”You will have an unknown, unwanted, and unrivaled magic power, ” replied Irena, the celestial demon who had managed to kidnap Alan from being taken to the afterlife.

”If it is unknown, how can I know my strength? ” asked Alan.

”You will. Only you can control it, ” replied Irena.

Alan and Irena walked down a light path connected to a diamond-lined door. Right behind the door is a new world that will be inhabited by Alan. Irena explains that Alan will be born as a new person and live a new life in that world.

”Once you are able to control it, then you will be invincible in the whole world, ” said Irena.

They stopped right in front of the diamond door. Irena smiled as she pushed the door slowly. Surprisingly, a fierce wind emerged from behind the door and sucked in Alan, unprepared for such a shock.

He fell from the sky without a parachute or anything to save his life. The high distance frightened his heart; Alan even thought Irena was tricking him into tasting death for a second time.

The longer it took, the faster Alans fall. Much faster until the distance between the ground and his body began to close.

Just as he was about to hit the ground, Alans eyes opened wide with his head lifted quickly. He just realized that everything that happened was just a short dream.

A blue-and-white bird with a pattern on its tail of a matching color suddenly appeared. The bird flew with its two white eyes fixed on Arryn –Alans name in the new world.

”Whats the matter, Arryn? ” asked Ivy, Arryns pet.

”Nothing. Thanks for worrying me. It was just a strange dream that suddenly appeared, ” Arryn replied.

Ivy continued to fly while asking further. She was about the size of an adults palm and often perched on Arryns shoulder in invisible mode.

A woman arrived in the living room. She came with a lunchbox for Arryn. Beautiful face and amazing cooking skills, she is none other than Arryns Mother, Selena.

”Are you ready, Arryn? ” she asked.

”About the magic exam? Ive prepared it, ”explained Arryn.

”Really? Did he tell the truth, Ivy? ” Selena asked Ivy.

”He said right. Ive been keeping an eye on him myself, ” Ivy replied, her voice shrill because of her small vocal cords.

”All right. Good luck at the Pantheon, ” said Selena.

After saying goodbye, Arryn walked with Ivy to the Pantheon.

This exam is held when a person turns seventeen years old. The purpose of the main magic exam is to classify people according to the magic they have, including their level.

[Summoning System: Information Status]


[Name: Arryn Vaughan]

[Level: 25]

[Title: Unknown]

[Job Class: Unknown]

[Age: 17]

[HP: 600/600]

[MP: 650/650]

A blue panel appears with information ranging from name, title, age, level, health point, mana point, job class, and a special menu to view character status.

”You really want to become a magic user, huh? ” Ivy asked.

Ivy asked so after looking at the array of Arryns character statuses. Of all of them, only the intelligence status has the highest number of points from allocating the number of available points.

”Didn I tell you I wanted to be a good wizard? ” Arryn asked.

”Its a bit strange, considering that many people want to be knights or fighters, but you took the mage class instead? ” Ivy asked.

Arryn didn answer Ivys question. He didn need to emphasize that at all. Compared to swordsmanship, Arryn prefers to study witchcraft. However, during the seventeen years he studied magic, he still didn know the original magic.

”Answer my question, Arryn! ” groaned Ivy, but Arryn was still stubborn not to answer Ivys question.

It took an hour or so of walking, and he finally came to a fairly large temple with four doors on each side. Not only is the Pantheon visible, but hundreds of teenagers gather to take the magic exam.

Arryn immediately walked towards the Pantheon to join the examinees. They looked luxuriously dressed with magic wands in their hands.

Not only that, Arryn saw that several participants were wearing full armor like royal soldiers. Moreover, all the clothes the examinees were wearing were different from Arryn, who only wore shabby trousers and a brown T-shirt.

One of the examiners approached the participants and ordered them all to enter the Pantheon. The elderly are welcome to sit and wait upstairs.

”Welcome to the Ultimate Magic Exam. You will face the first stage in this exam, which is to perform balance magic using eggs, ” said the Pantheon Leader.

All participants get their eggs. The instructor sets an example that all participants must follow. It was seen that the instructor put an egg in the middle of his palm and tried to fly the egg with his magic.

Arryn saw that the instructor was able to keep the egg from breaking; it could be due to the good balance between magic and eggs

Quite several participants couldn do it. Most of them had difficulty balancing magic with the eggs, so many of them were thrown and cracked.

