regression, Lee Young-Shin hated his rugged body.

In the first place, it had to be filtered out from having a B-class Ability and staying in a C-class Hunter.

Lee Young-Shin was a typical ‘low-risk low, return’ hunter.
He doesn’t know how pathetic it is to walk around gates much lower than your ability and show off in front of new hunters.

After Lee Young-Shin, about ten hunters swarmed.
Lee Young-Shin acted like the king of the C-class gate by hanging hunters with similar tendencies.
Unfortunately, Lee Young-Shin was a target of fear for newcomers and F-class hunters.

If it were just that, Ye-Hyeon would not have hated Lee Young-shin, even if he was pathetic.

Lee Young-Shin often used to spread dirty stories about other hunters.
It was not to the level of distorting the truth and inflating rumors.
He made up something that didn’t exist at all.

The reason why Lee Young-Shin did such a poor thing was simply that he didn’t like you.

‘He used to curse at me a lot.’

Ye-Hyeon clenched his teeth.
Many people talked about him, but Lee Young-Shin was a bad guy enough for him to remember specifically.


“I heard a rumor that Hunter Baek Hae-Won is going to appear in a C-class dungeon these days, but I thought it was nonsense, but it was true?” Lee Young-shin looked up and down at Baek Hae-Won.
Looking at his behavior, he was a local bully.

Ye-Hyeon grabbed the hem of the robe he was wearing.
He didn’t talk to him, but his informal way of speaking was annoying.

“Yes, that’s what happened.”

“It’s fate that we met like this, so let’s get closer.
If you act like you don’t know us, I’ll be disappointed.”

No one knows C-level gate better than we do.
Why don’t you come to our meeting this weekend?”

Why should he go with Baek Hae-Won?

Lee Young-Shin’s group was famous for playing dirty.
Ye-Hyeon, who saw a lot of dirty things, also had a memory of a party hosted by Lee Young-Shin.

Ye-Hyeon looked at Baek Hae-Won.
He is not like Yoon Seung-Jae, who doesn’t know anything, but he is worried.

“Thank you for the invitation, but I’ve been very busy lately.
I don’t think I can make it.
I’m sorry.”

Lee Young-Shin’s attitude is unpleasant, but Baek Hae-Won politely and firmly refuses with a fresh smile.

“Please come when Hyung asks you.”

A hunter who was anxious to be noticed by Lee Young-Shin spoke.
However, Lee Young-shin stared at the hunter coldly rather than praising him.

“Hey, he’s talking.
Why are you interrupting?”

“Sorry, Hyung!”

‘It’s amazing that there’s a guy like that who follows him as a hyung.’

There seemed to be nothing to lose sight of when the small people tried to suck up powerful people.

Baek Hae-Won is also popular, but Lee Young-Shin was also famous among hunters in a different sense.
As the conversation got longer, people gradually gathered around.

Ye-Hyeon glanced at Baek Hae-Won.
Baek Hae-won still maintained a smile.

“Who is this? A rookie that Hunter Baek Hae-Won cherishes? Then we have to take care of him.
Let me see your face.”

Lee Young-Shin grabbed the hood that Ye-Hyeon was wearing.


For a moment, discomfort soared as if he had been caught in the hair.
Ye-Hyeon couldn’t resist and stepped back, hitting Lee Young-Shin’s arm hard.

“Wow, you punk.
You have a temper.”

Lee Young-Shin turned his wrist and giggled.
He was smiling, but his eyes were fierce as if he would rush right away.

“Didn’t you have some business with me?””

Baek Hae-Won intervened between Ye-Hyeon and Lee Young-Shin.

“Oh, it’s nothing.
I recently heard that you are going to monopolize a route.
Isn’t it too much to live on? Please take care of us, too.

All Ye-Hyeon could see was Baek Hae-Won’s back.
Baek Hae-Won did not move at all.

“I don’t want anything big.
Those newbies are fine, but I’m taking care of the poor guys, and if I can’t, isn’t there a lack of equity?”

He was aiming for a regular party.
It was clear that Lee Young-Shin was trying to run a fixed party like a similar guild.
The association could not have approved a fixed party aimed at forming a faction.

Lee Young-Shin did not try to look good or coax Baek Hae-Won even though he had specific wishes.

Lee Young-Shin was not a fool, but his mouth was wide open due to his great desire to show off.
He seemed to be trying to vent his anger on Baek Hae-Won because things didn’t go well.

“It’s out of my control.”

Baek Hae-Won’s voice was consistently calm.
Baek Hae-Won, who maintained his composure, seemed great at this point.

“Then don’t regret it.”

Lee Young-Shin secretly threatened and laughed meanly.

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