It’s because they have worries, but they’re not bad guys.”

“I understand, thank you.”

Ye-Hyeon smiled slowly.

Kim Jae-Hyung was a person who knew how to pity the weak.
He was helped many times when I was a porter.
It was fortunate for Ye-Hyeon’s party that Kim Jae-Hyung was the route leader this time.

Ye-Hyeon was looking at Kim Jae-Hyung’s face he had never seen before.
He always wore a black helmet he didn’t even take it off when he slept in the dungeon.

He heard across the street that he covered his face because he was afraid it would be uncomfortable for others to see since he had a big burn on his face.

‘……I hope you don’t get hurt this time.’

Ye-Hyeon prayed.
He wanted Jae-Hyung to be well since he is a good person.
It was a pity that all he could do was secretly pray for his safety.

“Are you here for the briefing? Hunter Baek Hae-Won will come to do the briefing a little later”

“No, it’s not because of that…….”

Kim Jae-Hyung suddenly smiled awkwardly and looked around.
Then he let out a deep sigh soon.

“Oh, why are you hiding me?”

Kim Jae-Hyung scratched his head and stepped aside.
Only then did he see a doll wearing a dull brown robe that was hidden by Kim Jae-Hyung.
He remembered watching it while saying hello earlier.

“Hunter Seo Soo-Hee said she wanted to say hello because she knew Hunter Choi Ye-Hyeon.”

“Hunter Soo-Hee? Oh, back then…….”

Ye-Hyeon blinked for a moment at an unfamiliar name and nodded a beat later.

Seo Soo-Hee was a veteran hunter and shadow magician who was next to him when he first did a mission in the camp.


Seo Soo-Hee stammered and bent her waist at a right angle to Ye-Hyeon.

“Oh, yes.

Ye-Hyeon also bent down together in embarrassment.
When he saw it at the training camp, he thought he made a mistake because he was nervous before the briefing, but she always seemed to greet everyone like this.

Seo Soo-Hee avoided looking around to the point that everyone watching was anxious.

‘If you go in too low, everyone tries to tease you…….’

“Thank you last time.
You were very surprised because of me.”

Ye-Hyeon was embarrassed and thanked her very late.

Seo Soo-Hee took a breath and waved her arms hard.
The loose hem of the robe flowed down, revealing a skinny wrist.

“Oh, no.
I was next to him, and he, uh…….”

Surprised, Seo Soo-Hee couldn’t continue her words until the end, stammered severely, and lowered her head.

When Ye-Hyeon first saw her, she was so nice that he felt sorry for her being gloomy.

Ye-Hyeon turned his head awkwardly, and his eyes met Baek Hae-won, who came into the dungeon.

Baek Hae-won gently bent his lips when Ye-Hyeon smiled awkwardly.

“Who is it?”

Yoon Sueng-Jae ran to him after his talk with his fellow tanker Kim Jae-Hyung.

Yoon Seung-Jae has been nervous when someone approaches Ye-Hyeon since he met Lee Young-Shin.

‘You don’t have to do that.’

Ye-Hyeon tapped Yoon Seung-Jae’s arm.

“This is a veteran hunter who helped me when I sweep up in the camp before.”

“It’s my first time seeing it.
Oh, then you…….”

“Yoon Seung-Jae!”

Ye-Hyeon, who noticed what Yoon Seung-Jae was going to say, hurriedly covered Yoon Seung-Jae’s mouth.
The plump lips were completely crushed in Ye-Hyeon’s palm.

Ye-Hyeon’s neck flared up.

Yoon Seung-Jae’s eyes widened and soon smiled, dropping his eyes slightly.

[system] ‘target 4: Yoon Seung-Hae’s intimacy increased by 1 point.

‘Yes, go up, go up.’

Ye-Hyeon frowned openly.
It seemed that teasing was a trick.
He know it was best not to react at times like this, but he couldn’t stand it.

Yoon Seung-Jae gently tickled the back of Ye-Hyeon’s hand with his fingertips.
It meant to remove his hands.

“……don’t say useless things.”

Ye-Hyeon slowly removed his hand with a low warning.

Seeing his lips wriggle, Yoon Seung-Jae didn’t seem to be very scared.

“Hello, Hunter.
Thank you for helping Hyung before.”

“Yes, yes, yes….”

Yoon Seung-Jae greeted Seo Soo-Hee, pretending to be an adult as if he were Ye-Hyeon’s guardian.

“Being young.
Being playful.”

Ye-Hyeon, who was watching, snorted, but Yoon Seung-Jae brazenly raised his chin.
If it weren’t for the others, he would have pinched his cheek.

” Hunter Seo Soo-Hee.
I see that you are here.”

Baek Hae-won stood next to Ye-Hyeon and smiled when he approached her.
They both belonged to the association, so they could know each other.

Without realizing it, Ye-Hyeon alternately looked at Baek Hae-Won and Seo Soo-Hee.
From this point of view, the two were really in contrast.
The intensely bright Baek Hae-Won was like the noon sun, and Seo Soo-Hee was like a cloud reflected in the lake on a cloudy winter night.


Seo Soo-Hee saw Baek Hae-won and ran away.


Ye-Hyeon looked at Baek Hae-Won in bewilderment.
Baek Hae-won shrugged his shoulders with a soft smile, perhaps familiar with the action.

Baek Hae-Won is a really hard character to read.
He is definitely hiding something.

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