didn’t care about their dating information.

On top of that, no one among S-class hunters could be called a beautiful woman.

There were many people who were outstanding in appearance, but they were usually in their mid to late 20s even if they were young because they had to have experience-based combat power as well as to get suitable achievements.

“It’s not a hunter, it’s a normal person…”

An ominous thought sprang up, but quickly scattered.

There is no hope already, but there was no answer if the target was not the top among the rankers.

At the same time, it was questionable whether breaking the unfinished quest would help clear the super-large gate.

At the same time, I felt uncomfortable that there were many targets even though I was not going to date four people.

Ye-Hyeon continued to clench his fist and open it, turning on and off the status window.


A sigh kept coming out.

If my sister was next to me, I would have been hit.

It has already been an hour, but the employee looked around for a while and approached Ye-Hyeon.

“Choi Ye-Hyeon, I’ll show you to the test room.”

Ye-Hyeon followed the staff down to the basement.

At the end of the long hallway, I opened the thick iron door and entered, and a small room was in sight.

The only two object in the room was a hard desk and a transparent box on top of it.

“Come here.
You can put your hand on the box here.”

The man sitting in front of the desk beckoned the box with a look of fatigue.

There was a black stone in the box.

A fragment of a small gate.

It reacts to the Awakening.

It looks like an ordinary piece of stone on the surface, but it was a precious fragment collected during the gate explosion.

The awakening test was a form of filtering out awakening people by using the nature that they could only enter the gate if they had Ability.

Ye-Hyeon walked calmly.

As Ye-Hyeon approached, the stone shined blue and vibrated.

Usually, you have to touch the box before it react weakly, but Ye-Hyeon was three steps away from the desk.

Ye-Hyeon squeezed his lips and swallowed a ridicule that was about to pop out.

It was funny that L-class was L-class, even if it was a datin sim player title.

The eyes of the tired supervisor were sparkling.

The eyes mixed with expectation and curiosity looked at Ye-Hyeon.

“Is this enough?”

Ye-Hyeon blinked as if he knew nothing, alternating between the stone and the supervisor.

It was clear that he would report to his superiors that a notable awakening had appeared.

It doesn’t matter much because they’ll be caught in the Hunter review anyway, but it was burdensome for Ye-Hyeon, who has no ability.

“You’ve been awakened.
You can register by taking the document to the Awakening Management Office on the 3rd floor.
The Awakening Registration Card will be sent to your home in two days, and from now on…….”

The supervisor stamped the white papers and obligingly lined up explanations.

“Are you going to join the training camp? When can I help you?”


“Once you enter the camp, you can’t go outside for a month or up to half a year.”


“I know.”

I felt uncomfortable showing my naked interest, so I quickly received the documents and left the test room.

After stopping by the third floor and registering for awakening, I felt like I took the first step, so I felt very comfortable.

Now, if I persuaded my sister, I thought I could focus on making plans and finding targets for the time being.

It’s not going to be easy this time either!

My sister was dead set against Ye-Hyeon becoming a hunter.

Before we go back…


I went around the corner and bumped into a person coming from the other side.

Ye-Hyeon fell butt first on the floor.

The tingling pain climbed up my spine.

In contrast to Ye-Hyeon, who fell heavily, the other person stood upright as if he had not felt much shock.

I wasn’t alone, but there was no time to be embarrassed.


Dating Target 4: Yoon Seung-Jae was found.

[system] Quest completed.

Reward: Open points, level up

The [system] point has been opened.

The [system] level has been raised.

The quest success message that came to mind one after another along with the cheerful melody did not catch my eyes.


It was because of the low voice that was a little husky and could not be considered a woman from the opponent who was certain to target.

The “Beauty” in the “Dating Simulation” was not a beautiful girl, but a handsome boy?’

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