However, it was different for Arryn. He could pass the first stage easily without any difficulty. Finally, he could advance to the second stage, where the system applied was a battle between participants.

”Arryn against Aimar, ” the old man said.

Arryn didn know who Aimar really was. He could only hope that his opponent only mastered basic magic like him. However, that vanished when he saw a teenager in a fashionable red outfit and a wand in his hand standing far in front of Arryn.

”Third match… starts! ”

Aimar immediately cast fire magic that became his power, targeting Arryn, who was standing quite a distance in front of him.

[Summoning System: Comet Fire]

The magic used by Aimar surprised Arryn. He didn know that his enemy was an elemental fire mage.

A fireball shot from the tip of Aimars wand toward Arryn. The fireballs, which were originally one in number, began to burst into dozens of small luminaries.

Arryn didn want to sit around and not act. He thought about what kind of magic could be used to block the fiery comet that Aimar had launched.

[Summoning System: Flames blazing]

Suddenly, a fire circle appeared before Arryn, fending off Aimars comet using the same element. But, surprisingly, some of these comets managed to pierce Arryns magic.

Because his attacks didn work, Aimar decided to use high-level magic that shouldn be allowed in the exam.

[Summoning System: Sun Lightning]

The comets attack stopped, replaced by a quick blue attack. The attack was like a line emerging from Aimars wand; anything hit by the light would surely burn.

Arryn tried to run and avoid the attack. He took the initiative to use defensive magic from the stone in order to ward off Aimars attack.

[Summoning System: Stone Wall]

He released the magic beside him, but what was more surprising was that the stone wall that Arryn had appeared could be easily cut by Aimar. Arryn was suddenly surprised and started to get scared while continuing to dodge Aimars attacks.

[Summoning System: Spear of fire]

Two spears made of red flames shot toward Aimar. It was the strongest attack Arryn could launch on a person. He could only hope that it would hit Aimar and disrupt his magic.

However, Arryns two spears were easily blocked by Aimar. Arryn was shaking with fear; nothing could beat Aimar.

”A poor folk like you won be able to beat a noble like me! ” Aimar said, insulting Arryn.

”Tch! ” Arryn clicked his tongue, feeling both annoyed and scared at the same time. The only way to defeat Aimar was to dodge continuously until Aimars mana ran out.

The longer he dodged, the more tired Arryn appeared. The slowed movement made Aimar easy to attack Arryn. In the end, Arryn got hit in the arm and leg.

Arryns skin burned, and he groaned in pain on the ground. Aimar started to walk towards Arryn with a smirk growing on his face.

”I already said. Our strengths are much different, ” Aimar explained, sneering at Arryn again.

Just as Arryn was about to give up at this second stage, a voice came out of nowhere that startled him. The sound told Arryn to cast a spell he didn know about before.

[Summoning System: Parallel Circle]

Suddenly a white circle appeared under Aimars feet, causing him to fall along with the magic he activated. Shortly after, the circle began to shrink and disappear as time passed.

Everyone fell silent, whether parents or examinees. They had never seen such magic before, and the people upstairs questioned the condition of Aimar, who had lost.

”What kind of magic did you use? ” asked the old man, the chief of the Pantheon

”I don know. ”

”You didn know it? ” asked the Pantheon Chief. Aryan shook his head.

The Pantheon Chief was silent for a while before ordering the Pantheon soldiers to capture Arryn.

”Whats the meaning of this?! ” Arryn groaned.

”We suspect that you are part of the Demon Kings spies. We caught you because we were suspicious of the power you displayed! ” the Pantheon Chief said firmly.

”If you manage to bring back Aimar, then I will free you, ” the Pantheon Leader continued.

Pantheons soldiers started releasing Arryn. He was relieved that the Pantheon Leader allowed him to prove himself. Arryn tried to use the previous spell to bring Aimar back.

[Summoning System: Parallel Circles]

Suddenly a white circle appeared, but its location was floating in the air, not blending with the ground. Everyone widens their eyes, children cry, and the examinees shudder with fear. Aimar arrives at the Pantheon, but he doesn return alive.

His body was torn to pieces in random shapes, and instantly the exam floor turned from brown to blood red. Discovering Aimars horrific death makes the Pantheon Leader decide to lock Arryn under heavy guard.

e a devil! ”

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