Chap 4

Current year 53 BBY 21 years till the invasion of Naboo


Jherri POV

Jovu ”So what will be the childs name? ”

I thought for a second and then responded.

Jherri ”The childs name will be Niialy, Niialy Rook. ”

I watched as my sister then left my office with the newly named Niialy in her arms and a motherly smile on her face.

POV Niialy

Slowly I regained consciousness, it was like I had been in a deep dreamless sleep that was very hard to awaken from. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to look around which turned out to be almost impossible as my muscles seemed to be very weak. While trying to look around I saw a woman above me whose arms I was within.

The woman was very pretty in my opinion she had long black hair that fell to about midway on her back, her eyes were a vivid color of green with facial features that were somewhat sharp. As I was watching the woman, she seemed to have noticed my gaze and slowly leaned down towards me.

Jovu ”Hello there little one I am Jovu, and I will be your mother from now on. ”

So, I must have been reborn I thought and as a baby no less. I am most probably adopted by this woman. I wonder if I am already a part of clan rook or if that will happen later. For now, though I will worry about that later because as a baby I am very tired, and I had already started to fall asleep.

5-year time skip (47 BBY 15 years till the invasion of Naboo).

I am now 5 years old having that thought I sat at the dining table and watched as Jovu made breakfast. Over the last five years I have grown to love both my adopted mother and my clan very much. So far, I have not been able to accomplish much in the way of training myself the most I have been able to do is start to get a handle on my biotics.

My training with biotics so far has been very light and I have only practiced lift. Using lift, I would lift an object off the floor with biotics. I have gotten pretty good with this ability as I can currently lift about 200 pounds which means I can lift most grown adults but probably not fully armored ones. Other than working on my biotic powers the only other thing that I have done is learn the mandoa language.

I had then proceeded to raid our clans library about information on current technologies especially about droids and starships I also researched a little about blacksmithing because I wanted to craft my own weapon in the future. Speaking of which the weapon I wanted was a Naginata made completely out of Impervium and coated in Beskar so that it is lightsaber resistant.

(Picture Here).

As I thought of the weapon, I wanted. I also thought about how I was going to go about training my biotic powers so that I could learn biotic abilities other than lift. Thinking about this brought up a memory from the last five years of my mother telling me that aunt Jherri had sent out a member of the clan to go hire a teacher to train me in the ways of the force.

When I had first heard about this I was confused because as far as I know I had never shown any inclination of being force sensitive especially since I had made sure no one was around when I trained my biotic abilities. Mom had then explained to me why my aunt thought I was force sensitive apparently it all had to do with how I arrived at the clan compound. From there it only took my now upgraded brain a few seconds to figure out why my aunt thought I might be force sensitive.

That reminded me of something that I was very proud to have accomplished during these five years of growth I had created a mind palace using the memories I had of every sherlock holms show or book. Using those as a template, I constructed my own mind palace although mine was more a giant fancy library than a palace, but it did the job just the same, I now had an eidetic memory, and my thoughts seem to move even faster than before.

(Mind library picture)

But enough on that getting back to my biotic powers I had finally reached the age where I could now start to seriously train with them according to the information that I had gotten because of my wish. Basically, the system let me learn any information from the three universes I had chosen.

Unfortunately, I couldn just learn this information with the snap of a finger I actually had to study what I wanted to learn. For now, however I needed to get a better grasp on Star Wars technology so I asked mom if she could get me a teacher so that I could learn more about technology and stuff since I had already read and understood everything in the clans library.

I finally came out of my musings when mom set breakfast down in front of me. Once I had finished eating, I looked over to where mom was also eating breakfast.

Niialy ”Hey mom can you get a teacher for me since I already read all the books in the library. ”

Mom seemed to think about it for a second, but she knew how smart I was, so she eventually agreed to get me a teacher.

Jovu ”Yes I can get you a teacher for your studies honey, but first I will need to go talk aunt Jherri. ”

Mom then stood up and put our dishes away before she made her way towards the door of our apartment.

Jovu ”I will be back in a bit honey I will go talk to your aunt and then I have to pick up some groceries for dinner tonight. ”

Soon after she left, I went back to my room and started to practice my biotic lift ability my goal being to reach the 300-pound mark as soon as possible.

Three days later my mom introduced me to my new teacher she was an older lady that looked like she was in her late 30s her name was Sha Mitil. when my mom first introduced us, she was somewhat skeptical of my intelligence but soon afterwards I made it a point to thoroughly prove her wrong so that she would take me seriously and teach me.


