Regression Of The Last Human

Chapter 3: My Third Life

Spiritual stone is a special kind of stone that contains spiritual energy. This spiritual energy could be absorb by a martial artist to either enhance their cultivation and strengthen their body. They are also used to make weapons. Because they are extremely hard and durable, with the right technique of blacksmith and refining, they can be made into a great armour or in some cases, into a weapon such as sword or saber.

For martial artist, they would sometime use them as a form of currency. One low grade spiritual stone would be enough to make a mortal live comfortably for the rest of his life. This is how important a spiritual stone is. Even the other races out there would hesitate to give their spiritual stones to strangers.

Every month, the academy would gave the students two pieces of spiritual stones that they can use for their cultivation. Two pieces is of course not enough for them to even rise one small stage. This apply to those with low grade talent, it would be impossible to advance their cultivation level. Even rising their stage would be hard. The reason why the academy would do this to their own students is to make the students work harder and more diligent. Every time a student make a breakthrough, even if its only by a stage, they would be rewarded with six more spiritual stone and a bag of silver coins. This way, they would be more diligent in their cultivation. After all, with six spiritual stone they would be able to cultivate more while the silver coins can be use to improve their familys conditions.

For those from the big clan or family, they won have to worry about something as trivia as a spiritual stone or a silver. Every month their clan would gave them enough cultivation resources. Therefore, a few pieces of low grade spiritual stones are nothing important to them.

But for those from poor background, these spiritual stones are like their life. Their family don have enough money to even make for a living. But with these two pieces of spiritual stones, they can at the very least make them live comfortably. One piece will be use by them to cultivate while the other one would be use to help their family.

Therefore to them, Lin Han deliberately robing them is akin to him telling them that their family are not important!

”What kind of bullshitery is this?! ”

”This spiritual stone are for my family. Why should I give it to you?

”Who gave you the right to take our stone?!

”But someone stole mine a while ago. ”

”Lin Han! You
e not the so called genius of the Lin family anymore. So don be too arrogant! ”

Many not know this, but Lin Han are not even a part of the Lin Clan. But because his first name are Lin Han, many people thought so. Only those from the Lin family know about this. But they kept it a secret in order to repay a favour from his mother.

Lin Han ignore their remarks and clap his hand silencing them.

”If you want to pass the gate, you must pay one spiritual stone each. Of course you can choose not to pay for it. That is if you want to get your ass beaten like that guy over there. ” Lin Han point to the unconscious boy beside him.

The students grit their teeth in anger. They were furious. Although most of them have a middle grade talent, they are the future of this city and the human race.

In other words, they would have a great future in head of them. All that they need to do is to work hard and cultivate diligently and maybe with fortunate encounter, they would be able to gain the position of the elder in the future. But Lin Han telling them to hand over their spiritual stone is akin to telling them to throw away their future.

In this city, martial artists are a highly respected individuals. To mortals who can cultivate, they are like the gods protecting them. But what people don know is that martial path are not the only path of cultivation in this world.

Cultivation is the process of meditating in order to get stronger and gain longevity. For cultivators, in order to cultivate they need to first choose a path for their cultivation.

There are many paths that exist but sadly they all had been forgotten from the passage of time leaving only the path of martial arts. Added with the demonic beasts going on a rampage thousands of years ago, the remaining martial arts that are left are only a few percentage of what it used to be.

”Lin Han! Don be too arrogant! Now that you
e just a trash with low grade talent. Who do you think you are?! ” A boy with muscular build shout. Scars littered his body. Both his hair and face are red in colour.

His face only show one thing. Anger and hot headed. The boy is Xiao Tanxiang. A member of one the four great clan of River City. In river city, there are four powerful clan known as the four great clan. Them together with the alchemist pavilion and the Son Clan together rule over this city. Although these forces look calm on the surface, except for the alchemist pavilion, They are all secretly on the look out. Just waiting for the right moment to strike the son clan.

After all the Son Clan had been in power for five generations. Each City Lord will always surpassed the previous one. The current City Lord are already old and are just waiting to die. However sadly for the them, his adopted granddaughter was born with great talent and even when she is still 12 years old, she was said to have almost surpassed her grandfather.

