three hallways. The sound of the footsteps of the Pantheon soldiers grew louder, but Arryn had yet to decide which passageway he would use.

While thinking deeply, Arryn heard a mysterious voice again. A voice that sounded like a typical female voice telling Arryn about the second magic spell.

Arryns right hand stretched before him while casting the new magic spell. Ivy watched what was about to happen while remaining within her vanishing ability.

[Summoning System: Two Different Worlds]

Suddenly a large circle appeared before Arryn and Ivy, white and looking like a moving cloud. Arryn and Ivy immediately entered the portal, which unexpectedly closed by itself.

They arrived at a place with a white landscape, like being in a snow field. There was nothing as far as the eye could see, which made Arryn curious about the world he had come to.

”Are we dead? ” Ivy asked.

”Theres no death without pain. It seems we were thrown into a different world than before, ” Arryn replied.

”But what is this world that contains only white soil? ” Ivy asked, Arryn shaking his head in disbelief.

Arryn strode down the area, checking to see if there were any signs of life or at least the ruins of the buildings. But, unfortunately, the further Arryn went, the more he didn see it.

”It doesn look like this place is inhabited by any creatures, ” Ivy explained.

”Then how do we get back to where we really are? ” Ivy continues.

Arryns steps stopped while looking at the blue sky with the same white clouds as the previous world. If the magic earlier was connecting magic between worlds, then Arryn thought he just needed to cast a magic spell like earlier.

”Ill try to cast the spell again, ” Arryn replied.

[Summoning System: Two Different Worlds]

The portal opens again with the same color and shape. Arryn and Ivy went inside to see if they had returned to Athanor.

Arryn took a step forward and saw a different atmosphere than before. If the previous world was full of white soil, then the world that Arryn was currently stepping on was a world full of expanses of grassland.

”I recognize this place! ” Ivy said excitedly.

Ivy started to reveal her body while flying in different directions. Arryn chased the bird with occasional glances at the road. Ivy suddenly perched on a fireplace in one of the houses that turned out to be the village where Arryn lived.

”Finally, we go home, ” said Arryn, seeing Ivy fly over to Arryn and perch on the shoulder of her master.

Arryn started to step into the village and directed his aim to the house located in the corner of the village. Every villager looked at Arryn with a different look, a scornful look. They didn like Arryn coming to the village again.

Arryns house can be seen from a distance, but what is surprising is that the shape of the house is entirely different. This is because the house burned with great fire until it was no longer in shape. Arryn immediately ran towards the crowd, shouting for his mother as fast as he could.

”Wheres my mother?! ” Arryn asked, his voice high.

”Arrest him! ” the village chief ordered, doing the same as the Pantheon warriors.

Several men immediately pushed Arryns body to the ground. They gripped Arryns hands and feet tightly so he wouldn be able to rebel.

”What the hell are you doing?! Let me go! ” shouted Arryn.

”Take him to the village center. Let him see what his mother is like! ” said the village head.

The mans words confused Arryn. The men immediately shackled Arryns hands and feet, then took him to the village center according to the village heads orders.

Shocked, angry, sad, disappointed, all mixed emotions when he saw his mother burned alive with her mouth gagged with a cloth. Selenas lower body was severely burned, but her upper body was not.

”MOM! ” Arryn shouted.

They both looked at each other. Arryn could see tears dripping from the corners of his mothers eyes at having to be separated from her son. Arryn did not like this incident. He wants to save his mother, but the shackles that the villagers put on him are strong enough.

Arryn immediately turned his eyes to the village chief, so strong and full of hatred.

”I will kill all of you! ”

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