Chap 3

Current year 53 BBY 21 years till the invasion of Naboo

Current location clan rook compound Mandalor


POV Tholurann Duga (thol-ur-ann/du-ga)

Alarms blared throughout the compound as me and my squad rushed towards the front gate of the compound. Two minutes ago, there had been some kind of explosion at the front security gate of the compound that had blown the gate off its hinges.

The gate had flown into the compound severely injuring several nearby clan members. As my squad and I approached the front gate, I called a halt for my squad. I then motioned for everyone to slowly advance with weapons drawn and ready to be fired at a moments notice.

As we approached the gate, the dust was already mostly settled, and we saw a crater about the same size in diameter as the gate. My squad and I cautiously approached the crater and looked down into it. What we saw shocked and confused us all at the same time.

Sitting at the bottom of the crater was a baby. Although the baby did have some human features, it was not entirely human. First of all, the babys skin was a light blue color rather than tan that most Mandalorians or humans have. The second thing that stood out the most was that the baby didn have any hair instead it had what looked like very short tentacles, or Leku, at the back of its head.

From what I could see the baby was sleeping very peacefully in the very center of the crater. I had no clue how that was possible given how large and obviously loud the explosion that had occurred minutes prior was. Then again, I also have no clue how a baby could have ended up completely unscathed in the center of said crater.

I held my hand up in the sign to stop, I then ordered my squad to scan the perimeter and search for anything to help explain what or who had caused the explosion to occur. I then cautiously moved closer to the crater myself while continually scanning my surroundings for traps or anything else suspicious.

Once I got to the edge of the crater, I began to make my way down the side of the crater just as cautiously as before, I eventually made it to the child laying on the ground. When I reached the child, I bent down and checked all around and underneath the child for any traps.

I also checked for clues to the childs identity or how it had gotten there in the first place as I was checking over the child my second in command radioed me through my helmet.

Second: ”Sir! Reporting the area surrounding the crater is clear of any traps or hostiles. ”

Tholurann: ”Copy that regroup at the gate to set up a perimeter and start building a temporary barricade. ”

I then turned back towards the baby on the ground and debated how I should deal with this strange creature whose species I had neither seen nor heard of before. The closest species I could compare the baby to would be the Nautolan species but from what I could tell the baby in front of me, its head tentacles where shorter and much more rigid in nature than those of the Nautolans.

After observing the baby for a period of time I eventually leaned down and picked up the child in my arms I would bring it to the clan leader, and she would decide what was to be done with the child that had appeared in front of our compound.

I carried the child into the compound after I had checked with my squad to make sure they had everything locked down and there would be no more surprises that would pop up. After walking through the compound, I eventually arrived at the clan leaders office where I quickly knocked on the door and announced my presence to the clan leader after a few moments I heard confirmation from inside that I could enter.

POV change Clan head Jherri (j-har-ri)

I sat behind my desk and watched as Tholurann walked into my office caring some type of alien child. I was slightly surprised and confused as to why he was carrying an alien baby in his arms but decided that I would ignore that for now. As Tholurann came to a stop in front of my desk he looked at me and did a sight bow I acknowledged this with a tilt of my head then spoke in an authoritative tone.

Jherri: ”Report. ”

Tholurann: ”Yes, clan head, as you know there was an explosion at the front gate around 15 minutes ago. My squad was the first to be dispatched to the scene when we arrived, we found that the front gate had been blown off its hinges into the compound injuring several of our fellow clansmen after seeing this devastation. I was sure we were under attack from death watch and ordered my squad to prepare for battle as we approached the now ruined gate. When my squad arrived however there was no one there just a crater with this baby sitting inside. I had my squad do a thorough sweep of the area but they found nothing so I ordered them to fortify the main entrance while I brought the child that was found in the crater to you so you may decide what we are to do with the child. ”

After receiving Tholuranns report I studied the child currently held in his arms. I could not tell what species the child was from. After studying the child for a while, I turned to Tholurann again.

