. I really wish I could activate my devil fruit, but it seems like it was impossible.

During the years of my training I became strong and I could move as fast as zoro during the sabaody arc. Im not comparable to the post time skip zoro, but I think Im plenty strong enough. This are all the results of my training, attaining a good physique that could handle his power during the sabaody arc. The system told me that I could only handle that amount of power right now, since this is the case what about the devil fruit. I started to think of ways to attain a physique suitable for it, but during the years I haven even unlocked 0.1 percent of it.


zoro skills unlocked (50%)

devil fruit (nika) unlocked (0.00000001%)


”You do you! But don regret your decision! ” she said with anger inside of her eyes. It seems like I offended her by calling her a bitch, but I ignore her and decided to just continue what Im supposed to do.

While we are walking, inside I look atound and admire the beauty of this sector. The flowers that shine brightly, The beautiful disciples who are walking around giggling as they talk to each other. Only one word could describe this place….PARADISE!

”greetings testers, I am you
e guide around the sector. We will go inside of the waiting room then we will call you one by one to test all of you ”






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