With this, the four great clans are getting more and more impatient. Not only have their only chance to revolt against the Son Clan gone to waste, a new threat has also appear.

Xiao Tanxiang sneered at Lin Han. Compare to him who are considered good looking, Lin Hans appearance are below average. Long black hair and abyssal black eyes that are like an endless abyss. Anyone who stare into it would feel like they are staring into the abyss. His face devoid of any emotions.

Except for him being talented in things such as poetry, painting and sewing, nothing much is great about him. Now that he turned out to have a low grade talent, he was sure that the boy was destined to become a member of the guard division. Everyone know that those who join the guards division are destined to become a cannon fodder. Their job is to die the moment a powerfull demonic beast suddenly appear.

To him, if Lin Han want to live he would definitely choose to drop out of the academy. But he did expect him to sudden trying to rob his own peers. Not even thinking about the consequences of offending people from one of four great clan.

”Who do you think I am? I am your daddy! ”

Lin Han give Xiao Tanxiang a middle finger. A mocking smile plastered on his face.

Xiao Tanxiang was furious. Although he isn like the young master of the Xiao Clan who has awakened a high grade talent nor does he have a powerful background, he is still a member of one if the four great clan. Hence he was someone prideful. Being mocked by a trash with a low grade talent, it was simply humiliating.

It was not just him who was furious. Everyone is. Ever since they were little, they would be compared to Lin Han by their parents. No matter what they do when it come to talent, they are inferior compared to him.

”…. ”

”Aiya this boy, he can even walk at a one day old. That boy Lin Han are now running marathon just a few days after being born. ”

”…. ”

The baby just look at his mother confuse. Just one day after being born into this world, and he already feel like his parents hate him already.


”Mommy look, I can finally write a poem. ”

”You just know how to write a poem. That boy Lin Han had just published his first book yesterday. Guess what? Hes still five years old. ”


”Father- ”

Before he can finish his words, his father already interrupt him.

”Who are you again? ”

”Im your son. ”

”Ah yes, which disappointment again? ”

”Yun- ”

”Oh now I remember. You
e disappointment number two. What a disappointment. ” His father then walk out of the house to get some milk. That was the last time he saw him.

Tears ran down the faces of the students. They all glare at Lin Han who had been standing just by the side of the gate.

In anger, they all rush at him. Lin Han just smirk and block a punch from Xiao Tanxiang. The teenager widen his eyes in shock. Before he can react, Lin Han punch his handsome face breaking his nose.

Lin Han duck avoiding a punch from another student. He knee the student sending him flying. He caught another punch and throw the attacker.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of one of buildings of the academy, stood a middle age man. He wore a blue azure robe. He had a long beard that reach his chest. Despite still being middle age, the mans long hair had turned white from all the stress of managing this academy.

The mans name is Son Tiaou. The grandmaster and the head of the boulder academy. He was a man with great wisdom. Therefore, the City Lord gave him the position of the headmaster despite already being too old.

”That boy, he is interesting. ”

”Headmaster! One of our students are robbing his fellow schoolmates! ”

A servant state running. He immediately kneel in front of the man. After all, he is just a mortal and in this city a mortal like him are fated to be a stepping stone for a martial artist.

Son Tiao caresses his long beard. He did not even bait an eye on the servant.

”Who is the boy? ”

He ask pointing Lin Han who was beating the students.

”His name is Lin Han. He awakened a low grade talent a day ago during the awakening ceremony. ” The servant answer obediently.

”Oh, that boy Lin Han? Interesting. Sadly he has low grade talent. He seems to be great in manipulating the psychology of his opponents. Not only that, he also has talent in hand to hand combat. If it weren for the fact that he has a low grade talent, I would already accept him as a disciple. ”

”What should we do about him headmaster? ”

”Just let him be. This way, we can show those students that this world is not just sunshine and rainbow. ”

The battle continue for who know how long. After took like an hour or so, the battle finally come to an end. All the students lay on the ground badly injured. Some of them received a broken bones while a few was already knocked out.

In the middle of the students who are laying on the ground, stood a boy with long black hair. His face did not show any emotions. Instead, it show how mature he was despite being only 12 years old. A few bruises and injuries can be seen all over his body. Nevertheless, he is still standing. His whole body radiates an aura of superiority. A lone wolf who had been surviving in the wild.

