from experience.

“Wow,” an exclamation broke out among the new hunters.

“As I just showed, the tanker pulls the Agro first, the long-distance dealer puts in a CC flag or makes the first attack, and the nearest dealer hits a fatal blow.” Park Song-Ah explained.

After seeing the actual battle in front of them, the concentration of new hunters increased sharply.

Ye-Hyeon felt like he was the only one who felt distant.

It’s the same as before and now he is still excluded from the battle.

It’s natural that Ye-Hyeon didn’t have the skills to be involved in combat, but he couldn’t hide his bitterness.

” Hunter Yoo Dong-Hyeon, please give me one more.
As we discussed earlier, we’ll start the battle from Group 1.
If you make a mistake or in danger, I will help you, so attack with confidence.
You know we have healers at our party, right?”

Thirteen pairs of eyes were briefly hooked on Ye-Hyeon.

Until the new hunters got used to it, they dragged Lizadri one by one and repeated the battle.

“Get the tempo right! I told you you’re not fighting alone!” Park Song-Ah exclaimed.

It is necessary to catch a regular mob, but the most important goal was to get rid of the boss and the middle boss to clear the dungeon.

Cooperation was essential against a powerful single monster.

Seo Soo-Hee caught the blind attack on her teammate, and Park Song-Ah helped the attack if she felt burdened.

The new hunters only squeaked at first, but gradually began to work together over time.

Thanks to this, Ye-Hyeon was able to get out of the starting area and advance little by little into the dungeon…

‘This is how you learn to fight!’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

The F-class Hunter camp did not teach him how to catch monsters.

All Ye-Hyeon learned there was how to run away from monsters and survive somehow.

Once labeled as F-class, it was difficult to get out of it.

It was a near-impossible dream for an F-class hunter to even get promoted to E-class.

“Aren’t you scared?” Seo Soo-Hee asked

Not yet.
I think it’s because the monster is far away.”

Seo Soo-Hee talked to Ye-Hyeon while she had time waiting for them to bring the next monster.

Ye-Hyeon fiddled with his earlobes and checked the status window.

“To level up, I have to attack, too…” Ye-Hyeon muttered.

As expected, Ye-Hyeon didn’t budge from zero.

Ye-Hyeon seemed to be able to gain experience only by participating in the battle as before his return.

However, a healer could not directly attack the monster.

Ye-Hyeon was thinking about how to level up, but suddenly there was a sound of water from behind, and the underfoot fluctuated slightly.

Sensing danger intuitively, Ye-Hyeon jumped sideways.

“Underground…!” Park Song-Ah shouted.

A Lizadri rose from the flat floor even before Park Song-Ah could warn Ye-Hyeon.

It was Lizadri, who looked one and a half times bigger than the others.

“Argh!” Park Song-Ah saw a sharp toenail in front of Ye-Hyeon, which was stuck on the surface of a high place.

If the judgment was just 0.1 seconds late, the head would have burst with a huge claw.

A cold sweat ran down Ye-Hyeon’s spine.

“Quuuuuuuuu!” Lizadri’s mouth wide open toward Ye-Hyeon felt everything is in slow motion.

Ye-Hyeon has been in a situation where his life is at stake as if he’s hanging on the edge of a cliff dozens of hundreds of times.

‘Run, run…!’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

Ye-Hyeon knew the strange sensation.

It was scary.

“I’m scared.” Ye-Hyeon’s white face was the face of a man who knew death.

It was a miracle that Ye-Hyeon lasted three years in the dungeon!

In the dungeon, people died from time to time.

There was no way to explain except that it was a miracle that Ye-Hyeon, who had no ability, survived while following into the top gate.

Ye-Hyeon’s life was always closer to death than life.

Ironically, he was a presence who could not dare to resist the super-large boss or one of the low-level monsters who had far-reaching power.

Only a second or so felt like eternity.

The Lizadri rushed as if it would swallow Ye-Hyeon at once.

Ye-Hyeon’s limbs trembled.

The Lizadri’s glittering eyes reflected Ye-Hyeon’s weak lying face down.

The way Ye-Hyeon trembled with fear was devastating.

Ye-Hyeon, who saw the scene, clenched his fist with his eyes flaring.

‘In a place like this, I can’t die in a place like this! I didn’t live here to die helplessly.
I wanted to live because I was upset.
I wanted to survive.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

The field of vision became red as if the veins had burst.

It was when Ye-Hyeon barely raised his head buried in the mud.

“Be careful!”

A new shadow stretching out from behind took advantage of Ye-Hyeon.

Then his field of vision is dimmed.

“Hyuk, huh…!”

The pitch-black darkness reminded Ye-Hyeon of the slowly stretching death.

Suddenly, Ye-Hyeon couldn’t breathe as if an invisible hand was strangling him.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah…” Ye-Hyeon scratched his neck without hesitation.

Ye-Hyeon’s vision darkened just before he lost his breath.

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