Jherri: ”From your report, as I understand it, there are two ways in which this child came to be in that crater. Either one, the child was placed there right after the blast while smoke still covered the area. Or second, that the explosion was caused by the child itself and whoever was with the child would have most probably been vaporized in the blast which is why you could find no evidence of anyone else around the area. ”

I then went silent as I thought deeply on what to do with the child. If the child was the cause of the explosion, then the child was most probably a force user of some type; but if the child was not the cause, then why did someone leave a child in front of my clans compound?

Eventually I started to think of the benefits of having a potential force user thats loyal to my clan, the child could be trained in the ways of the super commando codex, that way when the child matured, they would become a warrior of great renown, having both the combat prowess of a Mandalorian and the powers of a jedi. there was just one issue I did know how we would be able to train the child so that it would be able to control the force.

As I contemplated on this issue, I suddenly had an inspiration, back when I was a young Mando and exploring the galaxy I had run into a very talented bounty hunter by the name of Aurra Sing, and we had teamed up of a couple of missions together becoming somewhat friends over a short period of time.

After having thought all this out I turned to Tholurann and told him to leave the child with me and to go find Laz Kodit and his squad and tell them to come to my office as I had a very important task for them to complete. Tholurann bowed and left quickly after setting the child on to my desk.

I looked down at the child and smiled at the thought of what this child could bring to my clan I then turned to my holo communicator and called my sister Jovu Rook who I planned to have raise the child the reasoning behind this being that my sister had lost her husband and daughter in a hyperspace incident a few years prior and since then had been mourning by throwing herself into her work and training.


A few seconds later and the holo call connected showing my sister in her armor looking grumpy as ever my sister Jovu eyed me for a second before speaking.

Jovu ”What do you need. ”

I just chuckled before I started to speak in a serious tone.

Jherri ”Please come to my office as soon as you are able, we have something important to discuss. ”

my sister checked something in the background and then turned to me again.

Jovu ”I will be there in about 20 minutes. ”

my sister then cut the call and I was left to wait for Laz to arrive so I could send him on a mission to find Aurra Sing and bring her back with him so that she could train the child. I didn have to wait long as after a few minutes there was a knock on my door and Laz was announcing himself.

I called for him to enter and after he was inside and standing in front of me, I told him his mission.

Jherri ”Your mission is to find Aurra Sing a famous and very skilled bounty hunter, and when you do you will give her this communicator. ”

I then slide a holo disk across my desk to Laz.

Laz ”Do not worry clan leader I will complete my mission quickly just as youve instructed. ”

Jherri ”Good, then you are dismissed. ”

as Laz was leaving the room my sister was waiting outside and walked right in and stood in front of me. she curiously glanced at the baby currently sleeping on the desk but then paid it no mind. even though I could tell that she thought it was very cute and really wanted to pick it up and snuggle it to death.

I gave her a knowing smirk since I knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Jherri ”Its cute isn it. ”

My sister snorted and continued to act tough even if I could tell that she totally agreed with me. I just smiled even more.

Jherri ”As your clan head I am ordering you to adopt this baby into the clan and to raise it as your own. ”

I could see that my dear sister was about to object, so I put my hand up to stop her.

Jherri ”I am not finished yet. ”

My sister paused and then directed her attention to me once again.

Jherri ”I am also asking you as your sister who loves you and cares for your wellbeing that I want you to take this child and raise it to become a proud member of our clan. ”

To say my sister looked shocked would be an understatement. I then watched as she stood there and debated with herself for a couple minutes.

(POV Jovus mind.)

Should I accept my sisters offer? I know she is doing this to try and help me deal with my husbands and childs deaths but am I really ready to try again with another child one thats not even mine to begin with? I then looked down at the child laying on my sister desk she was so cute just lying there sleeping wrapped in a small warm blanket. As I looked at the child, I felt a warm determination settle in my chest. I clenched my fist and looked at my sister who now had a warm smile on her face.

Jovu ”I will do it, but you have to help me I don want the child to grow up with just a single parent. ”

(Back to our regularly scheduled POV from Jherri.)

I warmly looked at Jovu before I responded.

Jherri ”Of course I would love to help you raise your new daughter. ”

I then watched as Jovu walked forward and gently scooped the child off my desk she messed with the baby for a few seconds making cooing noises before turning to me and asking.

Jovu ”So what will be the childs name? ”

I thought for a second and then responded.

Jherri ”The childs name will be… ”

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