The boy is none other than Lin Han. It took an hour an a half to test out the strength his unawaken physique give him. Although it did increase his senses, strength and speed, he is still after all a mortal. There is a limit to how much he can won in a battle. If it weren for the fact that his classmates still hasn cultivate yet, then he would surely get beaten.

It would took him another few years for him to finally find all the ingredients to awaken his constitution. That is only if he can venture to the outside world.

Inside this damn city wall, the chance of him even finding a a piece of a middle grade spiritual herb would already been a miracle.

A clap sounds was heard. Looking up, Lin Han saw a boy in a fancy robe. His eyes are sharp. Sharp enough to cut down his enemies from afar. As for his hair, they are tied to a ponytail. A mocking and arrogant look plastered on his face.

Lin Han recognise him as The young master of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Hanseng. Since born, he is known as someone extremely arrogant. A day ago, he had awakened a high grade talent meaning that he is a genius of the clan.

After all, a low grade talent are like the stars at the night sky. You can found them everywhere. As for middle grade talent, they are rare. But are still common nonetheless. High grade talent are the rarest. In one hundred people, there could possibly only be one. That is just how rare they are.

Lin Han immediately greet the man and cup his fist. ”Greeting young master Xiao Hanseng. ”

”You must be Lin Han. I heard so much about you. ” Xiao Hanseng sneered at him. But Lin Han did not pay much attention to it. The current him are too weak. Beside why should he care for someone who are fated to die.

In his previous life, the Xiao Clan was wiped out by the patriarch himself after failing to revolt against the Son Clan. For the surviving members, they were all hunted down and was executed publicly. This is to show that the son clan is not something to be mess with.

”Having the young master recognising this little one is a great honour. ” Said Lin Han with respect.

Xiao Hanseng was trying his best not to laugh. Just an hour ago, the boy was arrogant but now that he actually met someone with powerful background, he immediately bow his head. He could already tell that Lin Han is someone who would do anything for wealth.

Someone that he can easily manipulate and turn into a puppet. With just enough money, this so called genius would lick his boots the next second.

Xiao Hanseng look at his surroundings and smirk. ”Good, good. You actually show these trashes their place. Here take these bag of middle grade spiritual stone. ”

Xiao Hanseng throw a small bag of spiritual stone to the floor. A mere middle grade spiritual stone are nothing to him. These things are used to decorate his pet at home. His father can just get him more if he wants to.

Seeing the bag of spiritual stone on the floor, Lin Han immediately bow to Xiao Hanseng.

”Thank you so much young master Xiao. May heaven be with you. ”

Xiao Hanseng ignore him and walk away leaving Lin Han alone surrounded by the unconscious bodies of his peers.

The moment Xiao Hanseng are out of sight, Lin Han waste no time. He Began collecting the spiritual stone of the rest. Just like how he had promised them, he would only took one. Don call him a saint.

The current him are too weak with no cultivation whatsoever. In other words, for the next few years, he would need to stay in this city in order to get enough protection. Without these people protecting the city, these city would only become a food factory for the demonic beasts in the future.

After collecting the remaining spiritual stones, Lin Han was about to take his leave but stop when he notice a girl in blue standing not far from him. The only thing he could see from the girl are her pair of aquamarine eyes that would captivate any men into falling in love with her. The rest of her face was hidden by her mouth veil. Yet, he could still see the beauty underneath it. On her waist, a short blue sword was strapped.

Lin Han widened his eyes recognising who the girl is. The girl is Luna. The adopted granddaughter of the City Lord and was said to be on par with the City Lord himself.

It was a few years ago when the City Lord went to the outside of the city for a secret mission when she heard a girl crying. When he look for the source, he found Luna in a ragged clothes. Seeing how pathetic the girl is, he can help himself. Therefore, he brought the girl home and took care of her.

”Drop all those spiritual stones that you just robbed. ”

”Huh? ”


The gate behind Lin Han broke into thousands pieces. Before he know it, Luna is already in front of him. Her blue sword pointing to the broken gate. The sword was just a few inches away from his neck.

”I said, drop all those spiritual stones that you just robed. They are give to them to train and cultivate. ” Luna spoke coldly.

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