every day, the other party would completely ignore his existence and treat him like nothing.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

If such a heaven-defying ability is used properly, it will allow Wei Xuan to live incomparably at ease in these fallen cities.
But in his previous life, he has been working hard all the time.
Although he realized that his abilities are different, he is still unwilling to live alone outside for a long time.
People from all over the world went out together to hunt zombies in search of supplies.


Because of his special ability, he can often survive safely after encountering a large wave of zombies, while his companions would get dispersed and most of them would die.

But it is precisely because of his ability that someone might have noticed the problem at some point, so he was targeted and finally kidnaped for experimentation.


In fact, those people’s ideas are not wrong, I do have a weird ability of being completely ignored by zombies.
If I can study my own special power and let all survivors have this characteristic, then humans will naturally no longer be afraid of zombies.

But Du Hang’s situation is quite the opposite.
He is a zombie that will not actively attack humans.
Naturally, the base wants to study this more clearly to see if they can find out the weaknesses of the zombies.
Wouldn’t it be better to lose the desire to attack humans? At that time, all the zombies will stand obediently and wait for humans to slaughter them.
They can collect zombie crystal nuclei at will and restore the former glory of human society!


However, comparing the two, it is still more likely that Wei Xuan’s situation will spread in human society after research.
As for Du Hang not attacking humans, he as well as those scientists doubt whether he still retains a trace of human consciousness, or can he can control the instinct of killing human beings?

In the hot pot restaurant where he was currently located, Wei Xuan reconfirmed that he had inspired the same ability as his previous life.
Then Wei Xuan let out a quiet breath, turned his head, and looked at the man who had been following him every step of the way.
“We will take a rest here today, and tomorrow we will collect some food, and find out the situation in the city”


Wei Xuan whispered to himself, leaning against Du Hang, as looked at the gradually darkening sky outside the window in a daze.

The sky is very clear, and the air is also very fresh because of the heavy snow the day before, but this freshness has some faint smell of blood and the smell of something burning from afar.


All of this made Wei Xuan feel a little dazed again.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He knows what he wants to protect and what he wants in this life, but he is still at a loss for the way forward, living far away from human society, even though he, himself doesn’t know what the future will hold.


But no matter what—he raised his hand and grabbed Du Hang’s cold hand again—no matter what, he had to protect the person beside him… no, or should it be said to be a half-zombie.



After the panicked people opened their eyes and discovered that the whole world had changed drastically, some of the more courageous people walked out of their homes and went out to search for supplies.

However, among the first group of people who went out, almost no one was able to return to their original residence.


Even if these people were not scratched by zombies, as they get chased by the continuous zombies behind them, they can’t return to their former residences again.

The rest of the people hid at home and waited for rescue with bated breath because they still had some food in their homes.
Or they simply rushed out of the house, drove their own car, and rushed to a possibly safe place that they themselves could not be sure of.

  Cmw nU

After Wei Xuan woke up in the evening on the first day of the end of the world, he treated the small wounds on Du Hang’s body, and then checked the kitchen of the shop to make sure that there were still a lot of ingredients that could be used. 

Water, natural gas, and electricity were also available.
It was still intact and ready to use, so I used the ingredients and seasonings in the store to make some food to fill my stomach.
I took out a hardcover book, took out a pen, and started to write my plans in it.


His mood is completely different from the panic he felt in his previous life.
Although at that time he had aroused a supernatural power and could use it to avoid the zombies, his actions were seriously affected by the shoulder injury.
In addition, he was very worried and cautious about the situation at that time, so he didn’t dare to move around at the beginning.
He just stayed here temporarily with Du Hang, and only dared to go out to inquire about the news when the wound on his body was almost healed.
Back then he learned the location of the nearby base through the radio and he met the troops who entered the city to perform their missions and followed the traces they left to go to the base.

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However, Wei Xuan in this life has no plans to go to the base at all.
In other words, even if he went, he doesn’t plan to live there for a long time, at most he would go around those bases when he needs to inquire about some news.


His ability can make the zombies treat him as nothing, and allows him to live safely in this terrifying city full of zombies.
In that case, why should he flee the city? And why should he try to escape?

Yes, what Wei Xuan regretted most before his death in the last life was that he returned to the base after the end of the world, thus implicating Du Hang.
But now, after discovering that he can live another life, he is ready to live in this deserted city full of zombies!


With Wei Xuan’s memories of certain events and Du Hang’s presence, Wei Xuan believed that they would be able to find their own way to survive in this ruined city!

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