After a year of training I became strong and more masculine. The meat diet plan was a success and it made me look like a greek god. If I were to go back I would say my body would be drooled over by woman who likes my kind of body type. Lean muscle, v taper body, rock hard abs, chest that makes me look confident, and a wide shoulder. Which are the things a woman likes on a man.

”ding! ”

Suddenly a panel pops out in front of me taking me by surprise.


dieting complete! You are not a fat ** anymore!

reward: legendary mangaka pen(infinite ink and undestructible, also if the item is stolen it will return to the owner)

legendary mangaka paper (unending paper that is accessible in the system…the content that the hosts writes on this paper will never be copied by anyone, resulting in them scribbling nonsens in rheir own paper)


After reading my reward its not that bad considering that the system rewards me for telling stories and making the anime more popular. I have been getting rewards after obtaining a lot of audience for telling my anime story. Its a lot of useful things like meat, food, and obtaining every single anime story inside of my mind. I could basically

recall every minor detail of any anime I story telled. This turned my anime knowledge into a legendary.

Since it has been a year, the registration for the sword wind sect is here. I need to get in and not be punished with the thousand year punishment from that copy ninja. I also tried telling the story of naruto to someone, but it seems like there is a requirement for me to be able to get my next power, so instead of telling them other anime stories to get my powers I told them the story of one piece.

I went to register for the event and is successful with registering. The event will occur tomorrow and the line was horrendously long. I went back home and look at the rewards that the system gave me, since I had nothing better to do I took the pen and start writing on the paper the start of one piece. I start drawing them with impeccable detail that will put a lot of mangakas in shame if I were to come back to my world.



After a lot of drawing the mangas. Suddenly a green light appears in front of it. I am currently writing zoro getting cut down by mihawk and suddenly blood starts to gush out of the paper splattering my whole body with it. The blood then disappears, I start drawing more and this occurs again and again.

The next day, its the day of the test to join the sword wind sect. Its the day that will be revered as one of the rarest moments in the history of this town.

The sword wind sect has not done a public enrollment for a hundred years. Theyve only took in students that are from prestigious family.

Getting out of his house I am met with a long line of people waiting to be tested for the sect. This made me remember the times when I has to line up just to go inside a convention.

Inside of the sword wind sect an elegant elder that has a white long beard, and his long hair is tied into a bun, that is covered with an expensive looking hat that has a dragon patterns on it is touches his beard while looking at the long lines of people outside of his sect waiting to be tested.You could tell from his dress and his demeanor that this guy is an immortal. After looking at it he decided to announce something using his power to whisper it inside of their mind


Hearing this revered elders announcement everyone starts to panic and thought of ways to get in or get the attention of the elder.

Suddenly a martial artist draws his sword and slash the person in front of him turning him into a cripple.

The person behind him yells out in horror and didn expect for someone to do this all of a sudden.

”YOU ALL ARE WEAKER THAN ME AND I AM YOUNGER THAN ALL OF YOU! ITS BETTER FOR ME TO GO IN AND BECOME A SECT DISCIPLE! ” He yells out then starts slashing everyone in front of him. The elder couldn stand it and stopped the frenzied guy.

”you are certainly talented, but you
e savage demeanor is not acceptable in our sect so you will need to leave or I will kill you ” the elder said then crushed his sword with his two finger.

”I-I am sorry elder! but all this arrogant people are getting in my nerves for a while now…. they are only at that level of strength and thry dare to line up for this sect. So I wanted to show all of them that the cultivation world is not a lalaland full of fun things to do! ” the martial artist said while kneeling down trying to apologize. The elder thought deeply and signed for him to follow him. The martial artist smiles happily and starts following the elder.

Looking at what just happened some people started to hesitate and left the line with tails between their legs. They were scared to die and decided to just leave their life peacefully.



I watch all the people leave in horror and the person who made an example of this arrogant people is not to blame, since being a cultivator is basically volunteering to become the protector of the city. If a powerful cultivator invades the city, we have to sacrifice ourself to help this people. After watching that frightening scene my legs are shaking, but I need to do this. The only person left in the line are me and the other nine people. There were a hundred people before, but now there are only ten of us here.

Within the ten people in this line I couldn help but look at this beautiful woman that has a jade like skin and a long purple hair and she is wearing a yukata that seems to come from japan. I look at her sheated long sword on her back. She looks so strong and her reaction towards the blood that was spilled is something else. She didn show any fright nor reaction from it, she was nonchalant.

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