Have you ever been shot? I would assume not for most people. So, let me tell you it isn like the video games or tv shows at all. Theres no dragging yourself away to safety or being able to fight back afterwards, just pure pain that cannot be described with words.

That is the last thing I remember before darkness overtook me. That blazing pain, and then it all just went numb. Those are the last things I can remember before waking up in a forest, but it is not a forest you could find anywhere on earth. The sky and horizon are completely white while the trees and grass were all different shades of light grey.

I slowly started to stand and look around myself. As I was looking around, I noticed an old man sitting near me who looked suspiciously a lot like Dumbledore if my memory was anything to go by.

As I was looking at him, I asked the question that had been haunting me in the back of my mind for a while now.

MC ”Am I dead. ”

He seemed to take a deep breath and looked at me before responding.

God ”Unfortunately yes you are. ”

As soon as I heard his words and they registered in my brain it was like I had been punched in the gut tears rolled down my cheeks and I fell to my hands and knees and cried my heart out at the unfairness of the world. Im not sure for how long I stayed in that position but eventually I ran out of tears and started to calm down somewhat.

I looked at the old man who it seems at some point during my still ongoing mental breakdown had gotten himself a cup of what smelled suspiciously like tea if I was not mistaken. I sat down opposite of him and asked him a question.

MC ”So, since I am now dead does that mean that you here to judge me to see where I will go. ”

He looked at me and slowly lowered his cup of tea before responding.

God ”No I am not here to judge you. Actually, Im here to reward you. ”

I looked at him in a very confused manner because there is nothing in my life that I can think of that would warrant a reward from what I suppose is a god. He looks at me like he knows what Im thinking, and then begins to explain.

God ”You are being rewarded because of your actions which allowed the seller to get away before being shot. ”

As soon as he said that I became confused since saving just one life seemed somewhat insignificant in the big scheme of things. He went on to explain again.

God ”Well, normally you would be correct but the seller that you saved went on to become one of the top scientists in the world who was responsible for finding the cure to many ailments such as diabetes, cancer, and covid. This in turn earned you a boat load of good karma. ”

I was shocked because the guy I met did not seem like that would be his future, but I guess you can never judge a book by its cover.

MC ”So what is my reward for saving him and earning so much good karma. ”

God ”Your reward is the chance to reincarnate into another world specifically the Star Wars universe with five wishes. ”

Well to say I was surprised would be a lie, I have read to many reincarnation light novels. That being shocked by this news is definitely not going to happen. God seemed to have picked up on this.

God ”Why do you not seem to not be excited about this opportunity you have been granted. ”

I chuckled before responding to him.

MC ”I am in fact very excited, but I am just not surprised by it. ”

God seemed to accept this answer.

God ”So what would you like your five wishes to be. ”

I sat there and thought on this question for a little bit before responding.

MC: ”First, I would like to have the same level of intelligence as Tony Stark along with the will and drive to complete my goals.

Second, I want whatever race I become to have perfect health and to be resistant to all poisons.

Third, I want to be a wound in the force so that the force and force abilities don affect me.

Fourth, I want my body to have the same augmentations and abilities as Spartan twos.

Fifth, I want a system that lets me learn all the knowledge from other universes specifically the eve online universe, mass effect universe, and the enders game universe.

God ”I can agree to those wishes. Now what do you want your race and back story to be when you reincarnate into the Star Wars universe. ”

MC ”I want to be born as an Asari from the mass effect universe, and I want to be born on Mandalor. For my back story I want to be adopted by clan Rook.

God looked thoughtful for a second but eventually nodded his head in agreement.

God ”Lastly when would you like to be born in the universe. ”

MC ”I would like to be born in the year 53 BBY. ”

God ”Okay thats fine then I wish good luck on your journey and hope that will leave the galaxy a better place than you found it. ”

The next thing I knew everything went black.

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