n opened his mouth after taking a deep breath.

“…You could have been chasing me.”


“What do you mean you came here first? I’m upset, too.”

Ye-Hyeon continued to forcefully look into Shin Do-Gyeom’s eyes.

Ye-Hyeon pretended not to, but his neck was burning.

Even without looking in the mirror, it was obvious that Ye-Hyeon’s face would be burning up.

However, Ye-Hyeon couldn’t back down because he thought it might be his last chance to get close to Shin Do-Gyeom.

Ye-Hyeon really wanted to get close to Shin Do-Gyeom, regardless of whether he was a target or not.

‘It wasn’t hard before I returned.’

Ye-Hyeon mumbled.

When Ye-Hyeon found Shin Do-Gyeom in the lobby of the management office, he thought he would be able to get close easily, so the current situation was quite embarrassing.

Before his return, Shin Do-Gyeom positively evaluated Ye-Hyeon even on their first meeting.

Of course, it was a fact that Ye-Hyeon learned to read Shin Do-Gyeom’s inner thoughts after a long time, but thanks to that, Ye-Hyeon naturally exchanged conversations whenever they attacked the dungeon and slowly became close.

Of course, being close means saying one or two more words than others on a congregation-based basis, and objectively.
It was only a humble relationship, but the important thing was that he was not that difficult to approach.

This time, Ye-Hyeon had an ominous feeling that they would not be able to talk to each other, let alone get close.


When Ye-Hyeon shamelessly replied, Shin Do-Gyeom was dumbfounded and burst out laughing.

Even if it wasn’t a proper laugh, it was unusual for Shin Do-Gyeom to make a face other than staring or being annoyed.

“Don’t get in my sight from now on, because it’s annoying.”

Shin Do-Gyeom passed by Ye-Hyeon after warning him like that.

“Wait a minute!”

Ye-Hyeon rushed after Shin Do-Gyeom.

Ye-Hyeon was going to hold Shin Do-Gyeom’s wrist, but Shin Do-Gyeom, who noticed the signs, quickly avoided it and Ye-Hyeon’s hands touched the air in vain.

However, Ye-Hyeon did not give up and stretched his left arm toward Shin Do-Gyeom’s back, pretending to have fallen by mistake.

Shin Do-Gyeom also turned sharply this time, but his skin brushed past the thin T-shirt on Ye-Hyeon’s fingertips.


Target 3: Shin Do-Gyeom was found.


The intimacy of ‘Attack Target 3: Shin Do-Gyeom has decreased by 3 points.

At the same time, Shin Do-Gyeom violently hit the back of Ye-Hyeon’s hand.

There was a loud snap in the hallway.

“Don’t touch me.”

Ye-Hyeon couldn’t be happy, even though he found out that Shin Do-Gyeom was a target.

It was because Shin Do-Gyeom, who turned coldly, showed contempt beyond irritation.

He looked so cruel that his stomach was throbbing.

“I’m sorry…”

Shin Do-Gyeom left without even listening to his apology.

Left alone, Ye-Hyeon looked blankly at the back of his red-hot hand and rubbed it gently.

The pale face, which had been distorted, remained like an afterimage and could not be erased.

It took a long time before Ye-Hyeon opened the target window.

“Can the intimacy fall before it could increase?”

Intimacy: -8

Affinity: 4

Ye-Hyeon’s widened.


Since three points were dropped this time, it meant that the intimacy was already -5 points.

Yoon Seung-Jae’s -8 points were never a figure to be easily overcome if he was substituted for being friendly even with only 5 points of intimacy.

“Is there a positive or negative 100?”

Meanwhile, the level of affection was four points.

He’s been together with Yoon Seung-Jae for nearly a month, but it was one point higher.

“I really don’t know.”

Ye-Hyeon murmured feeling dejected.

It came true as Ye-Hyeon wanted, but it was only bitter.

“Oh, I don’t know.
It’ll work out somehow.”

Ye-Hyeon stretched his head and passed on a problem that could not be solved immediately.

Shin Do-Gyeom seemed to have left the fitness center.

He frowned while he checked the condition of the fitness machine before he started exercising.

There was a disk the thickness of the forearm attached to both sides of the instrument with a little exaggeration.

The original plate, made of special alloys, looked 200kg.

It was not just the instrument.

A disk of similar thickness was inserted into all the surrounding instruments.

It seemed like someone wanted to show off their strength.

“The used disk should be put in place, isn’t that the basic?”

Ye-Hyeon touched the disk with a fed-up look.

Naturally, he didn’t lift it up.

Ye-Hyeon knew his limitations better than anyone else.

It was clear that if he did this alone, his back would break.

‘I…… The organization would not have been left unattended in this way.
Should I go somewhere else? It’s annoying….
I came all the way here and ran into Shin Do-Gyeom’

Ye-Hyeon rose up from his seat after hesitating and thinking.

Ye-Hyeon was about to give up and leave, when someone came up behind Ye-Hyeon.

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