of developing a treatment for the disease.

Instead, if Ye-Hyeon gives up now, he will never get a healer skill again.

It was just a tearful pity that Ye-Hyeon had to choose only one of the three.

It was clear that it would be difficult from the next draw, so Ye-Hyeon became more cautious.

‘How do I get points?’ [Ye-Hyeon asked]

You can obtain it when the target feels affection toward the player.

You can obtain it when the target feels intimate with the player.

The explanation was vague, but in the end, it meant that Ye-Hyeon should meet frequently with the target.

Ye-Hyeon bit his lips.

If Ye-Hyeon becomes a healer, he will be excluded from battle again, but he will be treated fairly unlike a porter.

On top of that, a healer could have a regular party before the guild was settled if he wanted to.

If Ye-Hyeon has a fixed party with targets, he will have more opportunities to keep going together and build affection points or intimate points.
He will be able to pick more skills.

Even if it is not an S-level skill such as “strike kill,” the possibility of acquiring other attack skills increases.

It was wise to choose long-term big gains over small gains in front of him.

‘Ye-Hyeon knows that… But the skill he really wants kept coming into his eyes.

Looking at the explanation, it is like the ultimate weapon or the secret weapon, so it will be useful in the match against the boss even if it is disadvantageous in the mixed match.

If Ye-Hyeon were to choose from someone else, he would choose the light of healing without thinking, but Ye-Hyeon, who had a grudge against the attack skill, was heartbroken when he tried to give up the S-class attack skill.

Ye-Hyeon swallowed his disappointment and decided on a skill to acquire.


Skill: Healing Light (S) acquired.

“Status window.” [Ye-Hyeon]

Name: Choi Ye-Hyeon
Age: 24

Level: 2
Job: Sim Date Player (L)
Title: Hunter Wanted (F) Life Power: 100/100 Mana: 100/100
Skill: Healing Light (S), Inventory (L) (Locked), Collection (C) (Locked), Slaughter (D) (Locked)

Ye-Hyeon got a normal S-class skill, but somehow he was frustrated.

Considering that Ye-Hyeon had hoped so much for a new skill in the Status Window, he was very happy.

Ye-Hyeon looked around the store with a loss of motivation.

As with skill purchases, everything seemed random in the store.

Items were also randomly updated every certain time.

What they are selling now was a low-level vitality recovery pot with five intimate points.

Following the items and skills, information was available in the last section of the Store Window.

[Information Purchase]

Random Information: 10 Target points
Random Information:100 Target points

Question Rights: 10,000 Target points

Ye-Hyeon tapped the question right out of curiosity.

You can ask the system.

“Ah…” Ye-Hyeon reacted

It was an explanation that inevitably had an unpleasant reaction.

The number of 10,000 points was unrealistic, and it was questionable whether Ye-Hyeon could get a proper answer just because he asked the system.

Now, what was left for Ye-Hyeon was 50 points that he didn’t know why he got.

Since it was a free point anyway, Ye-Hyeon bought random information five times as a test.

Press the upper left corner of the

How to change the color of your status window.

“Wow, that’s really useless.” Ye-Hyeon said.

“And this information isn’t free!” Ye-Hyeon added.

Ye-Hyeon changed the color as a test.

When Ye-Hyeon touched the corner and thought of the color he wanted in his head, the color of the Status Window really changed, but it was so awkward that he put it back to the default setting.

If you fist your right hand, you can open the Status Window.

“Target” refers to the target that the player must target.

“Two, no, three tops.” Ye-Hyeon mumbled.

In addition, the credibility of the 10-point questionnaire gradually declined.

Ye-Hyeon went on to check the fourth information.

The target is supposed to hover around the player.

The fourth time, some useful information came out.

It could have been because of this that Ye-Hyeon encountered Shin Do-Gyeom strangely often.


” Ah!” Ye-Hyeon almost cursed even though he didn’t curse because her sister didn’t like it.

Ye-Hyeon pressed down on his frowned brows with his thumb and opened a gleaming Chest Window.

Ye-Hyeon heard that the main quest was held, and he was worried about how much more nonsense he would need to do in the name of the quest.

Save the world main thread.

Successful : ??? (1 time)
Failure : Destruction of the world

“Ha, ha ha.

Ye-Hyeon was so speechless that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“You should give me the ability to save the world and ask me to save it.
It was too heavy a task to be the main part of the game.”

Ye-Hyeon plopped down on the bed.

After returning, Ye-Hyeon sometimes had nightmares.

In the dream, the moment when Ye-Hyeon lost his five senses and lost his vitality just before he died was repeated over and over again.

Ye-Hyeon looked through his humble abilities in the Status Window.

At this rate, death was scheduled in three years.

However, Ye-Hyeon did not live so badly to die.

“Do you think I’m going to die?” Ye-Hyeon gritted his teeth and asked evil questions in the air.

Every time Ye-Hyeon overcame a crisis of death, he made up his mind every time.

“I’ll survive till the end.
Therefore, I was going to do my best to escape the shadow of death that was cast on me.
But struggling because I want to live, and doing it because the quest told me to do it, is different!” Ye-Hyeon’s neat mouth twisted sharply.

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