n them.

Rei doesn’t have any interest in love, huh.
Ah right, about Yuria Sakurada’s delusions.
A report from Dr.
Ichijou came in.
There’s quite a lot.
It looks like Dr.
Ichijou was hard at work.
It seems that she has memories of her past life and thinks that this world is a game she played in the past.”

It appears that the sickness was graver than I had thought.

“By ‘previous life,’ does this imply that she was transmigrated? If she did, then according to Lady Yuria Sakurada, this world is from a game that is at least fifteen years old.
At that time, was there such a game starring characters with the same name as us?”
“Of course there’s no such thing.
I had it investigated, just in case.
And, she said that she was reincarnated into another world.”

Reincarnated into another world? Not transmigrated in our world but reincarnated into another world? What did she mean by ‘another world’?

“The person herself said that she retained her memories from another world that never intersected with our world.”

“And that is another world? SF, right?”

I don’t dislike science fiction, but I think that this was beyond absurd.

“So, when I investigated it, it appears that such novels are popular.
Here, this web novel is just like it.”

Lord Souju said and showed me on his smartphone.
The title of the web novel was I’m a mob character in an otome game, but I ship the heroine with my favorite!

“This is one of the popular web novels.
It’s a story where the protagonist reincarnates into an otome game and struggles to ship the heroine with her favorite character.
In the end, the protagonist is the one who ends up together with her favorite character.”
“Oh, so it’s a story about being a nuisance to the heroine?”
“Hm, not exactly.
She does, more or less, protect the heroine from the villainess.
The villainess is someone who constantly schemes evil plans.”
“What exactly does the villainess of the web novel do?”

Since I was called the villainess, I was very interested.

“The villainess had thugs attack the heroine, pressed false charges on the heroine’s family, poisoned the heroine, etc.
And not only to the heroine.
She also turned the capture targets into drug addicts, confined them, turned them into slaves, etc.
Because they were all saved in the nick of time by the protagonist’s efforts, nothing came to fruition.”
“Does the world of the novel not have a constitutional government? While only an attempt was made for the crimes, couldn’t the villainess be arrested?”

When I said that, Lord Souju burst out into laughter.

“It’s fiction.
Everyone looks Caucasian and dresses like royalty.
And, this world of magic had modern-levels of hygiene.
That is the world of an otome game in the novel.”
“That sounds interesting.
I would like to read it right away.”

I read the summaries of other novels on the smartphone.
It appeared that there was a model for stories of being reincarnated into otome games.
Not only were there ones that had a European appearance, but there were also those in Japanese schools.

“I see.
Lady Yuria Sakurada plays the same role as the protagonist in this web novel, and she is trying to ship the heroine, Ms.
Miu Yuuki, with the capture target, Lord Takanashi.
According to her delusions, what kind of evil deeds will I do? In the first place, I’m penniless, not a villainess, right?”

Lord Souju summarized the contents of the report and explained them to me.

The villainess, Reiko Kujouin, was the only daughter of a distinguished family with money, pedigree, and influence.
However, her existence was covered up for certain reasons.
When she turned fifteen, her existence was publicized, and she enrolled in the school.
Reiko Kujouin enjoyed hurting people simply because it was fun.
Concerning the capture targets, she was a vile woman who would use her own body to obtain them.
If the heroine fails her capture, Reiko Kujouin would take control of the school and reign over it as the queen.
The heroine would encounter danger because of Reiko Kujouin, but she would save the capture targets.
Each of the capture targets had their own troubles and be saved by the heroine.
And, they would fall in love with her.
The protagonist, Yuria Sakurada, was a supporting character whose role was to give advice to the heroine.

“…The gap between this and reality is more extreme than I had thought.
The only fact that coincides is that I enrolled in Meisei.
My existence has also been covered up due to certain reasons, but what was the reason? …Eh, well, she shouldn’t know it either!”
“How dare you, Yuria Sakuradaaa! I will never forgive you!”
“Sara, please calm down! I’ll also try reading some web novels.
There may be some kind of solution there.
Above all, they seem interesting.”
Why doesn’t it irritate you, Rei!? Guh! I can’t stand how frustrated I am! Well, let’s go shopping.
It’ll relieve my stress!”

Lady Sara said, dashingly disembarked, and smoothly entered the store.
The clerk elegantly bowed their head.

“Like this, we can enrich the Japanese economy.
It’s wonderful.”

As I contributed absolutely nothing to the Japanese economy, I absentmindedly accompanied Lady Sara on her shopping adventure.

“Now, try this on! Rei!”

Lady Sara coerced me to try on some clothes.
When I took a peek at the price tags, I felt faint.
They were compiled together with Lady Sara’s picks and paid with Lord Takaoka’s black card.

“This is an apology for endangering you, Rei, so don’t mind.
And if you don’t accept them, they’ll end up in the trash.
So, make sure you properly wear them.”

Lord Takaoka reassured me, but I was speechless.
This may truly be the world of an otome game.
I mean, this was all too convenient to me!

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