However, she was also their child.
Not a child whose origin was unknown and picked up somewhere, but their daughter with the same features as the emperor and empress.
However, the emperor and empress denied her and pushed her off.

That ridiculous emotion was symbolized by this curse talisman.

The one who told her about the existence of the talisman was Prince Hwa.
He begged for his life, saying he would be on her side when Jin Ye formed the coup.
When she asked him to show her the sign of faith, he said,

“Sister, do you know about the existence of curse talismans that the emperor buried in this imperial palace?”

“… It’s something wicked that denies your legitimacy.
If you want to succeed, you have to start by eradicating those things first.”

Therefore, as soon as she rose to the throne, Jin Ye summoned General Jung Wi, who was the biggest supporter of Prince Hwa and ordered him to overturn the soil in the palace and dispose of all the talismans.

And the number of talismans found was more than a hundred.

However, even after a few years had passed, her father’s talismans showed up in unexpected places like this.
As if the curse of the dead emperor kept going on.

This was the fourth time, so it was a great opportunity to punish the person in charge.

Jin Ye gazed at the talisman with the intention of erasing her existence.

I won’t get swayed by your dead spirit anymore, Father…

The only one in this world that qualified to rule over the Hwan Empire was her.

The emperor, Jin Ye.

The modifier that stated she was a woman wasn’t needed.
Her existence was none other than the Hwan Empire.

Without hesitating, Jin Ye tore the talisman and threw it into the air.
The fluttering yellow papers slowly fell like petals.

As Jin Ye gazed at that sight, she called Seoyeob closer with her finger.

“Seoyeob, what should I do? Tell me your opinion.”

As he carefully listened to the question, he faithfully delivered the set answer.

“The one responsible for this was General Jung Wi.
Please order him to come to the palace.”

Jin Ye nodded and then spoke in a loud voice.

“Marquis Jo, quickly bring General Jung Wi before me!”

The eunuch’s face turned dark as he heard Jin Ye’s strict order.
Without even changing his expression, Seoyeob bowed his head and answered.

“I will carry your order.”

Jin Ye nodded slightly once, and then she turned back to the council hall.

For sure, this would be her chance to break Prince Hwa, her old foe she had been unable to destroy due to the ridiculous familial affection a few years ago.


“… May you be blessed, Your Majesty.”

In less than two hours, Seoyeob brought in General Jung Wi.
In this situation, perhaps bringing him in is not the most appropriate response.
It was just that he wasn’t bound up, but Seoyeob hauled him in with a rough touch as if he was dealing with a sinner.

As soon as the doors of the council hall were closed, he was forced to kneel.

Jung Wi glared as if he was in a rage at the rude action of the fellow that was far younger and had a lower position than him.
However, he soon calmed down.

It was because of the small woman who waited leisurely on the throne beyond the long black blind in the middle of the hall.
The absolute authority of the Hwan Empire, Jin Ye.
Although she was a woman, he might get his head to fly because of her brutal personality if he chose the wrong word for Seoyeob.

Soon after looking at Jung Wi, who greeted her politely, Jin Ye replied.

“I’ve only heard about you from time to time.
Well… how are you?”

It was a low voice, but somehow, it made those who heard it feel uneasy.
Looking down at the polished floor, General Jung Wi held his breath.

“I have no trouble because of your grace, Your Majesty.”

As he finished his answer, a short laugh was heard from beyond the blind.
Then suddenly a cold silence rose, and Jin Ye roared in a low voice.

“I’m full of worry because of your sloppy work, but I’m glad that at least you have no trouble.”



Realizing that he had made a mistake, Jung Wi tensed his shoulders.
Not long after, Jin Ye issued a firm order.

“Roll up the blind.”

The eunuchs who waited at the sides rolled up the blinds.
Jin Ye’s figure in a full dress was shown.

Wearing the crown with the beads hanging long and a black emperor’s robe, she leaned on the throne.
With a lax posture, as though she was bored with this situation, Jin Ye looked down at Jung Wi, who sat in the middle of the room.

There was no crease across her forehead, but her gaze seemed sharper than usual.
Jin Ye then threw the crock she was holding to the front of Jung Wi.


As soon as it touched the floor, the small crock shattered and something came out.

Those were numerous black insects—probably had died a long time ago.

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