asks her with annoyance, since Ive already made up my mind and I would not back down.

”Im gonna be frank, I don sense any wind affinity coming from you and you would just get killed by the fairy in the first test! ” she said angrily while looking down at me.

”what do you mean by that? ” I asks her unconsciously, a little worried about what she just told me.

”You are not gonna pass the first test! I have information about the test since my older sister is a disciple here, and My family is well known for its sensitiveness with the wind element ” She brags while trying to make me leave. But no matter what she say there is no way that Im leaving, Ive wanted to be a cultivator and attain eternal wealth, fame, and my own harem. There is no way I will toss that away just because of a warning. I also have my sword technique from zoro. Those flying slash techniques are for sure mixed with some kind of wind element, since there is no way that those techniques are the result of his monstrous strength only.

”Kazu nanbei! ”

Suddenly my name is called out, I stood up and went outside of the waiting room. I went towards the wind affinity test room.

The door opens as soon as I stood in front of it then suddenly a strong gush of wind blew towards me. I walk slowly to go in the room, and as soon as I got inside; The door slam closed.


The room was dark, its very dark. I can see a thing, and suddenly a gust of wind came from the top making me kneel down. The wind pressure is so heavy, I try to stand up but as soon as I stood up a wind from the floor started coming out. Both pressure is crushing me I felt like I am gonna die.

This wind pressure is enough to make me cough up a few blood out of my mouth due to the pressure. My ear starts ringing, I can do anything…I can move…I can hear anything from my crushed ear drum due to the pressure.





I could feel death is coming closer, My body starts to get cold and I started to feel fear of dying again.

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