My lessons continued for 8 months in which I learned everything there was to know about the technology in the Star Wars universe. Sha taught me all about the theory involved in designing a starships and droids. the only thing that I needed now to gain real world experience.

After having learned these subjects the next thing that Sha taught me was coding. It took me around four weeks to master the subject and to start writing my own code. After having learned coding, it was now time to create my first money making venture as well as to try my hand at creating an A.I.

to help me with establishing a foothold in this galaxy. With that I started to work on my first product which was going to be a phone that would be mostly geared towards gaming. The phone would have multiple games already installed onto it when I released it and over time more would be released.

The materials where relatively easy to procure after I told mom what I was doing, she went and bought me what I needed pretty quickly. It took me roughly a week to have all the hardware put together. After I had the hardware part solved, I started to work on the software part and the development of all the games that would be available, this took me about two months to complete. The main reason it took me so long is because I was still making sure to spend time with mom and to continue training my biotic abilities.

Finally, though the phone was complete the base model of the phone had a total of 6 games already installed on it these six games were, poker with most of its variations, pool both 8 and 9 ball, golf, starfighter space combat, knockoff battlefield using Star Wars weapons, knockoff For Honor using Light sabers.

In the last three games I made it so that you can pick both your gender and race and fully customize the appearance of whatever race you may pick. For shits and giggles, I included the now extinct Sith race as an option for when you are playing knockoff FOR HONOR.

The way that lightsaber combat worked in the game was that each lightsaber hilt style had its own dueling style. I named the game War Eternal in reference to the Jedi and Siths constant battles. War eternal was my masterpiece I basically made the game almost exactly like FOR HONOR except there are only two factions the Jedi and the Sith. there are also two campaigns one for each faction.

For The Jedi campaign your character is a Jedi padawan and the main story is focused on the peaceful planet of Gorka that has been blockaded by a militant faction known as the Corporate Alliance you and your master have been sent in to negotiate a compromise. However, by the time you get there the planet is already being invaded.

so, your master decides to try and sneak onto the planet and try to help evacuate the population and to find the king of Gorka and ensure his safety. Once you have saved the king you find out that all ways off of the planet have either been destroyed or are under the control of the Corporate Alliance. The king comes up with a masterful plan that involves you and a small party sneaking back into the royal place and then hiding in storage containers that are being brought back to the last ship in orbit as the other blockade ships have left after the planet was seemingly subjugated.

Once abord you will then disable and destroy the ship from the inside out. With a plan of action, you try to sneak into the palace in order to get to the cargo loading area but as you are making you way through the palace you run into a Sith apprentice. during the battle with the Sith your master is killed however soon afterwards you cut down the Sith in return. You then proceed to complete the rest of the mission on your own destroying the enemys ship and escaping in an enemy transport.

The Sith campaign has you going around the galaxy with your master during a war with the Jedi and completing different missions that your master gives. Until at the end of the campaign you grow tired of your masters rule and decide to kill him and take over as being the leader of the empire.

The factions for the starfighter combat and the knockoff BATTLEFIELD were the same as War Eternals. one was the Jedi republic, and the other was the Sith empire. I also named the knockoff BATTLEFIELD, Galaxy at War.

(Back to our regular program)

I laugh evilly as I think about how the Jedi order and good old Palpatine will react when they hear about these games. Still chuckling I take the two phones with me to where my mom is to show her my creation and ask her if she thinks it would be a popular product.

I found her in our living room.

Niialy ”Hey mom can you look at the device I built. I want to know if you think it would be profitable if I sold them on a large scale. ”

I then handed her one of the phones. As she looked over the phone, I explained how it worked and what all its features were including how all the games were multiplayer and that it used the holonet so that people all over the galaxy could play together.

I soon finished describing how everything worked.

Jovu ”how about we play each game together and then Ill give you my opinion afterwards. ”

Niialy ”okay! Ill try to go easy on you since you don know how to play. ”

(2 hours later)

I stared at my mom in horror as she gave me a smug look. For the past 2 hours she had kicked my ass in every game we had played. The only time that I had won a single game was when we had first played poker. After that I hadn won a single game.

Jovu ”Never underestimate your mother. ”

Niialy ”Yeah yeah, so what do you think. ”

Jovu ”I think that it will work. so, what are you going to call it? ”

Niialy ”I decided to call the device the plasma phone. ”

After that I asked mom If she could set up a company that would sell my phones and any other technology I created. I also asked if she could have aunt Jherri purchase a small warehouse and some manufacturing equipment, so I that I could start to mass producing the phones and selling them.

Mom left soon after to talk to aunt Jherri.

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