Prologue: A Life Renewed.

Humans have asked themselves over and over again.

”What will happen if I die? ”

”Will I be satisfied with what Ive done? ”

”Am I ready to leave everything behind and ascend? ”

Some say they will be reincarnated, be in heaven, hell and maybe become a grim reaper if I decided to commit suicide like in those Korean dramas everyone was talking about in my time.

But my story was different. I was resurrected because I had that accident, Im still traumatized by it but hopefully, it will just fade away.

Coming from a very rich family, of course, Im spoiled but I didn have that plastic attitude that every rich person has.

My family is famous for having purple hair in terms of genes, one would call it a sham accusing me of dying my hair but it was just colored naturally purple. I didn even care if people were just staring at me.

Thankfully I had friends, real friends.

Now that Im dead and about to live again. I know that my life isn gonna be the same ever again.

This is my story.


Its my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me. I visited Ate Winter yesterday.

Hopefully, she brings the katana I wanted.

(Ate means Big sister in English.)

Im heading to a private villa here in the Philippines. Mom wanted to celebrate my birthday here because she misses her hometown. We had no choice but dad really supported mom although he has unfinished work left in America.

We have other businesses in other countries outside Asia as well, like Germany, Japan, America, the Philippines, and about 10 more. Our business in Japan is currently being handled by Dads right-hand man. Migete Otoko or nicknamed as Oto~chan for us.

Im almost there. Just a little bit farther.


I felt pain in my chest not now… where are my pills?

I put them somewhere here.

My legs can feel them. It didn take long before my legs went down. My eyes were getting blurry… I can feel anything… It feels like my soul is being pulled out.

Is it my time already?

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